Discover the net worth and biography of Shaun Weiss, the actor known for his roles in 'The Mighty Ducks' and 'Heavyweights'. Learn about his early life, career highlights, and personal struggles.

Shaun Weiss Net Worth, Bio

Shaun Weiss is a well-known American actor famous for his incredible talent in the movie industry. He has been in the acting business for several decades, appearing in numerous films, television series, and theater productions. His name has become a frequent topic among movie enthusiasts, prompting many to follow up on his astounding career accomplishments, personal life, and net worth.

Even though Shaun Weiss has had a fruitful acting career for many years, He is widely known for his jaw-dropping performance in the 1992 sports-themed movie, The Mighty Ducks. His exceptional talent in the film industry has earned him numerous accolades throughout the years, especially during his peak in the 1990s and early 2000s. Fans have been looking forward to discovering more about his life, including the amount of wealth he has accumulated over the years.

Therefore, in this article, we delve deep into Shaun Weiss' biography, highlighting his acting career and the milestones he has achieved. We also explore his net worth, revealing how much he has made throughout his years of acting and endorsing various brands and products. So, if you're a fan of Shaun Weiss, sit back, relax, and read on to discover exciting facts about his life story.

Shaun Weiss Net Worth, Bio

Name: Shaun Weiss
Net Worth: As of 2021, Shaun Weiss's net worth is estimated to be around $150 thousand.
Age: Shaun Weiss was born on August 27, 1978, and is currently 43 years old.
Born: Shaun Weiss was born in Montvale, New Jersey, United States.
Gender: Male
Height: Shaun Weiss stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters).
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Shaun Weiss's source of wealth is primarily from his acting career in movies and television.

Shaun Weiss is an American actor and comedian who is best known for his role as Greg Goldberg in the "Mighty Ducks" film series. He began his acting career in the late 1980s by appearing in various television shows and films. Apart from his acting career, Weiss has also worked as a stand-up comedian and has performed at several comedy clubs.

Weiss has faced several personal struggles in recent years, including substance abuse and legal issues. In 2020, he was arrested for various charges, including residential burglary and being under the influence of methamphetamine. He was later sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Despite his personal challenges, Shaun Weiss has continued to be a beloved figure in the entertainment industry, and his fans remain hopeful for his continued success in the future.

Key Facts

Early Life

Shaun Weiss was born on August 27, 1978 in Montvale, New Jersey, USA.

He grew up in a Jewish family and attended Eastchester High School in New York.


  • Weiss started his acting career in 1986 with a small role in the movie "A Tiger's Tale".
  • He then appeared in several TV shows such as "The Cosby Show", "Pee-wee's Playhouse", and "Charles in Charge".
  • Weiss is most famous for his role as Goldberg in the movie franchise "The Mighty Ducks".
  • He also played small roles in movies such as "Heavyweights" and "Drillbit Taylor".
  • Weiss took a break from acting in 2016 and worked as a production assistant for a reality TV show.

Personal Life

Name: Shaun Weiss
Age: 43
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $50,000

Weiss has had a well-documented struggle with drug addiction which has led to several arrests and a stint in rehab.

Early Life

Shaun Weiss was born on August 27, 1978, in Montvale, New Jersey. He grew up in a middle-class family with parents who instilled in him a love of performing arts from a young age. As a child, he was involved in local theater productions and even took dance classes.

However, it wasn't until Weiss attended Paramus High School that he discovered his true passion for acting. He joined the school's drama club and quickly became a standout performer, impressing both his peers and teachers with his natural talent.

After high school, Weiss decided to pursue a career in acting and enrolled in New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. There, he honed his craft and landed his first major role in the film "Heavyweights" in 1995.

  • Fun Fact: Weiss was originally cast as the voice of Chuckie Finster in the animated series "Rugrats" but was replaced by Christine Cavanaugh before the show aired.


Shaun Weiss kickstarted his acting career with minor roles in TV shows such as "Webster" and "Pee-wee's Playhouse". However, his breakthrough came in the form of his portrayal of the lovable goalie, Greg Goldberg, in the popular film franchise "The Mighty Ducks".

