Learn all about Scottish DJ and producer, Calvin Harris, including his impressive net worth and intriguing bio. Discover how he rose to fame and what makes him such a successful musician.

Calvin Harris Net Worth, Bio

Calvin Harris is a Scottish DJ, music producer and songwriter who has made his name as one of the world's most successful electronic dance music artists. With a career spanning over a decade, Harris has influenced the EDM scene with his unique sound and is credited with bringing electronic music to mainstream audiences. Known for his collaborations with renowned artists such as Rihanna, Dua Lipa, and Ellie Goulding, Harris has amassed a staggering net worth.

Throughout his music career, Harris has received numerous accolades including several Brits Awards, an MTV Video Music Award and multiple nominations at the Grammys. His chart-topping hits have made him a global superstar, with millions of fans across the world. But Harris' success is not only limited to music; he has also ventured as an entrepreneur, starting his record label Fly Eye Records and working on several brand deals with major companies such as McDonald's and Coca-Cola.

As one of the highest-paid DJs in the industry, Harris' net worth is estimated to be in the hundreds of millions. Despite facing some criticism for his flashy lifestyle, Harris remains one of the most respected and influential figures in the music industry. In this article, we will delve deeper into Harris' biography, exploring his rise to fame, his musical achievements and how he has built his wealth.

Calvin Harris: Net Worth and Bio

Calvin Harris: Net Worth and Bio

Calvin Harris Table

Below is a table with information on Calvin Harris, his net worth, age, birthplace, height, and more.

Field Information
Name Calvin Harris
Net Worth According to Forbes, Calvin Harris has a net worth of $300 million.
Age Calvin Harris was born on January 17, 1984, which makes him 39 years current.
Born Harris was born in Dumfries, Scotland, which is located in the United Kingdom.
Gender Male
Height Harris is 6 feet 5 inches tall.
Country of Origin Scotland, United Kingdom.
Source of Wealth Calvin Harris' primary source of wealth is through music. He is a DJ, producer, and singer-songwriter.

Key Facts

Calvin Harris is a Scottish DJ, record producer, singer and songwriter who has gained popularity for his electronic dance music.

  • Harris was born on January 17, 1984, in Dumfries, Scotland.
  • He started producing music at the age of 15 and released his first album "I Created Disco" in 2007.
  • Harris has collaborated with many famous artists, including Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Dua Lipa and Sam Smith.
  • He has won numerous awards throughout his career, including 5 MTV Video Music Awards, 2 Brit Awards, and 1 Grammy Award.
  • According to Forbes, Harris has an estimated net worth of $300 million, making him one of the highest-paid DJs in the world.

Aside from music, Harris has also been involved in various business ventures, including his own record label Fly Eye Records and a line of headphones for the company, Sol Republic.

Despite his success, Harris has remained humble and focused on his passion for music. He continues to produce and release new material, always striving to push the boundaries of electronic dance music and leave a lasting impact on the music world.

Early Life of Calvin Harris

Adam Richard Wiles, better known as Calvin Harris, was born on January 17, 1984, in Dumfries, Scotland. He grew up in a working-class family and was the youngest of three children. His parents, both originally from the west coast of Scotland, worked hard to support their family.

From a young age, Calvin had a keen interest in music. He began playing keyboard when he was just three years old and later learned to play the guitar and drums. As a teenager, he started recording his own music in his bedroom and posting it online under the name "Stouffer."

After finishing high school, Calvin moved to London to pursue a career in music. He worked odd jobs to support himself and spent all his free time producing music. His big break came when he was discovered by the music industry and signed to a record label.

Despite facing some early setbacks and rejection, Calvin persevered and eventually became one of the most successful DJs and producers in the world. His early life helped shape his work ethic and determination to succeed in the music industry.


Calvin Harris began his career as a DJ, performing at local clubs in his native Scotland. He soon gained recognition for his eclectic mix of electronic music and became a regular at popular clubs in the UK.

Harris got his big break in the music industry in 2007 when he signed a recording contract with Sony BMG. His debut album, "I Created Disco," was a commercial success, with hit singles such as "Acceptable in the 80s" and "The Girls."

