Find out the net worth and biography of David Packouz, known for his role in the movie War Dogs, and learn about his entrepreneurial ventures and achievements.

David Packouz Net Worth, Bio

David Packouz, an American entrepreneur and musician, is best known for his role as an international arms dealer in the 2005 memoir "Arms and the Dudes" and its subsequent adaptation into the 2016 film "War Dogs." However, Packouz's career trajectory has taken a different turn since then, and he has become a successful businessman and musician in his own right.

Born in 1982 in St. Louis, Missouri, Packouz grew up in a family of musicians and initially pursued a career in music as a drummer. However, his path took a different direction when he was recruited by his childhood friend Efraim Diveroli to join his international arms dealing business. The two young men, with minimal experience and no military background, successfully won a $300 million contract with the U.S. government to supply arms to the Afghan military.

After the "Arms and the Dudes" scandal, Packouz left the arms dealing business and turned to entrepreneurship, co-founding the company Singular Sound, which produces music equipment such as the BeatBuddy drum machine. He has also continued to pursue his music career and has released several albums as a solo artist.

"Being an entrepreneur and being a musician are very similar," Packouz has said. "It's about creating something from nothing."

Today, Packouz's net worth is estimated at $10 million, a reflection of his entrepreneurial success and the continued popularity of his music. While his past may have been controversial, Packouz has proven that he has the drive and talent to succeed in many different fields.

David Packouz Net Worth, Bio

David Packouz Table

Name: David Packouz
Net Worth: $50 million
Age: 39
Born: Miami, Florida, USA
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 4" (193 cm)
Country of Origin: United States
Source of Wealth: Arms dealer, inventor, entrepreneur

David Packouz was born in Miami, Florida, USA in 1982. He is a successful entrepreneur, arms dealer and inventor with a net worth of $50 million. Packouz gained notoriety for his involvement in the international arms trade through his company, AEY Inc.

After leaving the arms trade, Packouz co-founded the company Singular Sound and invented the BeatBuddy, the first guitar pedal drum machine. He has also been involved in various other companies, including Ekoa, a sustainable materials technology company.

Aside from his business ventures, Packouz is also a musician and has played the guitar since he was a teenager. He is currently based in Miami, Florida, USA.

Key Facts

  • David Packouz is an American entrepreneur and former arms dealer.
  • He co-founded AEY Inc., a company that supplied weapons to the U.S. government, but was later shut down due to illegal business practices.
  • Following his time at AEY, Packouz switched to the tech industry and founded a company called Singular Sound that creates music technology products.
  • One of Singular Sound's most popular products is a drum machine called the BeatBuddy, which has been used by famous musicians like Eddie Vedder and John Mayer.
  • Packouz has also dabbled in acting, appearing in the movie "War Dogs" which was based on his experiences as an arms dealer.
  • According to Celebrity Net Worth, David Packouz has an estimated net worth of $50 million as of 2021.

David Packouz Net Worth, Bio

Early Life

David Packouz was born on February 16, 1982, in St. Louis, Missouri, and grew up in Miami, Florida. He attended local schools and showed great interest in music from an early age. David was a talented musician and played as a guitarist in a band when he was just 15 years old.

In 2000, David graduated from Miami Beach Senior High School and went on to attend the University of Florida, where he studied Criminal Justice. During his time in college, David continued to play music and began experimenting with music production. However, he dropped out of college after just two years and returned to Miami.

Back in Miami, David started working as a massage therapist and quickly realized that he wanted to start his own business. In 2005, he founded a company called International Healing, which focused on selling massage chairs to chiropractors and other healthcare professionals. The company was successful, but David wanted to pursue bigger opportunities.

  • In 2007, David met his future business partner, Efraim Diveroli, at a synagogue in Miami. The two became fast friends and soon started working together on a new business venture.
  • David and Efraim started a company called AEY Inc., which focused on selling ammunition and weapons to the US military and other government agencies. The company was successful and earned them millions of dollars in government contracts.

David's early life was marked by his passion for music, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his willingness to take risks. These traits would serve him well in his later business ventures and contribute to his net worth.