Weiss continued to impress audiences with his comedic performances in films such as "Heavyweights", "Freaks and Geeks", and "Mr. Rhodes". He also lent his voice to animated shows like "The All-New Dennis the Menace" and "The Legend of Tarzan".

In addition to his acting career, Weiss also pursued stand-up comedy and honed his skill as a writer, penning the script for the film "Steel Sharks". He also produced and starred in the short film "What About Weiss" and directed the documentary "On Thin Ice: The Tai Babilonia Story".

Despite his impressive body of work, Weiss faced personal struggles that hindered his career in the later years. However, with the recent outpouring of support from fans and fellow actors, Weiss has expressed interest in returning to the screen. Fans eagerly await his comeback.

How Shaun Weiss Spends His Money

As an actor and comedian, Shaun Weiss has had his fair share of financial ups and downs over the course of his career. Although he has accumulated a considerable net worth, estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, he has faced several setbacks due to substance abuse and legal issues.

That being said, when it comes to spending his money, Weiss has been known to enjoy the finer things in life. He's been spotted dining at some of the most exclusive restaurants in Los Angeles and living in luxurious apartments. He's even shared photos on social media of his designer clothing and high-end electronics.

Despite his expensive tastes, however, Weiss is also known for being generous with his wealth. He's been involved with several charitable organizations, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and has donated both time and money to various causes that are close to his heart.

Overall, while Weiss has faced his fair share of challenges, he continues to enjoy his success and spend his money in ways that bring him joy and fulfillment.



Acting Career

Shaun Weiss began his acting career in the late 1980s, appearing in small roles in television shows such as "Punky Brewster" and "The Cosby Show". However, his breakthrough role came in 1992 when he was cast as Greg Goldberg in the popular movie "The Mighty Ducks". He reprised his role in the two sequels, "D2: The Mighty Ducks" and "D3: The Mighty Ducks". After "The Mighty Ducks" franchise ended, Weiss continued to act, appearing in other movies and television shows such as "Freaks and Geeks" and "Drillbit Taylor".

Personal Life

In recent years, Weiss has encountered personal struggles with substance abuse and legal issues. In 2017, he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine, and in January 2020, he was arrested for burglary and being under the influence of a controlled substance. In an effort to turn his life around, Weiss entered rehabilitation in 2020.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Shaun Weiss's net worth is estimated to be around $150,000. While his acting career has slowed down in recent years, he continues to receive royalties for his role in "The Mighty Ducks" franchise. Additionally, he has made appearances in several conventions and events related to "The Mighty Ducks", and has sold autographs and merchandise related to the movies.

Favorite Quotes from Shaun Weiss

“Give your best in everything you do, and no one can ask more of you.”

Shaun Weiss believes in putting your best foot forward in everything that you do. He believes that you should always strive to do your best, and that others will recognize your hard work and effort.

“Determination is the key to success.”

Shaun Weiss knows that determination is what separates successful people from those who are not successful. He believes that if you have the determination to keep going, you will eventually achieve your goals.

“Success is not determined by how much money you have, but by how happy you are with what you have achieved.”

Shaun Weiss values happiness over monetary success. He believes that success should be measured by how content and fulfilled you are with your accomplishments.

  • “Always believe in yourself, no matter what others may say.”
  • “Work hard, play hard, and enjoy the journey.”
  • “When one door closes, another one will always open.”
Movie/TV Show Quote
The Mighty Ducks “Goldberg, a goalie is like a duck. Calm above the water, and paddling like hell underneath.”
Heavyweights “Lunch has been cancelled due to lack of hustle, deal with it.”
Boy Meets World “You gotta be cool, but you also gotta be tough, because life is rough.”

Famous Success Lessons from Shaun Weiss

Never Give Up

Shaun Weiss' life may have had its ups and downs, but he has always persevered. He never gave up on his dream of becoming an actor and kept pushing despite facing rejection. His determination eventually paid off when he landed his breakout role in The Mighty Ducks. This teaches us that success is not immediate, and we should never give up in pursuit of our goals, even when it seems like everything is working against us.

Embrace Your Uniqueness

Shaun Weiss' curly hair and quirky personality set him apart from many other actors. Rather than trying to fit into a mold, he embraced his unique qualities and used them to stand out. This reminds us that our differences are what make us special, and we should not be afraid to embrace them. Our uniqueness can be our greatest asset if we learn to use it to our advantage.

