Discover David Dobrik's journey to success and learn about his incredible net worth. Read his bio and find out how he became one of the most popular YouTubers in the world today.
David Dobrik is a well-known name in the world of vlogging and social media influencing. With over 18 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, he has captured the attention of fans around the globe. Born in Slovakia, Dobrik moved with his family to Chicago at a young age, and later relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a successful content creator. Dobrik found success in the entertainment industry through his unique style of creating humorous and relatable content that resonates with his audience. His creativity and talent have earned him numerous accolades and awards, including the prestigious Shorty Award for Best Vlogger. Despite his fame and fortune, Dobrik remains grounded and focused on his passion for entertaining millions of viewers on a daily basis. His net worth has skyrocketed in recent years, and he has become one of the most sought-after social media influencers with lucrative brand partnerships and sponsorships. Join us as we explore the life and career of David Dobrik, and learn more about his humble beginnings, his rise to fame, and his continued success in the digital world.

David Dobrik: Facts and Figures

If you're a fan of the internet sensation David Dobrik, you might be interested in learning more about his net worth and other biographical details. Here's a table with some useful information:

Net Worth $20 million (as of 2021)
Age 25
Born Kosice, Slovakia
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Country of Origin United States (naturalized citizen)
Source of Wealth YouTube, social media, merchandise

As you can see, Dobrik has amassed quite a fortune at a young age through his various online pursuits. He was born in Slovakia but moved to the United States as a child and now holds dual citizenship. Dobrik is well known for his comedic vlogs on YouTube and has also ventured into acting and hosting. If you're a fan, keep an eye out for more exciting projects from this talented young creator!

Key Facts

  • David Dobrik's full name is David Julian Dobrik.
  • He was born on July 23, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia but later moved to Chicago, Illinois.
  • Dobrik is a YouTuber, Vlogger and social media personality with 18.9 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.
  • He is also a member of the YouTube group The Vlog Squad.
  • Dobrik has won various awards such as the 2019 Kids Choice Award for Favorite Social Star and the 2019 Shorty Award for Vlogger of the Year.
  • His net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be $20 million.
  • Dobrik is a philanthropist and has donated to various charities such as No Kid Hungry and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.
  • He has also launched a makeup line called Clickbait Beauty.
  • Dobrik is known for his funny and entertaining vlogs which often feature his friends, pranks, and stunts.

David Dobrik Net Worth, Bio

Early Life

David Dobrik was born on July 23, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia. He grew up in a family of four and migrated to Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA, when he was six years old. In America, he lived with his parents and siblings, Esther and Toby. David's family went through some financial challenges while he was growing up, so he had to work hard to save money for his future.

David had a passion for creating videos and content creation from a young age, and he joined the Video Production Club while he was in high school. He later attended Vernon Hills High School and graduated in 2014. After high school, David attended the University of Cincinnati but dropped out to focus on his online career.

David's interest in video creation stemmed from his love for Vine, a now-defunct social media platform that he started using to share his short comedy skits in 2013. He became famous on Vine and accumulated over one million followers on the platform in just five months. Following his success on Vine, David transitioned to YouTube, where he continued to make comedy videos.

  • David was always passionate about creating videos and content creation from a young age
  • David migrated to Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA, when he was six years old with his family
  • David faced financial challenges during his upbringing and had to work hard to save for his future
  • David attended Vernon Hills High School and graduated in 2014
  • David joined the Video Production Club while he was in high school
  • David went to the University of Cincinnati, but he dropped out to focus on his online career
  • David shot to fame on Vine, a now-defunct social media platform


David Dobrik kickstarted his career by posting funny and entertaining videos on Vine. He gained a massive following on the platform in a short span of time, which led to his big break on YouTube.

David's YouTube channel was launched in 2015 and has since grown to become one of the most popular channels on the platform. He is known for his vlogs and pranks, which often involve his friends and fellow YouTubers.

In 2019, David co-founded the social media app, Dispo. The app allows users to take disposable camera-style photos, and has since gained a lot of popularity among young users.

David's success on YouTube has also led to him becoming a sought-after host and presenter. He has hosted events like the Teen Choice Awards and the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. In addition, he has made appearances on numerous talk shows and podcasts, and has even had a cameo in a movie.

