Find out Taylor Kitsch's net worth and bio, including his early life, career highlights, and personal life. Learn about the actor's rise to fame and how he built his fortune.

Taylor Kitsch Net Worth, Bio

Taylor Kitsch is a Canadian actor and model who has appeared in a number of popular movies and TV shows. He was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, in 1981, and grew up playing hockey before discovering his passion for acting. Kitsch is known for his striking good looks, his intense performances, and his ability to portray complex characters with ease.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at Taylor Kitsch's life and career, including his early years, his breakthrough roles, and his current net worth. We'll also explore some of his most memorable performances and discuss what makes him such a compelling actor.

Whether you're a longtime fan of Taylor Kitsch or you're just discovering his work, this article has everything you need to know about one of Canada's most talented actors. So sit back, relax, and let's dive into the fascinating world of Taylor Kitsch!

Taylor Kitsch: Net Worth, Age, Born, Gender, Height, Country of Origin, Source of Wealth

Have you ever wondered how much money Taylor Kitsch, the Canadian actor, is worth? Let's take a look at his net worth and more.

Net Worth $12 million
Age 40 years old
Born April 8, 1981
Gender Male
Height 5'11" (180 cm)
Country of Origin Canada
Source of Wealth Acting, Modeling

As you can see from the table above, Taylor Kitsch has a net worth of $12 million and was born on April 8, 1981, in Canada. He's 40 years old, male, and stands at 5'11" (180 cm) tall. Kitsch made his fortune from his career in acting and modeling.

Key Facts

Key Facts

Early Life: Taylor Kitsch was born in Canada and raised in a small town. Before becoming an actor, he played hockey and studied nutrition.

Career Beginnings: Kitsch's acting career started in 2006 with small roles on TV shows like "Kyle XY" and "Smallville." He got his break with the lead role in "Friday Night Lights," a critically acclaimed TV series.

Blockbuster Success: Kitsch became a household name with his roles in big-budget movies like "John Carter" and "Battleship." However, both movies underperformed at the box office.

Diverse Acting Range: Despite his action-hero roles, Kitsch has shown his range as an actor in indie films like "The Grand Seduction" and "Only the Brave."

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Kitsch has invested in several businesses, including a vegan restaurant and a fitness app. He also started his own production company.

Early Life of Taylor Kitsch

Early Life of Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch was born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, on April 8, 1981. He grew up in a small town called Kelowna, where he spent most of his childhood. Kitsch was the youngest of three children to Susan and Drew Kitsch, who were both working in the construction industry.

As a child, Kitsch was an active person, participating in various sports. He played ice hockey, lacrosse, and was involved in triathlon training. In high school, he decided to focus on hockey and moved to a different town to attend a hockey academy. However, his dream of becoming a professional hockey player was crushed by a knee injury that forced him to quit the sport.

After the injury, Kitsch moved back to Kelowna and started working odd jobs. It wasn't until he was approached to model for a clothing company in New York City that his life changed. He signed with a modeling agency and started getting acting roles, which eventually led him to Hollywood.


Taylor Kitsch started his career as a model at the age of 21. He worked for several brands before pursuing acting. Kitsch's breakthrough role was in the NBC series Friday Night Lights where he played the role of Tim Riggins, a high school football player. He received critical acclaim for his performance and was nominated for different awards.

After Friday Night Lights, Kitsch got several movie roles, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where he played Gambit. However, his biggest role was in the Disney movie John Carter, where he played the lead character John Carter. Although the movie did not do well in the box office, Kitsch's performance was praised.

Aside from acting, Kitsch is also a producer. He produced and starred in the 2013 movie Grand Seduction and executive produced and acted in the series Shadowplay.

Kitsch continues to pursue acting and producing. He has several projects lined up, including the miniseries Broken Diamonds and the movie The Terminal List.

How Taylor Kitsch Manages his Wealth

Taylor Kitsch, with his impressive net worth, is certainly living a lavish life. But how does he manage his wealth? Let's take a closer look at how he spends his money.

First of all, Kitsch is definitely a lover of lavish properties. He is known for owning multiple luxurious houses, including a stunning estate in Austin, Texas. On top of that, he also invests in various real estate properties, which helps him generate passive income.

Kitsch is also a car enthusiast, and his lavish car collection reflects that. He is known to own a few high-end vehicles, including a Tesla, Range Rover, and BMW. He also spends a considerable amount of money on car maintenance to keep his cars in pristine condition.

In addition, Kitsch is a traveler at heart and loves to explore new destinations. He often travels around the world for leisure purposes, staying in luxurious hotels and resorts.

However, it's not all play for this Canadian actor. He is also involved in various philanthropic causes and donates to different charities, including cancer research and children's hospitals.

Overall, Taylor Kitsch manages his wealth in a well-balanced way, investing in properties and cars, enjoying life's luxuries, and giving back to society.



Career Success

Taylor Kitsch is an accomplished actor with a successful career in film and television. He gained widespread recognition for his role as Tim Riggins in the television series Friday Night Lights. Kitsch has also appeared in blockbuster films such as X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Battleship.

Net Worth

Kitsch has accumulated an impressive net worth over the course of his career. He has earned millions of dollars through his acting roles, endorsements, and investments. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be approximately $12 million.

Personal Life

Born and raised in Canada, Kitsch grew up playing hockey and dreamed of becoming a professional player. However, he suffered a career-ending injury and decided to pursue acting instead. Kitsch is also known for his philanthropic work, particularly in support of military veterans. He is a passionate advocate for their rights and well-being.

