Discover Dany Boon's net worth and bio, including his career achievements, personal life, and more. Learn how he became one of the most successful French actors and comedians in the industry.

Dany Boon Net Worth, Bio

Dany Boon is a renowned actor, producer, director, and comedian, who has captivated audiences with his remarkable talent and humor. He has a vast body of work that spans over several decades, which has earned him a reputation as one of the most successful comedians in the French entertainment industry.

Boon's rise to fame began with his breakthrough performance in the popular television show "Les Z'Amours." He later went on to make several successful films such as "The Valet," "Welcome to the Sticks," and "Nothing to Declare," which was a massive box office hit. He is also known for his versatile and multi-dimensional roles in movies such as "Joyeux Noel" and "Raid Dingue."

Aside from his acting career, Boon is also recognized as a talented director and producer. He has directed and produced several successful films, including "La Ch'tite Famille," which grossed over $190 million worldwide, making it one of the biggest grossing French films in history. His talent and hard work have earned him not just accolades but also a sizeable net worth, making him one of the richest actors in France.

With his exceptional talent, undoubted comic abilities, and a vast repertoire of successful movies and shows, Dany Boon is, without a doubt, a legend in the French entertainment industry, and his fame is set to continue for many years to come.

Dany Boon: Net Worth, Age, Born, Gender, Height, Country of Origin, Source of Wealth

Net Worth: According to, Dany Boon's net worth is estimated at $25 million.
Age: Dany Boon was born on June 26, 1966, which makes him 54 years old.
Born: Dany Boon was born in Armentieres, France.
Gender: Dany Boon is male.
Height: Dany Boon is 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall.
Country of Origin: Dany Boon is from France.
Source of Wealth: Dany Boon's source of wealth is mainly from his career as a comedian, actor, and filmmaker. He has appeared in and directed several popular French films and TV shows.

In summary, Dany Boon is a successful French comedian, actor, and filmmaker with an estimated net worth of $25 million. He was born in Armentieres, France in 1966 and is currently 54 years old. Boon is male and is 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall. He has gained his wealth through his successful career in the entertainment industry, including his work as a director, writer, and actor in various French films and TV shows.

Key Facts

Name: Dany Boon

Occupation: Actor, comedian, director, screenwriter

Birth Date: June 26, 1966

Birth Place: Armentières, France

Nationality: French

Height: 5'7" (1.70 m)

Net Worth: Estimated at $25 million

Notable Works: "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis," "Rien à déclarer," "Supercondriaque"

Awards: César Award for Best Supporting Actor ("Days of Glory"), César Award for Best Original Screenplay ("Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis")

Early Life

Dany Boon was born on June 26, 1966, in Armentières, France. He was the youngest of five children. His father was a welder and his mother worked as a cashier at a supermarket. Boon grew up in a modest family and often had to find creative ways to entertain himself.

Boon attended school in his hometown and was known to be a very playful child. However, he struggled in school and often got into trouble for his mischievous behavior. It wasn't until he discovered his love for theater that he found a true passion and direction in life.

In his teenage years, Boon started performing in local theater productions and quickly gained a reputation for his comedic talent. He went on to study at the Cours Florent drama school in Paris and eventually began performing on French television and in films.

  • Boon's childhood was marked by his modest upbringing
  • He discovered his love for theater in his youth
  • Boon studied at the Cours Florent drama school in Paris
  • He began performing on French television and in films


Dany Boon started his career in the entertainment industry as a stand-up comedian. He performed his first one-man show in 1992 and quickly became a popular comic figure in France. He then moved on to acting and made his debut in the 1996 film "The Eighth Day". Since then, he has appeared in numerous movies, television shows, and stage productions, both as a comedic and dramatic actor.

One of Boon's most successful films is "Welcome to the Sticks", which he wrote, directed, and starred in. The movie became the highest-grossing film in French history at the time of its release in 2008. Boon has also made a name for himself in international cinema, appearing in films such as "Joyeux Noël" and "Micmacs".