With his hard work and dedication, David Dobrik has managed to build a successful career as a YouTuber, social media entrepreneur, and media personality.

David Dobrik's Spending Habits

Real Estate

David Dobrik is known for his luxurious lifestyle. He has invested a hefty sum of money in a mansion in Studio City, Los Angeles. The mansion spans over 7,800 square feet and has a price tag of $9.5 million. Additionally, he also owns a two-bedroom house near Chicago, which is priced at $300,000.

Travel and Transportation

Being a YouTuber and Instagram influencer, David Dobrik frequently travels across the globe for brand promotions, shows and collaborations. Additionally, he owns a Tesla Model X which is priced at $85,000.


David Dobrik is known for his philanthropic activities and his willingness to give back to the society. He has raised over $5 million for a charity called "GiveWell", which aims to eradicate poverty and spread awareness about top-rated charities.


David Dobrik has a taste for fashion and often flaunts his designer outfits on social media. Some of the brands that he favors include Off-White, Supreme, Gucci, Adidas, and Nike.


Being a successful YouTuber, David Dobrik has access to various forms of entertainment. He has been known to spend on extravagant experiences, such as renting out an entire amusement park for his friends and family. He has also been spotted at various high-end restaurants and nightclubs.


David Dobrik has made multiple investments, including his successful app, "David's Disposable", which is a photography app that allows users to apply filters to their photos to give them a disposable camera look. Additionally, he has invested in social media platforms such as "Dispo" and "Perlu".

In conclusion, David Dobrik spends his money on luxurious living, travel and transportation, charity, fashion, entertainment, and smart investments.


Birthday Gifts

David Dobrik famously gifted his friends with extravagant birthday presents. In one vlog, he gifted his best friend Natalie Mariduena a brand new car. He also gifted his assistant Taylor Hudson a new Tesla for his birthday.

Vlog Squad

Dobrik is popularly known for his group of friends called the "Vlog Squad." The squad includes members like Heath Hussar, Zane Hijazi, and Jason Nash. They often appear in his videos and participate in his stunts and challenges.

Brand Collaborations

Dobrik has collaborated with numerous brands like SeatGeek, Honey, and DoorDash to name a few. He has also launched his own merchandise line, which includes hoodies, T-shirts, and phone cases.

YouTube Success

Dobrik has amassed a huge following on YouTube, currently standing at 18.5 million subscribers. His videos often receive millions of views within hours of being uploaded. He has won several awards including the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Social Star and the Streamy Award for Best Collaboration.

Favorite Quotes from David Dobrik

"Who wants a Tesla?"

David Dobrik, the well-known YouTuber and social media personality, is famous for shouting this phrase in his videos. He has surprised his friends and fans with a Tesla car and has made it a signature element of his content.

"I can't believe I did that!"

David Dobrik is no stranger to pulling off crazy stunts and pranks on his vlog channel. This statement is usually accompanied by a shocked expression as he takes a moment to process the absurdity of what just happened.

"Guys, I'm freaking out!"

When something unexpected happens during his vlogs, David Dobrik often exclaims this phrase in a panicked tone. His fans have come to expect these outbursts from him and love to see his genuine reactions to crazy situations.

"Make sure to swipe up and check out my merch!"

David Dobrik is not just a YouTuber but also an entrepreneur. He has his own clothing line, which he often promotes in his videos. This particular phrase is a call to action for his fans to check out and purchase his merchandise.

  • "That's insane!"
  • "Oh my god!"
  • "Are you serious?"

These are some of the catchphrases that David Dobrik uses when reacting to the insane things that he experiences in his daily life. His reactions are often genuine, and his over-the-top responses make for hilarious content that his fans can't get enough of.

David Dobrik's Key to Success

Surround yourself with positive people

David Dobrik believes that having a strong support system is essential to success. He surrounds himself with positive and supportive people who inspire him to reach his goals. Dobrik says that staying positive, motivated, and focused can help you overcome obstacles and achieve your dreams.

