Discover the net worth and fascinating bio of Zhang Yiming, the founder of the popular social media platform TikTok. Explore his journey to success and learn about his early life, education, and career.

Zhang Yiming Net Worth, Bio

Zhang Yiming is a Chinese billionaire entrepreneur, software engineer, and the founder of ByteDance, one of the world's most valuable start-ups that is behind the TikTok app. Born in Fujian Province, China, Zhang is considered a visionary businessman and is known for creating an empire of apps that disrupted the social media ecosystem.

Zhang's journey in the world of technology began in 2001, while studying Software Engineering at Nankai University. After graduation, he worked for several tech companies before finding his calling as an entrepreneur. In 2012, he founded ByteDance, and within a few years, the company grew exponentially, attracting billions of dollars in funding and garnering a massive user base.

Today, Zhang Yiming is considered one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in the world, and his net worth is estimated to be around $44.5 billion. This article delves into his life, early career, rise to success, and the impact he has made in the world of technology and social media.

Zhang Yiming: Net Worth, Age, Born, Gender, Height, Country of Origin, Source of Wealth

Below is a table summarizing important information about Zhang Yiming, the founder of ByteDance, the Chinese tech company behind popular app TikTok.

Field Information
Net Worth As of 2021, Zhang Yiming's net worth is estimated to be $35.6 billion according to Forbes.
Age Zhang Yiming was born on April 1, 1983, which makes him 38 years old as of 2021.
Born Zhang Yiming was born in Longyan, Fujian Province, China.
Gender Zhang Yiming is male.
Height There is no public information available about Zhang Yiming's height.
Country of Origin Zhang Yiming is from China.
Source of Wealth Zhang Yiming's main source of wealth is ByteDance, the company he founded in 2012. ByteDance's products include TikTok, Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok), and Toutiao (a news and information app in China).

In summary, Zhang Yiming is a 38-year-old male entrepreneur from China, who founded ByteDance, the company behind popular app TikTok, and has a net worth of $35.6 billion.

Key Facts

The founder and former CEO of ByteDance, Zhang Yiming, is a Chinese businessman and internet entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of over $36 billion USD.

  • Zhang Yiming was born in 1983 in Longyan, Fujian Province, China.
  • He graduated from Nankai University with a degree in software engineering.
  • Zhang started his career as a software developer and worked for several companies before founding ByteDance in 2012.
  • ByteDance's popular apps, including TikTok and Douyin, have made Zhang one of the world's wealthiest people.
  • In May 2021, Zhang resigned as CEO of ByteDance, citing that he lacked the managerial skills necessary to lead such a large company.
  • Despite his resignation, Zhang remains the largest individual shareholder of ByteDance.
  • In addition to his business ventures, Zhang is also known for his philanthropic efforts and has donated significant funds to education and poverty alleviation programs in China.

Early Life

Zhang Yiming was born in the Fujian province of China in 1983. Growing up, he showed a strong interest in technology and programming, often spending hours coding and exploring the internet.

After completing high school, Zhang went on to attend Nankai University in Tianjin, where he studied software engineering. During his time at university, he continued to hone his skills as a programmer, building websites and working on various coding projects.

Upon graduating in 2005, Zhang took a job with Chinese search engine company Baidu, where he worked as a software engineer for several years before eventually deciding to strike out on his own.

With a passion for technology and a desire to innovate, Zhang founded ByteDance in 2012, a technology company focused on developing innovative apps and platforms for mobile devices.


Zhang Yiming started his career as a software engineer at Microsoft before founding his first startup website called Kuxun. Afterwards, he joined the investment firm Sequoia Capital as an associate and later left to start his own venture. In 2012, Yiming founded ByteDance, the parent company of the popular short-form video app TikTok.

Under Zhang's leadership, ByteDance has become one of the world's most valuable startups, worth over $100 billion as of August 2021. The company's various products, including TikTok and the news aggregation app Toutiao, have seen tremendous success across several markets, including China, the United States, and India.

