Discover Duke Dumont's net worth, bio, and career highlights. Find out how the British DJ rose to fame, his successful collaborations, and his impact on the dance music scene.

Duke Dumont Net Worth, Bio

In the world of dance music, Duke Dumont is a household name. With award-winning hits like "Need u (100%)", "Won’t Look Back" and "I Got U" featuring Jax Jones under his belt, he has climbed high in the music industry ladder for over a decade and a half.

Real name Adam George Dyment, the English DJ, producer, and songwriter has a unique talent for producing energetic, catchy tunes that make everybody hit the dance floor. His musical skills span various genres, including Deep House, Bassline, and UK Garage, and have enamored many fans across the world.

But how did Duke Dumont become so successful? And what is his estimated net worth? In this article, we will take a deeper look at his life, musical career, and fortune.

Duke Dumont Net Worth, Bio

Table of Duke Dumont's Information:

Name: Duke Dumont
Net Worth: $10 million
Age: 38 years old
Born: August 27, 1982
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet (183 cm)
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Source of Wealth: Music Production

Duke Dumont is a British music producer and DJ, born on August 27, 1982. He has a reported net worth of $10 million, earned through his successful music career. With a height of 6 feet (183cm), he has become well-known for his popular electronic dance music tracks.

Despite being in the music industry for over a decade, Duke Dumont has managed to keep his personal life private. He has not revealed much about his family or relationships.

Duke Dumont was born and raised in the United Kingdom. He rose to prominence in the music industry with his hit single "Need U (100%)" released in 2013, which topped the UK Singles Chart. His subsequent hits include "I Got U", "Ocean Drive", and "Won't Look Back".

Overall, Duke Dumont has become a successful music producer with a loyal following, and continues to release chart-topping hits to this day.

Key Facts

Real name: Adam George Dyment

Net worth: According to Celebrity Net Worth, Duke Dumont has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Occupation: DJ, record producer, songwriter

Genre: House, deep house, UK garage

Record labels: Blasé Boys Club, Turbo Recordings, Ministry of Sound, Virgin EMI

Awards: He won the Best Dance Recording award at the 2014 Grammy Awards for his single "Need U (100%)".

Collaborations: Duke Dumont has collaborated with a number of notable artists including MNEK, Jax Jones, and Gorgon City.

Popular songs: Some of Duke Dumont's most popular songs include "Need U (100%)", "Ocean Drive", and "I Got U".

Albums: Duke Dumont has released two studio albums: "Duality" (2020) and "For Club Play Only, Pt. 3" (2018).

Early Life of Duke Dumont

Early Life of Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont, born on August 27, 1982, in London, United Kingdom, had a deep passion for music since his early childhood. His real name is Adam George Dyment, and he grew up in Rayners Lane, a suburban district of Greater London.

Dumont's parents were not music enthusiasts, but they carefully chose the best music teachers for him. He started learning to play the piano at an early age, and by the time he was attending high school, he had already taught himself how to mix tracks.

After finishing high school, Dumont enrolled at Manchester University to pursue an undergraduate course in Classics. He spent most of his free time DJing in clubs and student parties. It was during this time that Dumont's love for electronic music deepened, and he decided to abandon his classical studies to concentrate on building his music career.

From Manchester, Dumont relocated to London, and shortly after, he began collaborating with several record labels and established producers in the industry. This marked the beginning of a lucrative journey in the music business for Dumont, whose career can be traced back to his early life in London.


Duke Dumont, whose real name is Adam George Dyment, started his music career in the early 2000s as a London-based DJ. His first release was a single titled "Regality EP" in 2007, which gained attention from the music industry. In 2008, he released his second EP, "The Dominion Dubs EP", which helped him establish himself as a rising talent in the electronic dance music scene.

In 2012, Duke Dumont released his first single, "I Got U", which reached number one on the UK Singles Chart the following year. Since then, he has released several hit singles, including "Need U (100%)", "Won't Look Back", and "Ocean Drive". He has also gained recognition for his remixes of popular songs by artists such as Katy Perry and Lily Allen.

