Explore Jason Derulo's bio and net worth, including his rise to fame, musical projects and business ventures. Discover how this talented artist has built an impressive fortune and become a global icon in the music industry.

Jason Derulo Net Worth, Bio

Jason Derulo is a world-famous singer, songwriter, and dancer who has gained immense popularity in the music industry. Born in Florida, USA, Jason began his musical journey at a very young age and has come a long way since then. His unique music style, impressive voice, and captivating dance moves have won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

In this article, we will delve into Jason Derulo's life, career, and net worth. We will explore the various factors that have contributed to his massive success and how he has managed to stay relevant in the ever-changing music industry. Additionally, we will also take a closer look at his personal life and the people who have influenced him throughout his journey.

While Jason Derulo's music career has certainly been a major factor in his success, there are several other aspects that have contributed to his fame and fortune. From appearing in movies to being a judge on talent shows, Jason has managed to diversify his career portfolio and establish himself as a multi-talented artist. So, let's dive into the life of this musical genius and explore the incredible journey that has led to his massive success!

Jason Derulo: Overview

Below is a table that provides information on Jason Derulo's net worth, age, place of origin, and more.

Field Information
Net Worth Jason Derulo's net worth is estimated to be around $10 million as of 2021.
Age Jason Derulo was born on September 21, 1989, which makes him 31 years old as of 2021.
Born Jason Derulo was born in Miramar, Florida, USA.
Gender Jason Derulo is male.
Height Jason Derulo stands at 6 feet (183 cm) tall.
Country of Origin Jason Derulo is from the United States.
Source of Wealth Jason Derulo's main sources of wealth are his music career, songwriting, and endorsements.

Overall, Jason Derulo has made a name for himself in the music industry through his singing, songwriting, and dancing skills, and his net worth reflects his success.

Key Facts

Early Life

Jason Derulo was born on September 21, 1989, in Miramar, Florida. He spent his childhood performing in talent shows and writing songs. Derulo started his music career early, writing his first song at the age of eight and later going on to study musical theater.

Music Career

Derulo started his music career in 2009 after signing with Warner Bros. Records. He then released his first single, "Whatcha Say," which was a huge success and went on to spend four weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Since then, Derulo has released several chart-topping albums and singles, including "Talk Dirty," "Want To Want Me," and "Swalla."

Net Worth

Jason Derulo's net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. He makes his wealth primarily from his music career, with earnings from album sales, concerts, and endorsement deals. Derulo has also worked as a judge on several TV shows, including "So You Think You Can Dance," which has contributed to his net worth.

Awards and Achievements

  • Derulo has been nominated for multiple awards, including the Billboard Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and Teen Choice Awards.
  • He has won several awards, including the BMI Pop Awards, Mobo Awards, and YouTube Diamond Award.
  • Derulo has also set a Guinness World Record for singing the most songs on a radio station in one hour.

Personal Life

Jason Derulo has been in several high-profile relationships, including with singer Jordin Sparks and model Daphne Joy. He is also known for his philanthropic work and has supported various causes, including anti-bullying and HIV/AIDS awareness.

Early Life of Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo was born on September 21, 1989, in Miramar, Florida. His birth name is Jason Joel Desrouleaux. He is of Haitian descent and grew up speaking Creole. Derulo is the youngest of three siblings, with an older brother and sister.

Derulo's parents were both musicians and encouraged their children to pursue music at a young age. At the age of five, Derulo began singing and writing songs. He also learned to play the piano and trumpet. Growing up, Derulo was a talented athlete and considered pursuing a career in sports. However, his passion for music ultimately won out.

Derulo attended Dillard High School for the Performing Arts, where he majored in musical theater. He also attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. During his time in school, Derulo honed his skills as a singer, dancer, and actor, preparing himself for a career in the entertainment industry.

Derulo's early life was marked by tragedy when he broke his neck in a rehearsal accident in 2012. He was forced to wear a neck brace for several months and underwent months of physical therapy to recover. Despite the setback, Derulo returned to the stage and continued to pursue his music career.