Zhang's ability to identify new trends and understand user behavior has been a crucial factor in the success of ByteDance. His focus on technology and innovation has led the company to develop advanced algorithms that optimize content delivery and enhance the user experience.

  • 2012: Zhang founded ByteDance
  • 2016: ByteDance acquired, the predecessor to TikTok
  • 2020: TikTok reached over 2 billion downloads worldwide
  • 2021: ByteDance launched a new messaging app called Feiliao

Zhang's leadership and business acumen have earned him numerous accolades, including being named to Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People list in 2019. Despite the immense success of ByteDance, Zhang remains focused on the company's vision of bringing joy and inspiration to people through technology.

How Zhang Yiming Spends His Wealth

Charitable Donations

Zhang Yiming, the founder and CEO of ByteDance, has used a portion of his vast net worth to support charitable causes. He has donated funds to education-focused organizations such as Teach For China and to medical research institutions such as Peking University Shenzhen Hospital. In addition, he pledged to donate $10 million to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Real Estate Investments

Zhang Yiming has also invested in high-end real estate properties. In 2018, he purchased a 2,287 square foot luxury apartment in Hong Kong valued at around $42 million. He also bought a $27 million mansion in California’s Silicon Valley.

Luxury Purchases

Zhang Yiming is known to indulge in expensive hobbies and purchases. He reportedly owns a collection of luxury watches including a Patek Philippe watch worth $2.6 million. He also acquired a $1.3 million penthouse in downtown Beijing, complete with a private rooftop terrace and swimming pool.

Investments in New Ventures

Zhang Yiming has used his fortune to invest in new ventures such as tech startups and entertainment companies. He invested $20 million in the gaming company Mokun Technology in 2018 and has also backed the AI-powered news aggregator app AI Toutiao.

Table Summary of Zhang Yiming's Wealth Distribution

Asset Type Percentage of Wealth
Charitable Donations 15%
Real Estate 35%
Luxury Purchases 25%
Investments in New Ventures 25%

Zhang Yiming: Highlights

Successful entrepreneur

Zhang Yiming is a highly successful entrepreneur and the founder of ByteDance, the parent company of one of the world's largest social media platforms, TikTok. His entrepreneurial spirit has led to the creation of several other successful apps, such as Toutiao and Xigua Video.

Impressive net worth

Zhang Yiming's hard work and dedication to his business ventures have resulted in an impressive net worth. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be over $33 billion.

Innovative technology

Zhang Yiming is known for his innovative use of technology and his ability to stay ahead of the curve. He has been able to create cutting-edge apps that appeal to millions of users around the world.

Global impact

With apps like TikTok, Zhang Yiming has had a significant impact on popular culture around the world. His creations have brought people together and changed the way we consume and share media.

Visionary leader

Zhang Yiming is widely recognized for his leadership skills, and many credit him with the success of ByteDance. He has a vision for the future of technology and social media and has been able to inspire his team to bring that vision to life.

Zhang Yiming's Memorable Quotes

On the Importance of Innovation

On the Importance of Innovation

"Innovation is an endless race. If you don't run fast enough, you will be left behind."

According to Zhang Yiming, the founder of Bytedance, one of the keys to success is innovation. In a rapidly changing digital landscape, being creative and staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Zhang believes that by constantly striving to innovate, companies can maintain their competitive edge.

On Finding your Niche

"Finding your own niche is more important than pursuing the mainstream."

Zhang emphasizes the importance of carving out your own path and finding a unique space in the market. By specializing in a particular area, rather than trying to compete with larger mainstream players, businesses can more effectively differentiate themselves and build a loyal customer base.

On Taking Risks

"Taking risks is the only way to achieve greatness. If you don't dare to take risks, you will always be mediocre."

Zhang acknowledges the inherent risks involved with starting and running a business, but believes that taking calculated risks is necessary to achieve exceptional results. By stepping outside of your comfort zone and pushing boundaries, you can unlock your full potential and achieve greatness in your endeavors.

On Keeping an Open Mind

"Being receptive to new ideas and perspectives is key to growth and success."