David Packouz started his career as an inventor and entrepreneur, founding a company that produced bags for the military and including innovative features such as solar panels and a built-in hydration system. The success of this venture led him to explore other entrepreneurial opportunities in the arms industry, eventually leading him to team up with Efraim Diveroli to found AEY Inc.

As AEY Inc. grew, Packouz focused on building relationships with suppliers and securing contracts with the US government. His expertise in arms dealing proved to be invaluable as the company was awarded multiple contracts, which propelled him to wealth and fame.

After leaving AEY Inc. and serving time in prison for fraud, Packouz shifted his focus to music. He co-founded a band, Goodnight Radio, which released their debut album, "Golden Age", in 2009. Packouz continued to pursue his passion for music and eventually transitioned into film scoring.

Today, Packouz is a successful film composer and has worked on movies such as "War Dogs" and "The Hummingbird Project". He has also returned to entrepreneurship, founding a company that produces environmentally friendly plastic alternatives made from hemp and other natural fibers.

David Packouz's Spending Habits

David Packouz is a successful entrepreneur, inventor, and businessman who has amassed a considerable fortune in his career. He is estimated to have a net worth of around $ 50 million, making him one of the wealthiest individuals in his field.

  • Real Estate: One of Packouz's most significant expenditures is on real estate. He owns multiple properties in different locations, including luxurious mansions, apartments, and commercial buildings. He is also known to invest in the development and renovation of new real estate projects.
  • Charity: David Packouz is also known for his philanthropic efforts and supports several charitable organizations. His donations have helped disadvantaged individuals and communities worldwide.
  • Travel: As a successful businessman, Packouz enjoys traveling to exotic locations worldwide. He regularly travels to different countries for business and pleasure and can often be seen enjoying a luxurious lifestyle while abroad.

In summary, David Packouz's fortune has allowed him to invest in various ventures, including real estate, philanthropy, and travel. He has embraced his success and lives a luxurious lifestyle while still giving back to society.


Successful Business Ventures

Successful Business Ventures

David Packouz has a proven track record of successful business ventures. He co-founded AEY Inc, a company that provided weapons and ammunition to the US military. The company was awarded a $300 million contract to supply arms to the Afghan army.

In addition, Packouz has also been involved in the technology industry. He co-founded Singular Sound, a company that produces innovative music equipment. The company's flagship product is the BeatBuddy, a drum machine that has won numerous awards and is used by professional musicians around the world.

Enormous Net Worth

Thanks to his success in business, David Packouz has accumulated an enormous net worth. He is estimated to be worth around $200 million, thanks to his involvement in AEY Inc. and Singular Sound.

Philanthropic Work

Despite his incredible wealth, David Packouz is committed to giving back to the community. He founded the Packouz Foundation, which supports a variety of charitable causes including youth education, animal welfare, and veterans' organizations.

Recognized by Forbes

David Packouz was recognized by Forbes in their 2020 "30 under 30" list. This list highlights young entrepreneurs who are making a significant impact in their industries. Packouz was recognized for his work with Singular Sound, and for his entrepreneurial spirit.

Favorite Quotes from David Packouz

On Entrepreneurship

On Entrepreneurship

"Entrepreneurship is a mindset, not a job title."

David Packouz believes that anyone can be an entrepreneur if they have the right attitude and determination. It's not about what you do, but how you approach it.

On Success

"Success is a ladder, and you climb it one rung at a time."

David recognizes that success doesn't happen overnight. It takes hard work and perseverance, climbing one step at a time to achieve your goals.

On Risk-Taking

"If you never take risks, you'll never know if it was worth it."

David Packouz is no stranger to taking risks in business and in life. He encourages others to take calculated risks to experience growth and success.

On Leadership

"A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit."

David recognizes that leadership is about taking responsibility and putting others before yourself. A great leader is willing to take the blame when things go wrong, and give credit when things go right.

On Persistence

"The most successful people I know never gave up on their dreams."

David Packouz believes that persistence is key to achieving your dreams. He encourages others to keep going even when the going gets tough, because success may be just around the corner.