Jason Derulo began his career as a songwriter, writing tracks for artists such as Diddy and Lil Wayne. In 2009, he released his debut single "Whatcha Say", which quickly became a commercial success, reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100. Derulo continued to release hit singles, including "Talk Dirty", "Want to Want Me", and "Swalla".

Aside from his success as a solo artist, Derulo has also written and produced songs for other musicians, including Pitbull, Flo Rida, and Sean Kingston.

Derulo has also ventured into acting, appearing in the feature film "Cats" in 2019. He has also made guest appearances on television shows such as "Empire" and "Lethal Weapon".

In addition to his music and acting career, Derulo is also a successful entrepreneur, launching his own fashion line, LVL XIII, in 2015. He has also been a judge on the TV show "So You Think You Can Dance".

How Jason Derulo Spends His Fortune

As of 2021, Jason Derulo has an estimated net worth of $14 million, which he has accumulated through his successful music career and various endorsements.

When it comes to spending his money, Derulo is known for his luxurious lifestyle. He owns several properties, including a $3 million mansion in Tarzana, California, and a $1.9 million apartment in Miami. He also loves expensive cars and has a collection that includes a Lamborghini, a Porsche Panamera, and a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Derulo is passionate about fashion, and he often spends large amounts of money on designer clothing and accessories, including watches, jewelry, and sunglasses. He has been known to wear outfits worth over $100,000 on the red carpet.

Along with personal expenses, Derulo also supports various charities and organizations. He has donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, among others.

Derulo's career is still going strong, and he shows no signs of slowing down. With his impressive wealth, he'll likely continue to invest in properties, cars, and fashion while also giving back to those in need.


Successful Music Career

Jason Derulo is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer who has had a successful music career since he debuted in 2009. He is best known for his hit songs such as "Whatcha Say," "In My Head," "Talk Dirty," and "Want to Want Me."

He has sold over 190 million records, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time. He has won several awards for his music, including three BMI Pop Awards, two Teen Choice Awards, and one MTV Europe Music Award.

Successful Business Ventures

Jason Derulo is not only successful in the music industry, but he has also ventured into business. He has launched his clothing line, LVL XIII, which offers high-end sneakers and clothing for men. The clothing line has been featured in several high-end magazines, including GQ and Vogue.

He has also ventured into the restaurant business, co-owning a joint called Rumble with his local South Florida restaurants, Q&A, and Pink Pie. He also invested in the app, JetSmarter, which is often referred to as the Uber for private jets.

Successful Acting Ventures

Jason Derulo has also had success in the acting industry. He has appeared in several movies, including Cats, which was released in 2019. He has also appeared on several television shows, including Lethal Weapon, Empire, and Lip Sync Battle.

Derulo has also been a judge on the show, So You Think You Can Dance. His impressive dance skills have made him an ideal judge for the show, which is dedicated to finding the best dancers in the United States.

Favorite Quotes from Jason Derulo

"I always knew I was going to be a musician. It's something that's been in my blood for as long as I can remember."

Jason Derulo's passion for music has been a lifelong pursuit. From a young age, he knew that he was destined to become a musician. His dedication and hard work have certainly paid off, as he has become one of the most successful artists of his generation.

"Life is short, so I make every day count."

Derulo's work ethic and commitment to his art is evident in everything he does. He believes in seizing the moment, pursuing his dreams, and making the most out of every day.

"My music is always evolving, but I'm never going to lose that sense of who I am."

As Derulo has continued to grow as an artist, his music has evolved and taken on new dimensions. However, he remains true to himself and his personal style, always staying true to the artist he has been from the beginning.

"I want to inspire people to be themselves and live their best lives."

Derulo's music has a universal appeal that speaks to people from all walks of life. Through his music and his actions, he wants to inspire people to be true to themselves and to live their best lives.

"Success isn't just about achieving your goals, it's about inspiring others to do the same."

Derulo believes that success isn't just about personal achievement, but about inspiring others to reach their own goals. He hopes that his career will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for others to pursue their own passions and dreams.