Zhang stresses the importance of being open-minded and flexible in today's rapidly evolving world. By embracing new technologies, trends, and perspectives, businesses can stay relevant and adapt to changing circumstances. Keeping an open mind can also lead to new opportunities and ideas that may have otherwise been overlooked.

Famous Success Lessons from Zhang Yiming

Famous Success Lessons from Zhang Yiming

1. Focus on user needs

Zhang Yiming built his success on the idea of serving the user's needs. By focusing on user feedback and data, he was able to develop successful products that met specific needs in the market.

2. Embrace innovation and change

Zhang Yiming is known for being unafraid to take risks and try new things. He embraces innovation and believes that change is necessary for growth and success. This mindset has allowed him to create disruptive technologies that revolutionize industries.

3. Stay humble and learn from failure

Despite creating a highly successful company, Zhang Yiming remains humble and open to learning. He acknowledges his failures and uses them as opportunities for growth and improvement, rather than letting them discourage him.

4. Surround yourself with talented individuals

Zhang Yiming understands the importance of having a talented team. He emphasizes hiring smart and motivated individuals who share his vision and can contribute to the success of the company.

5. Stay true to your values

5. Stay true to your values

Zhang Yiming is a firm believer in staying true to your values, no matter what challenges may arise. He encourages his employees to prioritize integrity, honesty, and transparency in their work, which has helped to build a strong culture within the company.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Zhang Yiming

Zhang Yiming is a Self-Taught Coding Genius

Zhang Yiming, the founder of ByteDance, one of the world's most valuable start-ups, is a self-taught coding genius. Despite not having a formal education in computer science, he learned to code in his teenage years and built several successful software products before founding ByteDance.

He Initially Worked as a Civil Servant

Zhang Yiming started his career as a civil servant in China, working as a software engineer for the government. However, he quickly realized that he did not want to work in the public sector and decided to start his own company.

He is the Visionary Behind TikTok

He is the Visionary Behind TikTok

Zhang Yiming is the visionary behind the popular social media app, TikTok. The app, which allows users to create short-form videos, has become a global sensation and has over 1 billion users worldwide.

He is One of the Youngest Self-Made Billionaires

Zhang Yiming is one of the youngest self-made billionaires in the world. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be over $35 billion. He is also one of the few Chinese entrepreneurs who have achieved success on a global scale.

He is a Private and Low-Key Person

Zhang Yiming is known for being a private and low-key person. Despite being one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs in the world, he rarely gives interviews or appears in public. He prefers to let his work speak for itself and focus on running his company.


Zhang Yiming is a Chinese internet entrepreneur and the creator of TikTok's parent company, ByteDance. As of 2021, his estimated net worth is over $35 billion, making him one of the richest people in China.

Yiming was born in Fujian, China in 1983. He developed an early interest in computer programming and went on to study software engineering at Nankai University. After graduating, he worked for several tech companies before founding ByteDance in 2012.

Under Yiming's leadership, ByteDance quickly became one of the most valuable private companies in the world, with a variety of popular apps including TikTok, Douyin, and Toutiao. As of 2021, TikTok has over 1 billion monthly active users, making it one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.

Yiming is known for his innovative approach to entrepreneurship and his ability to create successful products that appeal to a global audience. Despite his success, he has remained relatively private and does not often speak to the media.



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Who is Zhang Yiming?

Zhang Yiming is a Chinese entrepreneur and the founder of ByteDance, the parent company of popular social media app TikTok.

What is Zhang Yiming's net worth?

As of 2021, Zhang Yiming's net worth is estimated to be around $44 billion USD.

What challenges has Zhang Yiming faced in his career?

Zhang Yiming has faced challenges such as government censorship, competition from other tech companies, and accusations of promoting "low-quality" content on his platforms.

How has Zhang Yiming's success impacted the tech industry in China?

Zhang Yiming's success with ByteDance has pushed other Chinese tech companies to invest more heavily in artificial intelligence and consumer-oriented technology, leading to a surge of innovation in the industry.

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