Duke Dumont is known for his unique blend of deep house, UK garage, and techno music, which has earned him a dedicated fanbase. His music has been praised by critics and has earned him several awards, including multiple UK Dance Chart awards and a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording in 2015. He has also performed at major music festivals around the world, including Coachella and Tomorrowland.

In addition to his successful music career, Duke Dumont has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts. He has supported organizations such as War Child, which helps children affected by conflict, and the British Red Cross, which provides humanitarian aid to those in crisis.

How Duke Dumont Allocates His Wealth

Charity and Philanthropy

Duke Dumont is known for his charitable endeavors, including donations to various organizations and philanthropic efforts. He has been involved in supporting organizations that focus on health and education, among other things, and has donated to causes such as cancer research.

Investments and Real Estate

Duke Dumont has also made several high-profile investments in real estate and other ventures. He has been known to invest in stocks and other financial instruments, as well as invest in various properties around the world, including luxury homes and condominiums.

Travel and Luxury

As a successful musician and producer, Duke Dumont is known for his lavish lifestyle and love for luxury. He frequently travels in style and enjoys the finer things in life, including designer clothing, high-end vehicles, and exclusive experiences.

Business Ventures

In addition to his music career, Duke Dumont has been involved in several successful business ventures. He has launched his own record label, Blasé Boys Club, and has been involved in various other music-related businesses and investments.

Family and Friends

Duke Dumont also spends a significant amount of money on his family and friends, including providing for his parents and siblings. He often takes vacations or treats loved ones to luxury experiences, showing his generosity and appreciation for those closest to him.


Successful Music Career

Duke Dumont is known for being one of the most successful music artists in the world. He has released multiple chart-topping singles and albums that have helped him gain a massive following of fans. Dumont has also collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, contributing to his success as an artist.

Award-Winning Musician

Duke Dumont has won numerous awards for his contributions to the music industry. His talents and hard work have been recognized with awards such as the Grammy and the Brit Awards. He continues to produce music that resonates with his fans, making him a top-rated musician in his genre.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

Duke Dumont has also ventured into entrepreneurship, with investments in various businesses. His ability to diversify his career shows his business acumen and creativity. He has invested in various tech companies, and his success showcases his ability to make smart business decisions.

Global Tours

Duke Dumont has gone on multiple tours globally, performing in some of the biggest venues and festivals around the world. His live shows are highly entertaining and showcase his talent as a musician. Fans from various parts of the world have witnessed his music live, contributing to his global success.


Duke Dumont has collaborated with various artists like Gorgon City, AME, and Jax Jones, among others. His collaborative projects have been huge successes, with each song charting high on various music charts.

Favorite Quotes from Duke Dumont

Favorite Quotes from Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont is a talented musician and record producer who has made significant contributions to the world of electronic dance music. Here are some of his favorite quotes:

  • "I believe in dance music and enjoy being in the studio creating new sounds."
  • "It's important to find your own sound and stay true to it."
  • "I love collaborating with other artists and exploring new musical territories."
  • "I strive to create music that has an emotional impact on people."
  • "Success to me means having the freedom to create and experiment with my music."
  • "I'm grateful for my fans and their support. They inspire me to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds."

Overall, Duke Dumont's passion for music and dedication to his craft shines through in his quotes. He encourages artists to stay true to themselves and create music that has meaning and emotion. With his unique sound and innovative approach to dance music, Duke Dumont has become a respected and influential figure in the industry.

Insights on Success from Duke Dumont

Lesson 1: Persistence Pays Off

One of the key ingredients to Duke Dumont's success is his persistence. He started working as a DJ at a young age, but it took him many years to get his big break. Despite multiple setbacks and rejections, Duke Dumont continued to work hard and never gave up on his dream. Eventually, his persistence paid off, and he became one of the biggest names in the music industry.

Lesson 2: Stay True to Your Vision

Another important lesson we can learn from Duke Dumont is the importance of staying true to your vision. Throughout his career, Duke Dumont has always stayed true to his unique style of music. He has never compromised his artistic vision for the sake of commercial success. This has allowed him to create a loyal fan base and stand out in a crowded industry.