Famous Success Lessons from Jason Derulo

1. Work Hard in Silence and Let Success Make the Noise

Jason Derulo believes that hard work is the key to success. He says that one should work hard in silence and let the success make the noise. He emphasizes that this approach helps to avoid distractions and helps to keep focused on achieving goals.

2. Embrace Creative Criticism

According to Jason Derulo, creative criticism is vital for success. He says that instead of dismissing negative feedback, one should embrace it and use it to improve their work. He believes that constructive criticism helps to identify weaknesses and provides an opportunity to learn and grow.

3. Always Stay Curious

Jason Derulo advises everyone to stay curious and never stop learning. He believes that an individual's willingness to learn is the key to achieve success in any field. He emphasizes that curiosity helps to explore new ideas and discover innovative ways to solve problems.

4. Stay True to Yourself

Jason Derulo encourages everyone to stay true to themselves and follow their passion. He believes that staying honest with oneself helps to discover one's true purpose in life and makes one feel more fulfilled. He emphasizes that being true to oneself gives the courage to pursue their dreams and persevere in the face of challenges.

5. Focus on Building Strong Relationships

Jason Derulo emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships. He believes that success is not just about individual accomplishments but also about building strong relationships with people in the industry. He advises everyone to invest time in networking and building strong connections with others to achieve success.

Some Interesting and Surprising Facts About Jason Derulo

1. He started his music career as a songwriter. Before becoming a successful singer himself, Jason Derulo gained fame as a songwriter. He wrote songs for many renowned artists, including Lil Wayne, Sean Kingston, Pitbull, and Diddy.

2. He was heavily involved in sports during his childhood. Jason Derulo was passionate about sports when he was young. He played basketball, football, and even competed in track and field events. However, a neck injury put a halt to his athletic pursuits, and he turned to music instead.

3. He has a degree in music. Despite starting his music career early, Derulo didn't neglect his education. He attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York and graduated with a degree in musical theater.

4. He has set world records with his music! Jason Derulo's single "Talk Dirty" broke a Guinness World Record for the most weeks at the top of the UK singles chart by a U.S. artist. Additionally, he set another world record for the most people simultaneously dancing to a song on TikTok.

5. He is multilingual and can speak several languages. Derulo speaks Spanish, French, and Creole fluently, which has helped him connect with his fans in different countries. He has also incorporated Spanish into some of his songs, such as "De La Ghetto" and "Mamacita."

Jason Derulo Net Worth, Bio


Jason Derulo is a successful American singer, songwriter, and dancer with an estimated net worth of over $10 million. He has released several hit singles and albums throughout his career and has won numerous awards for his work in the music industry. Derulo was born in Florida in 1989 and began his career as a songwriter, penning songs for artists such as Lil Wayne and Diddy. He later signed with a record label and released his debut single "Whatcha Say" in 2009, which became a commercial success. Since then, Derulo has released several hit singles, including "Talk Dirty," "Want to Want Me," and "Swalla." He has sold over 190 million records worldwide and has won numerous awards, including the Teen Choice Award for Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Song and the ASCAP Pop Music Award. In addition to his music career, Derulo has also appeared in films and television shows and has been a judge on the singing competition series "So You Think You Can Dance." Overall, Derulo has built a successful career in the entertainment industry and continues to be a prominent figure in the music world.


Jason Derulo - Biography, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Family, Lifestyle

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What is Jason Derulo's net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jason Derulo's net worth is $14 million.

What are some of Jason Derulo's biggest hits?

Some of Jason Derulo's biggest hits include "Talk Dirty," "Wiggle," "Ridin' Solo," and "Want to Want Me."

What is Jason Derulo's background?

Jason Derulo was born in Miami, Florida, and started his career as a songwriter for other artists before launching his solo career in 2009 with the release of his debut single "Whatcha Say."

What other projects has Jason Derulo worked on?

In addition to his music career, Jason Derulo has also ventured into acting, with roles in films like "Cats" and "Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights." He has also been a judge on shows like "So You Think You Can Dance" and "World of Dance."

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