Stay Focused

Shaun Weiss remained focused on his goals even when he faced setbacks and challenges. He did not allow distractions to derail his plans and remained consistent in his efforts to achieve success. This teaches us the importance of staying focused on our goals and not getting sidetracked by external factors or distractions. We must remain disciplined and committed to our goals if we want to see them come to fruition.

Shaun Weiss' Key to Success
Key Description
Determination Shaun Weiss' unyielding persistence and dedication to his craft propelled him to success.
Passion Shaun Weiss was extremely passionate about acting, and this passion drove him to keep pushing even in the face of rejection.
Self-belief Shaun Weiss had a strong belief in himself and his abilities, which gave him the confidence to pursue his dreams and achieve success.
Perseverance Shaun Weiss never gave up, even when things seemed impossible. His perseverance was key to his success.



Shaun Weiss is a testament to the fact that success requires hard work, dedication, and perseverance. By embracing our uniqueness, staying focused on our goals, and never giving up, we can achieve success just like he did.

What Are Some Interesting Facts About Shaun Weiss?

Shaun Weiss is an American actor, comedian, and writer best known for his roles in The Mighty Ducks film series and the TV show Freaks and Geeks. Here are some interesting and surprising facts about him:

  • Shaun Weiss started his acting career at a young age. He made his debut in a commercial for Cream of Wheat at the age of six. He later appeared in TV shows such as Charles in Charge and Pee-wee's Playhouse before landing his breakthrough role as Greg Goldberg in The Mighty Ducks.
  • Shaun Weiss has struggled with addiction. In recent years, he has been open about his battles with drugs and alcohol. He has had several run-ins with the law, including a 2020 arrest for burglary and being under the influence of methamphetamine.
  • Shaun Weiss has experienced a career resurgence thanks to social media. In 2021, a viral TikTok video brought attention to his struggles and fans rallied behind him. This led to several offers of support, including from fellow celebrities and The Mighty Ducks co-star Emilio Estevez.
  • Shaun Weiss is also a writer and producer. He has written and produced several short films, including Winning Ugly and Headwinds. He has also written for TV shows such as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Mr. Rhodes.
  • Shaun Weiss has a love for comedy. He has performed stand-up comedy in Los Angeles and has been featured on Comedy Central's Roast Battle. He has also written comedic sketches and performed in improv comedy shows.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Shaun Weiss has remained a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. His resilience and talent continue to inspire fans around the world.



Shaun Weiss: A Look at His Life and Career

Shaun Weiss is an American actor, performer, and comedian, born on August 27, 1978, in Montvale, New Jersey. He first rose to fame playing Greg Goldberg in "The Mighty Ducks" film franchise.

Weiss has had a prolific career in Hollywood, making appearances in several movies and TV shows, such as "Heavyweights" and "Freaks and Geeks." However, in recent years, he has been in the news for his struggles with addiction and legal issues.

Despite the challenges he has faced, Weiss has remained dedicated to his craft, performing in comedy shows and continuing to work in the entertainment industry.

  • Born: August 27, 1978
  • Birthplace: Montvale, New Jersey
  • Occupation: Actor, performer, comedian


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What is Shaun Weiss' net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Shaun Weiss' net worth is estimated to be around $100,000 as of 2021.

What happened to Shaun Weiss?

In recent years, Shaun Weiss has struggled with substance abuse and legal issues, including multiple arrests. In 2020, he made headlines when his mugshot went viral, showing his physical transformation and the toll that his struggles have taken on him.

What is Shaun Weiss known for?

Shaun Weiss is best known for his role as Goldberg in the popular children's movie franchise "The Mighty Ducks". He has also made appearances in other films and TV shows, including "Freaks and Geeks", "Mr. Rhodes", and "Boy Meets World".

What is Shaun Weiss' background?

Shaun Weiss was born in Montvale, New Jersey in 1978. He began his acting career in the late 1980s, appearing in TV commercials and small roles in TV shows and movies. He went on to attend college at the University of Southern California, majoring in screenwriting.

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