Aside from his work in film and television, Boon has also worked as a voice actor. He lent his voice to the character of King Julien in the French version of the animated film "Madagascar". He has also written and directed several other successful films, including "Raid Dingue" and "La Ch'tite Famille".

Boon's talents have earned him numerous accolades, including a César Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the film "A Very Long Engagement". In addition to his entertainment career, Boon is also involved in philanthropic efforts, supporting causes such as poverty reduction and animal welfare.

Dany Boon's Spending Habits

Dany Boon is a well-known comedian, actor, director and screenwriter from France who has achieved great success throughout his career. With an estimated net worth of $25 million, Boon has been able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and spend his money on various activities and things.

Boon is known for his love of cars and has a collection of expensive models including a Lamborghini Huracan and a Ferrari F12. He also enjoys travelling and has been to many exotic locations around the world, staying in top-class hotels and resorts.

The comedian is also known for his philanthropic efforts and has donated a significant amount of money to charitable causes over the years. He is particularly involved in helping underprivileged children and supporting various organizations that work towards improving their lives.

In addition to his personal spending, Boon also invests his money in various ventures including real estate and stocks. He is a savvy businessman and has made smart investments over the years which have helped increase his net worth.

  • Car collection: Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari F12
  • Travel: Exotic locations, top-class hotels and resorts
  • Philanthropy: Donates to various charitable causes, particularly those focused on underprivileged children
  • Investments: Real estate, stocks

Overall, Dany Boon is known for his extravagant lifestyle and generous heart. Despite his wealth, he remains humble and grounded, using his money to not only indulge in his passions but also make a positive impact on the world around him.


Successful Acting and Directing Careers

Dany Boon has achieved great success both as an actor and a director. He has appeared in countless films and television shows, including blockbuster hits like Joyeux Noel and Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis. As a director, he has also had numerous successes with films such as La Ch'tite Famille and Raid Dingue.

Net Worth of $30 Million

Net Worth of $30 Million

Dany Boon's hard work and success have paid off, as he has a net worth estimated at $30 million. This wealth has come from his many successful film and television roles, as well as his lucrative career as a director.

Comedian and Writer

Dany Boon is also a talented comedian and writer. He has written and performed stand-up comedy shows that have been well received by audiences. Additionally, he has authored books, plays, and screenplays, showcasing his versatile talents.

Cultural Icon in France

Dany Boon is highly regarded in France, where he is regarded as a cultural icon. His unique humor and talent have made him a beloved figure among the French people, and he is often celebrated for his contributions to French culture.

Favorite Quotes from Dany Boon

The humor of everyday life

The humor of everyday life

The charm of Dany Boon's humor lies in his ability to draw from the everyday life. One of his most famous quotes is, "The North Pole, that sounds like a folk group from the North!" which perfectly captures his ability to make comedy out of the simplest of things.

The importance of family

Family is central to Dany Boon's life, both on and off screen. His quote, "I am a father, then a husband, then an actor, then a filmmaker," highlights his clear priorities in life.

The beauty of the French language

The beauty of the French language

Dany Boon is a proud speaker of the French language, and his quotes often reflect his love of it. One of his most charming quotes is, "French is the most beautiful language in the world, except for women's screams when they give birth!" showing his humor and linguistic passion.

Never forget your roots

Dany Boon is fiercely proud of his working-class background, and his quotes often reflect this. One of his most poignant quotes is, "The little things that make up the daily lives of our parents and grandparents - we must never forget them," highlighting the importance he places on memory, tradition, and respect for those who go before us.

Unity and acceptance

Dany Boon is committed to creating a more inclusive society, and his quotes reflect this. One of his most powerful quotes is, "I'm a product of the French melting pot, and I'm proud of it. We must live together, and we must love one another!" displaying his values of unity, love, and acceptance.

Top 5 Dany Boon movies
Movie Title Year
La Ch'tite Famille 2018
Rien à déclarer 2010
Supercondriaque 2014
Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis 2008
Raid dingue 2016

Dany Boon's Success Lessons

1. Persistence is key

Dany Boon's success story is a testament to the power of persistence. Before becoming a successful actor and director, he worked as a street performer and stand-up comedian for years. He never gave up, even when faced with rejection and setbacks. His persistence paid off, and he is now one of the most successful comedians in France.

