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Tori Spelling Net Worth, Bio

Tori Spelling is a renowned American actress and author who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Born on May 16, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, Tori is the daughter of the famous television producer, Aaron Spelling. Her journey to fame started at a young age when she appeared in her father's TV show, "Hotel."

Following her debut, Tori went on to feature in several other TV shows, including "Saved by the Bell," "Beverly Hills, 90210," and "90210." Her career spanning over three decades has been marked with several accolades, including two Young Artist Awards for her role in "Saved by the Bell" and a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award for "Beverly Hills, 90210."

Asides from her career, Tori Spelling's personal life has been well-documented by the media. She has been in the public eye due to her high-profile marriage to actor Dean McDermott, their five children, and her struggles with financial issues that have plagued her over the years, leading to public scrutiny of her net worth. In this article, we will explore the biography, career, and net worth of Tori Spelling, examining how she built her fortune and what setbacks she's had to overcome throughout her life.

Tori Spelling: Net Worth, Age, Born, Gender, Height, Country of Origin, Source of Wealth

Tori Spelling: Net Worth, Age, Born, Gender, Height, Country of Origin, Source of Wealth

Name: Tori Spelling
Net Worth: As of 2021, Tori Spelling's net worth is estimated to be $100 million.
Age: Tori Spelling was born on May 16, 1973, and is currently 48 years old.
Born: Tori Spelling was born in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Gender: Tori Spelling is a female.
Height: Tori Spelling is 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm) tall.
Country of Origin: Tori Spelling is from the United States.
Source of Wealth: Tori Spelling's source of wealth comes from her career as an actress, author, and reality TV star as well as from her inheritance from her father, TV producer Aaron Spelling.

Tori Spelling is a well-known personality in the entertainment industry. She rose to fame through her role in the popular TV series "Beverly Hills 90210" in the 1990s. Apart from her TV and movie roles, she has also authored several books including "Stori Telling" and "Mommywood". In addition to her entertainment career, Tori Spelling has also been part of several reality TV shows like "Tori & Dean: Inn Love" and "Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever".

Key Facts

  • Tori Spelling was born on May 16, 1973, in Los Angeles, California.
  • She is the daughter of legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling and actress Candy Spelling.
  • Spelling's acting career began in 1990 with her role as Donna Martin in the hit TV series Beverly Hills, 90210.
  • She has since appeared in numerous TV shows and movies, including Scary Movie 2 and Smallville.
  • In addition to acting, Spelling is also a successful author and has written several bestselling books.
  • As of 2021, Tori Spelling's net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.
  • Spelling has been married twice and has five children.
  • She has faced financial difficulties in recent years and has been sued by several creditors.
  • In 2018, she was reportedly paid $15,000 per episode for the reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210.

Early Life

Tori Spelling was born on May 16, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, to parents Aaron Spelling and Candy Marer. Her father was a renowned Hollywood producer, while her mother was a socialite and a philanthropist. Tori was the youngest of their two children, and her older brother Randy Spelling was also in the entertainment industry.

Tori's childhood was filled with luxury, as her family was one of the wealthiest in California. She attended the prestigious Beverly Hills High School, where she was a cheerleader and a member of the school's drama club. Despite being born into a showbiz family, Tori had a relatively sheltered upbringing, and she was not allowed to watch TV or movies that were considered too mature for her age.

As a teenager, Tori developed an interest in acting, and she began taking classes at the age of six. However, her father was initially against the idea of her pursuing a career in Hollywood, and he insisted that she attend college first. Tori enrolled at the University of Southern California, where she studied psychology and theater.



Tori Spelling began her career in the entertainment industry at a young age. She appeared in guest roles on various television series like "The Love Boat" and "T.J. Hooker".

In 1990, Tori landed her breakthrough role as Donna Martin in the hit teen drama series "Beverly Hills, 90210". She played the character for 10 seasons and became a household name.

After "Beverly Hills, 90210", Tori continued her acting career with appearances in movies and television series like "Trick" and "Smallville". She also starred in and produced her own reality television series called "Tori & Dean: Inn Love" with her husband, Dean McDermott.

In addition to acting and reality television, Tori has also ventured into writing. She has authored several books, including her autobiography "sTori Telling", and has also released a line of children's books.

Overall, Tori Spelling's career has spanned over three decades and she has become a multi-faceted entertainer with her work in acting, reality television, and writing.

How Tori Spelling Spends Her Money

Tori Spelling, with a net worth of $500 thousand, spends her money on various things.

She has been known to splurge on luxury items such as designer clothes, jewelry, and accessories. Tori is also a lover of expensive cars and has been spotted driving around in a Porsche and a Mercedes-Benz.

However, Tori isn't just spending her money on herself. She is a proud mother of five children and loves to spoil them. She has been known to spend a lot of money on their education, extracurricular activities, and vacations.

In addition to her family, Tori also donates to various charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the American Red Cross.

Despite her financial troubles in the past, Tori seems to have found a way to balance her spending habits while still enjoying the luxuries in life.


Early Career

Starting her career at the age of 6, Tori Spelling appeared in various TV shows and movies. Her breakthrough came in 1990 when she was cast as Donna Martin in the hit TV series "Beverly Hills, 90210", a role she played for ten years. Her performance was highly praised and earned her several nominations for different awards.