Lesson 3: Embrace Collaboration

Duke Dumont is also known for his collaborations with other artists. He believes that working with others can lead to new creative breakthroughs. Through working with different people, Duke Dumont has been able to explore new sounds and expand his musical horizons.

5 of Duke Dumont's biggest collaborations:
Collaborating artist(s) Song Title
Gorgon City Real Life
Jax Jones I Got U
Zak Abel The Power
MNEK Hold On
Example I Need U (100%)

Lesson 4: Don't Be Afraid to Take Risks

To achieve success, Duke Dumont has taken many risks throughout his career. He's experimented with different sounds and styles, and he's always willing to try something new. Sometimes these risks have paid off, and other times they haven't, but Duke Dumont has always learned from his experiences and continued to push himself creatively.

Lesson 5: Hard Work and Dedication

A final lesson we can learn from Duke Dumont is the importance of hard work and dedication. He spends hours in the studio, perfecting his craft and honing his skills. He's always looking for ways to improve and grow as an artist. He also makes a conscious effort to stay grounded and maintains a strong work ethic, even after achieving massive success.

Interesting Facts About Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont may be a widely popular name in the music industry, but there are some lesser-known facts about the DJ that may surprise you:

  • His real name is Adam George Dyment: Duke Dumont is a pseudonym that he adopted for his music career.
  • He started playing guitar at a young age: Before becoming a DJ, Duke Dumont played guitar in a punk rock band.
  • His debut single became a chart-topper: Duke Dumont's first single, "Need U (100%)", featuring A*M*E, became a number one hit in the UK Singles Chart in 2013.
  • He has collaborated with several well-known artists: Duke Dumont has worked with artists like Gorgon City, Katy B, and Jax Jones, among others.
  • He is a Grammy-nominated artist: Duke Dumont received a Grammy nomination in 2015 for his single "Wont Look Back" in the Best Dance Recording category.
  • He has a passion for fashion: Duke Dumont has been featured in several fashion campaigns and has even designed a capsule collection for the British fashion label, Farah.
  • He is a fan of classic sci-fi films: Duke Dumont has mentioned that he enjoys watching classic sci-fi films, like "Blade Runner" and "The Fifth Element".
  • He has performed at popular music festivals around the world: Duke Dumont has performed at music festivals like Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Lollapalooza.

These are just a few of the interesting facts about Duke Dumont that add to his impressive career as a successful DJ and producer.


Duke Dumont is an English DJ, record producer, and songwriter with an estimated net worth of $10 million. He gained fame with his hit singles "Need U (100%)" and "I Got U" that topped the UK Singles Chart. Besides, he has also remixed songs for popular artists, such as Katy Perry and Lily Allen.

Duke Dumont's real name is Adam George Dyment. He was born on August 27, 1982, in Rayleigh, Essex, England. He spent his childhood listening to various genres of music and started producing his songs at a young age. He pursued a degree in music technology and started his career as a DJ in a nightclub in Newcastle, UK.

Over the years, Duke Dumont has released several chart-topping tracks and albums, including "Ocean Drive," "Won't Look Back," and "For Club Play Only." He has won several awards, including a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording. He is known for his unique blend of house, techno, and pop music.

Besides, Duke Dumont has performed at several music festivals and concerts across the world, including Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Glastonbury. He has collaborated with several renowned artists, such as MNEK, Jax Jones, and Gorgon City. He is also known for his philanthropic works and has supported several charities over the years.


Duke Dumont x MK - Best of Deep House 2020 Mix

Duke Dumont x MK - Best of Deep House 2020 Mix by EARCANDY 3 years ago 1 hour, 8 minutes 81,235 views


What is Duke Dumont's net worth?

Duke Dumont's net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What genre of music does Duke Dumont produce?

Duke Dumont is a British DJ and record producer who primarily produces deep house and UK garage music.

Has Duke Dumont won any awards for his music?

Yes, Duke Dumont has won several awards for his music, including two Grammy nominations and a number one spot on the UK Singles Chart for his hit song "Need U (100%)".

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