Be open-minded and adaptable

Dobrik emphasizes the importance of being open-minded and adaptable to changes. He knows that success doesn't happen overnight and being flexible is key to staying motivated and moving forward. Dobrik encourages people to take risks and try new things, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zone.

Work hard and stay dedicated

Dobrik is known for his strong work ethic and dedication to his craft. He believes that hard work and dedication are the keys to success and encourages everyone to pursue their passions with determination and persistence. Dobrik says that success is not handed to anyone and requires dedication and hard work to achieve.

Give back to the community

Dobrik is passionate about giving back to the community and has partnered with various charities to support causes he believes in. He encourages people to use their success to help others and make a positive impact in the world. Dobrik says that success is not just about personal achievement, but also about making a difference in the lives of others.

Stay true to yourself

Dobrik values authenticity and staying true to oneself. He believes that success should not mean sacrificing one's values or morals. Dobrik encourages people to be true to themselves and use their unique talents and perspectives to achieve success in their own way.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About David Dobrik

1. Successful Career in Social Media

David Dobrik is a well-known internet personality who rose to fame on Vine before its closure. He has since established himself as an influencer on YouTube, featuring in various vlogs, skits, and prank videos. His channel has over 17 million subscribers and more than 7 billion views.

2. Famous Friend Group

Dobrik's ex-girlfriend Liza Koshy, comedian Jason Nash, and childhood friend Natalie Noel are regular features in his videos. He is also close friends with fellow YouTubers Casey Neistat and Shane Dawson and famous celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner.

3. Generosity towards Family and Friends

Dobrik has gifted numerous Teslas to his friends and family and has given away $25,000 in cash in one video. Towards the end of 2020, Dobrik gifted $25,000 and numerous gifts to a single mother of two who is a regular viewer of his videos.

4. Acting and Hosting Endeavours

In addition to his online presence, Dobrik has hosted several awards shows and events. He has also pursued his passion for acting, appearing in the YouTube Premium series, "The Reality House," and in the films "Airplane Mode" and "The Angry Birds Movie 2."

5. Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Dobrik has engaged in several philanthropic activities throughout his career, including donating $100,000 to support the California wildfire relief fund. He has also worked with foundations such as No Kid Hungry and Make a Wish Foundation to provide assistance to those in need.

6. Love for Dogs

Dobrik adores his four dogs, two of which he rescued from an animal shelter. His dogs, Blue, Peach, Smurf, and a stray dog named Vernon, regularly appear in his videos.


David Dobrik is a famous internet personality, vlogger, and YouTuber with a net worth of around $15 million. He is known for his funny and entertaining videos that went viral on social media in recent years. Dobrik started his career on Vine and then shifted to YouTube, where he has built a massive audience through his regular vlogs and sketches.

David Dobrik's success comes from his unique style of humor, witty comments, and an ability to create engaging content with his friends and fans. His videos range from pranks and challenges to charity events and giveaways, which generate millions of views and likes. Dobrik has won several awards for his work, including the Shorty Award for Vlogger of the Year.

David Dobrik's popularity has also led to several lucrative brand deals and partnerships with top companies, such as SeatGeek, Chipotle, and EA Sports. He has also launched his own merchandise line and a podcast series. With such a vast portfolio of work and followers, David Dobrik continues to be one of the most influential online personalities today.


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What is David Dobrik's net worth?

As of 2021, David Dobrik's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. His main source of income is from his YouTube channel, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

How did David Dobrik become successful?

David Dobrik started out on Vine, where his short comedy videos gained a large following. He then transitioned to YouTube, where he continued to create funny and entertaining content that resonated with viewers. His daily vlog series became incredibly popular and solidified his place as one of the top creators on the platform.

What charities or organizations does David Dobrik support?

David Dobrik has shown support for a number of charities and organizations, including No Kid Hungry, Stand Up To Cancer, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. He has also launched several fundraising campaigns on his YouTube channel to raise money for various causes.

What is David Dobrik's background and personal life?

David Dobrik was born in Slovakia and moved to the United States when he was a child. He grew up in Chicago and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in entertainment. Dobrik is married to fellow YouTuber, Liza Koshy, although they announced their separation in 2018. He is also known for his love of Tesla cars and has been spotted driving several different models.

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