In the years that followed, Harris continued to release successful albums and singles and became one of the most sought-after DJs in the world. He collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, and Pharrell Williams.

In addition to his music career, Harris has also dabbled in acting and modeling, appearing in commercials for brands such as Coca-Cola and Emporio Armani. He has also been a producer for other artists, including Kylie Minogue and Dizzee Rascal.

Today, Calvin Harris is one of the most successful and influential DJs in the world, with a net worth of over $300 million.

How Calvin Harris Spends His Fortune

Splurging On Real Estate

Calvin Harris is known for his love of luxury real estate and has spent millions of dollars on properties over the years. He owns a stunning mansion in Beverly Hills, a waterfront home in Miami Beach, a penthouse in New York City, and a 15-bedroom villa in the Hollywood Hills. In addition, he reportedly owns several investment properties in the UK.

Investing In Fashion And Technology

Calvin Harris has a keen interest in both fashion and technology and has invested heavily in both industries. He has collaborated with brands like Armani and H&M to release fashion lines, and has also invested in technology startups such as SoundCloud and the music production software Ableton.

Living Lavishly

With a net worth of over $240 million, Calvin Harris is no stranger to the finer things in life. He often shows off his lavish lifestyle on social media, posting pictures of private jets, designer clothing, and exotic vacations. He also reportedly spends a large amount on cars, with a collection that includes a Ferrari and a McLaren.

Giving Back To Charity

Despite his extravagant spending, Calvin Harris is also known for his charitable donations. He has donated to organizations such as Pencils of Promise and the David Lynch Foundation, and has also used his music to raise funds for various causes. In 2018, he even auctioned off some of his prized sneakers to raise money for the victims of the California wildfires.


Calvin Harris, the Scottish DJ, record producer and songwriter, has a net worth of over $300 million, making him one of the wealthiest artists in the music industry. His career highlights include:

  • Winning multiple awards including the Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and Brit Awards
  • Collaborating with well-known artists such as Rihanna, Dua Lipa, and Sam Smith
  • Producing chart-topping hits like "One Kiss," "This Is What You Came For," and "Summer"
  • Being the highest-paid DJ in the world, earning over $48 million in 2018 alone

In addition to his success as a musician, Harris has also dabbled in acting and modeling, having appeared in campaigns for Giorgio Armani and Emporio Armani. He has also ventured into entrepreneurship, with his own record label, Fly Eye Records, and a popular Las Vegas residency at the Hakkasan Nightclub.

Harris is known for his humble beginnings, having started out as a supermarket employee before making his way into the music scene. His hard work and dedication to his craft have clearly paid off, as he continues to be an influential figure in the music industry and a source of inspiration for aspiring musicians.

Favorite Quotes from Calvin Harris

"I think people appreciate a songwriter who shows different sides. The whole angst thing is cool, but if that's all you've got, it's just boring. Everything I write, whether it's happy or sad, has a sense of humor to it." - Calvin Harris on his songwriting process.

"I don't have any romanticism about any part of my past." - Calvin Harris on his rise to fame and his humble beginnings as a supermarket shelf-stacker.

"Dance music is my love, is my passion, is my life. I live for my fans and take my art very seriously." - Calvin Harris on his dedication to his craft and his commitment to his fans.

  • "My philosophy has always been to make music that I love first and foremost."
  • "I never felt like I belonged in clubs when I was younger. I always felt like an outcast. But I could make music and that was all that mattered."
  • "I'm not a perfectionist, but I like to feel that things are done well. More important than that is the energy and emotion and feeling that goes into the music."
"If you can make the worst-dressed list, you've made it." - Calvin Harris on his fashion sense and his unique style.
"Money can't buy happiness, but it's a lot more comfortable to cry in a Mercedes than on a bicycle." - Calvin Harris on the benefits of success and his determination to strive for more.