The Success Lessons You Can Learn From David Packouz

1. Persistence is key

David Packouz faced numerous obstacles along the road to success in his business endeavors. However, he never gave up. He persevered and kept pushing through the challenges until he achieved his goals. His experience teaches us that success requires persistence and determination.

2. Innovative thinking is essential

David Packouz has always been a strategic thinker, and his innovative approach has led to breakthroughs in both his career and personal life. His story shows us that sometimes the most effective way to overcome obstacles is by approaching them in new and innovative ways.

3. Surround yourself with the right people

David Packouz has attributed much of his success to the people he's surrounded himself with. He's chosen to work with people who share his vision and mission, and this has helped him achieve his goals. In short, David Packouz teaches us that to succeed, you need to surround yourself with like-minded individuals who are supportive of your objectives.

4. Maintain a true sense of self

Throughout his journeys, David Packouz has remained true to himself. He's never compromised his core values or principles, and this has allowed him to maintain a solid sense of self. From his experience, we learn that staying true to who we are and what we believe in is critical to achieving long-term success.

5. Be open to new opportunities

5. Be open to new opportunities

David Packouz is known for his willingness to take calculated risks and try new things. His openness to new opportunities has allowed him to explore new avenues and, in turn, achieve new levels of success. This lesson reminds us that we should always be on the lookout for new possibilities and be prepared to take risks when they present themselves.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About David Packouz

1. He was a successful arms dealer before becoming an entrepreneur.

David Packouz gained notoriety for his role in one of the biggest military arms scandals in US history, where he and his partner Efraim Diveroli illegally supplied weapons to the US government. Packouz made millions of dollars before serving a jail sentence for his illegal activities. However, this experience inspired him to become an entrepreneur and start his own business.

2. He co-founded a successful tech company.

After his release from prison, David Packouz co-founded a tech company called Singular Sound, which creates products for musicians. The company's flagship product is the BeatBuddy, a drum machine that has won multiple awards and has been used by musicians all over the world.

3. He is a trained massage therapist.

David Packouz studied massage therapy before his career as an arms dealer. He even worked as a massage therapist for a while before getting involved in the arms trade. This skill helped him during his time in jail, as he was able to give massages to fellow inmates and make some extra money.

4. He is a talented musician.

David Packouz is a multi-instrumentalist who has been playing music since he was a child. He has played in various bands and has even composed music for TV shows and movies. His love of music was a driving force behind his decision to start Singular Sound.

5. He is an advocate for legalizing marijuana.

David Packouz has been a vocal advocate for the legalization of marijuana. He believes that marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes and that the criminalization of the drug has done more harm than good. He has even invested in a cannabis company called RopaNa.


David Packouz Net Worth

David Packouz is a renowned American entrepreneur and inventor. He gained fame through his military contract with the US government, for which he co-founded a company with his best friend Efraim Diveroli. The company, AEY Inc., supplied ammunition to the US Army, and landed them several multimillion-dollar contracts.

Over the years, Packouz has also ventured into different industries, including music, entertainment, and technology. He co-founded a software company called Singular Sound, which produced a drum machine for musicians. He is also a talented musician, and has released several albums.

As of 2021, David Packouz has an estimated net worth of $50 million. He has used his wealth to give back to the society, donating to various charitable organizations.


David Packouz

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What is David Packouz's net worth?

As of 2021, David Packouz's net worth is estimated to be around $200 million. He made a fortune from his business ventures, especially as a co-founder of the multi-million dollar company, AEY Inc.

What is David Packouz known for?

David Packouz is known for being a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He co-founded the company AEY Inc., which won several contracts with the US government to supply ammunition to Afghan security forces.

What is David Packouz's educational background?

David Packouz attended the University of Florida, where he studied music. He later dropped out to pursue a career as a professional musician. However, he eventually got involved in business and entrepreneurship.

What has David Packouz been up to lately?

In recent years, David Packouz has been involved in various business and philanthropic ventures. He co-founded the company Singular Sound, which produces innovative music technology products. He has also been actively involved in supporting various charitable causes, such as animal welfare and environmental conservation.

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