2. Be original

Dany Boon is known for his unique style of comedy, which combines physical humor with witty jokes. He stands out from other comedians because of his originality. If you want to be successful, it's important to find your own voice and stand out from the crowd.

3. Take risks

Dany Boon is not afraid to take risks. He wrote, directed, and starred in the hit movie "Welcome to the Sticks," which became one of the highest-grossing French films of all time. Taking risks can lead to great rewards, as long as you are willing to work hard and put in the effort.

4. Stay humble

Despite his success, Dany Boon remains humble and grounded. He never forgets where he came from and is grateful for his success. Staying humble is important, as it helps you stay focused and motivated to keep improving.

5. Surround yourself with supportive people

Dany Boon credits much of his success to the supportive people in his life. He has a close-knit group of friends and collaborators who have helped him throughout his career. Surrounding yourself with supportive people can help you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Dany Boon

Dany Boon is a French actor, comedian, director, producer, and screenwriter who has had a successful career in the entertainment industry. Here are some interesting and surprising facts about him:

  • He was born in Nord-Pas-de-Calais (France) - Dany Boon was born on June 26, 1966, in Armentières, a French commune located in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, which has inspired many of his films.
  • He has a background in comedy - Before pursuing a career in acting, Dany Boon started as a comedian and performed in stand-up comedy shows across France.
  • He is multilingual - Dany Boon is fluent in French, English, and Spanish, and can also speak some Dutch and German.
  • He broke records with his film "Welcome to the Sticks" - His 2008 film "Welcome to the Sticks" became the highest-grossing film in the history of French cinema and received numerous awards.
  • He has worked with Hollywood stars - Dany Boon has acted in several Hollywood films, including "Joyeux Noël" (2005) with Diane Kruger and "Micmacs" (2009) with Marion Cotillard.

These are just a few examples of the interesting and surprising facts about Dany Boon, who is a beloved and talented figure in the world of French entertainment.


Dany Boon is a versatile French actor, comedian, writer, and director who has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He is known for his humorous performances, and he has been successful in both films and television, both as an actor and a writer/director. Boon is a self-made artist who has worked hard to achieve his level of success.

Boon's net worth is estimated to be in the millions, primarily due to his career in the entertainment industry. His success can be attributed to his immense talent and his ability to connect with his audience. Boon has received numerous awards for his work and his contribution to French cinema and entertainment.

Boon's career started on the stage, but he soon moved to television, where he gained popularity in the 1990s. He made his film debut in the 1996 film "Le Grand Blanc de Lambaréné," and he has continued to act in films and television ever since. Boon has also written and directed several films, including the critically acclaimed "Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis," which was a box office success.

Overall, Dany Boon has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, and his net worth and popularity are a testament to his talent and hard work. He will undoubtedly continue to be a prominent figure in French cinema and entertainment in the coming years.


Dany Boon Des Hauts De France | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Dany Boon Des Hauts De France | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix by Netflix 5 years ago 1 minute, 14 seconds 27,920 views


What is Dany Boon's net worth?

Dany Boon's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million dollars.

What is Dany Boon's background?

Dany Boon is a French comedian, actor, and filmmaker who was born in Armentières, France in 1966. He began performing stand-up comedy in the 1990s and has since become one of the most popular comedians in France.

What are some of Dany Boon's most famous movies?

Dany Boon has appeared in a number of popular movies, including "Welcome to the Sticks," "Supercondriaque," and "R.A.I.D. Special Unit." He has also directed several successful films, such as "Nothing to Declare" and "La Ch'tite Famille."

What is Dany Boon currently working on?

As of 2021, Dany Boon is set to direct and star in a new French comedy film called "Rumba la vie." He is also slated to appear in the upcoming movie "La 36ème Chambre de Shaolin," which is currently in pre-production.

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