Famous Success Lessons from Calvin Harris

Famous Success Lessons from Calvin Harris

Work Hard and Stay Dedicated

Calvin Harris has consistently been praised for his unwavering dedication to his music. He has always been known to work tirelessly in the studio and has never hesitated to put in the extra hours to perfect his craft. For him, success has never been about luck, but rather it is the result of his dedication and hard work.

Be Willing to Adapt

Calvin Harris is known for his ability to adapt to the ever-changing music industry. He realized early on that the key to staying relevant and successful was to be willing to change and evolve. Harris continues to experiment with different genres and styles which has helped him stay at the forefront of the music industry.

Believe in Yourself

One of the most important success lessons from Calvin Harris is to believe in yourself. Harris was once an unknown DJ from Scotland, but he never let that stop him from pursuing his dreams. He had faith in his music and his ability, and that confidence eventually paid off.

Take Risks

Calvin Harris has never been afraid to take risks. He has always been willing to try new things and push the boundaries of music. He has taken risks with collaborations, with new sounds, and even with his image. These risks have helped him stand out in a crowded industry and have ultimately led to his success.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

Calvin Harris understands the importance of surrounding himself with the right people. He has worked with some of the biggest names in music, and he has always been willing to listen and learn from those around him. Harris knows that success is not a solo journey and that having the right team can make all the difference.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Calvin Harris

From Shelf-Stacker to Multi-Millionaire DJ

Calvin Harris is one of the world's most successful DJs and music producers. However, not many people know that his music career began in a Tesco supermarket in Scotland where he worked as a shelf-stacker. During his free time, he used to compose tracks on his computer and upload them onto MySpace, which eventually led to him being discovered by a record label.

Rewriting Music History

Calvin Harris has achieved an impressive number of number-one hits and awards throughout his career. One of his most notable achievements is his record-breaking collaboration with Rihanna, "We Found Love." The song spent 10 weeks at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 and became one of the best-selling singles of all time.

A Shy Celebrity

Despite being one of the highest-paid DJs in the world, Calvin Harris is known for being quite private and shy. He has spoken openly about his struggles with anxiety and his tendency to avoid the limelight. In fact, he rarely does interviews or appears on talk shows, preferring to let his music speak for itself.

Mega Millions

Calvin Harris's net worth is estimated to be around $300 million, making him one of the wealthiest DJs in the world. In addition to his music, he has also made significant investments in real estate and has worked on several brand endorsements, including campaigns for Armani and Coca-Cola.

  • Calvin Harris is actually not his real name. He was born Adam Richard Wiles.
  • He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including Pharrell Williams, Ellie Goulding, and Dua Lipa.


Calvin Harris is a well-known Scottish DJ, singer, songwriter, and record producer who has made a huge name and fortune in the music industry. He started his career as a DJ in his teens and gradually became one of the most successful DJs in the world. He has produced numerous hits, collaborated with various artists, and won several awards for his exceptional work.

Harris is also known for his business acumen and has invested his earnings in various ventures. He has endorsements with several brands and has his own record label, Fly Eye Records. With his relentless hard work, Calvin Harris has amassed a huge net worth that continues to grow.

  • Net Worth: Calvin Harris' net worth is estimated at around $300 million.
  • Career Highlights: Harris has produced hits like "How Deep is Your Love," "Summer," "One Kiss," and "Feel So Close" among several others.
  • Collaborations: He has collaborated with many renowned artists such as Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding, and Sam Smith.


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What is Calvin Harris' net worth?

According to Forbes, Calvin Harris' net worth is currently estimated at $190 million.

How did Calvin Harris become famous?

Calvin Harris became famous as a DJ and producer, collaborating with numerous artists and producing hit songs such as "We Found Love" with Rihanna, "This Is What You Came For" with Rihanna, and "One Kiss" with Dua Lipa.

What is Calvin Harris' real name?

Calvin Harris' real name is Adam Richard Wiles.

What are some of the awards Calvin Harris has won?

Calvin Harris has won numerous awards, including a Grammy Award for his song "This Is What You Came For," multiple MTV Music Awards, and a Brit Award for British Single of the Year for his song "One Kiss."

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