Aside from her acting career, Tori Spelling also ventured into entrepreneurship. She released her own line of jewelry, wrote several books, and even had her own reality TV show called "Tori & Dean: Inn Love," where she and her husband, Dean McDermott, renovated a bed and breakfast. She is also known for her involvement in charitable organizations, such as the American Heart Association and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles.

Net Worth

Net Worth

Tori Spelling's net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. Despite having grown up in a wealthy family, she has faced financial challenges in her adult life and has been open about her struggles. In recent years, she has made efforts to reduce her spending and focus on her family and career.

Personal Life

Tori Spelling has been married twice. Her first marriage to actor and playwright Charlie Shanian ended in divorce after a year. She then married fellow actor Dean McDermott in 2006, and they have five children together. The couple has faced their fair share of personal challenges, including infidelity and financial difficulties, but they have remained together and continue to support each other.

Tori Spelling's Favorite Quotes

Tori Spelling is known for her quirky and humorous personality. Here are some of her favorite quotes:

  • "I don't believe in regrets. I believe everything happens for a reason."
  • "I would rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not."
  • "I think laughter is the best medicine. If you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?"
  • "I'm a believer in the power of positive thinking and visualization."

These quotes reflect Tori's optimistic outlook on life and her belief in living without regrets. Her sense of humor and ability to see the positive in any situation are also evident in her favorite quotes.

Famous Success Lessons from Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is not only a successful actress and producer, but also a shrewd businesswoman who has managed to amass a net worth of over $500 million. Her career path is a testament to the fact that success is not just about talent, but is also about hard work, determination, and the ability to take risks.

One of the key lessons that Tori Spelling has taught us is the importance of taking risks. When she launched her own jewelry line, she didn't let the fact that she had no previous experience in the industry hold her back. Instead, she trusted her instincts and took the leap, which ultimately paid off. By being willing to take chances, Spelling has been able to diversify her income streams and build a lasting legacy.

Another lesson that we can learn from Tori Spelling's success is the importance of dedication and hard work. She has achieved her wealth and fame through sheer determination and grit, never shying away from putting in the long hours and hard work that is required to succeed in any industry. Whether she is producing a TV show or launching a new line of products, Spelling always gives it her all, and her hard work has paid off in spades.

Finally, Tori Spelling has shown us that it is essential to be flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances. In today's fast-paced world, industries can change literally overnight, and successful people must be ready and willing to pivot their strategies when needed. Whether it's learning a new skill, rebranding your business, or embracing a new technology, being open to change is key to long-term success.

  • Take risks - Don't be afraid to trust your instincts and pursue new opportunities.
  • Be dedicated and work hard - Success does not come easy and requires a lot of hard work and dedication.
  • Be adaptable and flexible - Embrace change and be willing to pivot your strategies when necessary.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Tori Spelling

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Tori Spelling

1. She Was Named After a Horse

It may sound strange, but Tori Spelling was actually named after a horse that her parents had seen at a racecourse. The horse's name was "Victoria" and her parents loved it so much that they decided to name their daughter after it.

2. She Inherited Millions from Her Father

Despite her own successful acting career, Tori Spelling inherited millions of dollars from her father, legendary TV producer Aaron Spelling, after his death in 2006. Many of her fans were surprised to learn the extent of the inheritance, which was estimated to be around $800 million.

3. She Had a Falling Out with Her Mother

Although Tori Spelling's relationship with her mother Candy has improved in recent years, the two had a very public falling out in the early 2000s. Candy reportedly cut her daughter out of her will and even wrote a book that was critical of her parenting skills.

4. She Has Written Several Best-selling Books

In addition to her acting career, Tori Spelling has also made a name for herself as an author. She has written several best-selling books, including her memoir "sTori Telling" and a series of children's books.

5. She Has Five Children

Tori Spelling is a busy mom these days, as she and her husband Dean McDermott have five children together. The couple's brood includes four boys and one girl, and they have documented their family life on several reality TV shows over the years.


Tori Spelling is an American actress, television personality, and author. She was born on May 16, 1973, in Los Angeles, California, and is the daughter of famous TV producer Aaron Spelling. Tori gained popularity for her role as Donna Martin in the TV series Beverly Hills, 90210, which aired from 1990-2000.

Aside from acting, Tori has written several memoirs, including "sTORI Telling" and "Spelling It Like It Is," which have both made it onto the New York Times bestseller list. She has also appeared in several reality TV shows, including "Tori & Dean: Inn Love" and "True Tori."

Tori Spelling's net worth is estimated to be $500,000. Despite her famous last name and successful acting career, Tori has faced financial struggles in recent years. In 2020, she and her husband, Dean McDermott, were reportedly sued for failing to pay back a $205,000 loan. However, Tori continues to work on various projects and is still considered a well-known face in the entertainment industry.


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What is Tori Spelling's net worth?

Tori Spelling's net worth is approximately $500 million.

What are Tori Spelling's most famous roles?

Tori Spelling is best known for her roles in "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Saved by the Bell". She has also appeared in several made-for-TV movies and reality shows.

What is Tori Spelling's educational background?

Tori Spelling attended Beverly Hills High School and later graduated from Harvard-Westlake School. She did not attend college.

What is Tori Spelling's personal life like?

Tori Spelling has been married twice and has five children. She has been open about her struggles with finances and family drama, which have been featured on her reality show "True Tori". She is also a philanthropist and has been involved in various charitable causes.

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