Fitness and Health

Kitsch is known for his dedication to fitness and healthy living. He maintains a rigorous workout routine that includes weight training, cardio, and martial arts. He also follows a strict diet that emphasizes lean protein, vegetables, and healthy fats. Kitsch believes that maintaining good physical health is essential to his ability to perform at his best, both on and off screen.

Awards and Recognition

Over the course of his career, Kitsch has received numerous accolades for his acting performances. He has been nominated for awards such as the Emmy and the Screen Actors Guild Award. Kitsch has also been recognized for his humanitarian work, receiving the American Riviera Award for his contributions to the entertainment industry and his support of military veterans.

Favorite Quotes from Taylor Kitsch

1. "I think acting is so much about the ego, and mine's already been maimed so much."

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Taylor Kitsch acknowledges the challenges of being an actor and the toll it can take on one's ego, but he doesn't let that stop him from pursuing his passion.

2. "If you love what you do and you're passionate about it, nothing can stop you."

Kitsch reminds us that passion is key when it comes to pursuing our dreams. With hard work and dedication, we can overcome any obstacle in our way.

3. "I'm a big believer in taking chances and making your own way."

Kitsch encourages us to take risks and create our own path in life. The road may not always be easy, but it's important to follow our hearts and do what makes us happy.

4. "My mom fought hard for me to be accepted, and I'm so grateful for her love and support."

Kitsch acknowledges the important role his mother played in his life and career. Her unwavering support and dedication helped him achieve his goals and become the successful actor he is today.

5. "It's all about perspective. Focus on the good and let the rest fall away."

Kitsch believes in the power of positive thinking. By focusing on the good things in life and letting go of negativity, we can live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Favorite Taylor Kitsch Roles

Why We Love Them

  • Tim Riggins (Friday Night Lights)
  • Gambit (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)
  • Michael Murphy (Lone Survivor)
  • Charismatic and lovable bad boy
  • Smooth-talking and charming mutant
  • Tough and resilient Navy SEAL

Lessons on Success from Taylor Kitsch

1. Perseverance is Key:

Taylor Kitsch's rise to fame is a testament to the power of perseverance. Before landing his breakthrough role in Friday Night Lights, Kitsch had auditioned and faced rejections for various acting roles. However, he did not give up and continued to work hard, which ultimately paid off.

2. Embrace Challenges:

Taylor Kitsch believes that challenges are an essential part of the journey towards success. According to him, facing challenges and overcoming them can help individuals develop the skills and mindset needed to achieve their goals. He advises people not to shy away from challenges but instead embrace them as an opportunity for growth.

3. Stay True to Yourself:

In an industry where it's easy to get caught up in trends or what's popular, Taylor Kitsch emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself. He believes that it's essential to stay grounded and hold onto one's values and beliefs even in the face of success or failure. Kitsch advocates for people not to compromise or sacrifice their authenticity to fit in or succeed.

4. Be Prepared:

Taylor Kitsch believes in the age-old adage that success is where opportunity meets preparation. He advises individuals to remain prepared and always be ready to seize opportunities that come their way. He encourages people to work hard at honing their craft and investing in their skills and knowledge, knowing that these will equip them for success.

5. Believe in Yourself:

Taylor Kitsch believes that self-belief is a critical factor in achieving success. According to him, believing in oneself gives individuals the confidence and courage to pursue their dreams and overcome challenges along the way. Kitsch advises people to trust their abilities and believe that no dream is too big to achieve.

Some Surprising Facts About Taylor Kitsch

1. He was a professional athlete before pursuing acting.

Before becoming an actor, Taylor Kitsch played junior ice hockey in Canada before being drafted in the National Hockey League (NHL). He later decided to pursue acting, and moved to New York to study it.

2. He got his big break thanks to a modeling campaign.

Kitsch was discovered by a modeling agent while he was working as a personal trainer in New York. He then appeared in an Abercrombie & Fitch campaign, which led to his first acting role in the TV show 'Friday Night Lights'.

3. He can play several musical instruments.

Kitsch is not only a talented actor but is also musically inclined. He can play several instruments, including the guitar, drums, and keyboards. During his time on the show 'Friday Night Lights', he even played a song he wrote in one of the episodes.

4. He has turned down some big roles.

Kitsch has had the opportunity to play some major roles, including Gambit in the 'X-Men' franchise and Finnick Odair in 'The Hunger Games'. However, he turned these down to focus on other projects. He has also stated that he will only take on roles that he is passionate about.

5. He is passionate about giving back.

Kitsch supports various charities and causes, including the African Children's Choir and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He has also participated in several fundraising events, including the Terry Fox Run and the Hockey For Hurricanes charity game.


Taylor Kitsch is a Canadian actor and model who has become one of the most sought-after artists in contemporary cinema. With a successful start in television series, Kitsch made his name in Hollywood with his roles in hit movies like "John Carter," "Battleship," and "The Normal Heart." Despite a few box office flops, he remains a fan favorite because of his acting skills, rugged good looks, and charming personality. Kitsch has won numerous awards for his contributions to the movie industry, including the 2014 Fierce Frontier Award. His net worth is estimated at about $12 million, thanks to his numerous successful acting projects.

Kitsch was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada, and had a passion for sports growing up. He was a hockey player and aspired to be a professional athlete before finding his niche in acting. Kitsch gained widespread fame playing Tim Riggins in the NBC tv series "Friday Night Lights," which premiered in 2006. He has since been a frequent guest of other television shows and films, and he has made a substantial name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Today, Taylor Kitsch is seen as a versatile actor, with the ability to portray an array of characters in different genres. He still enjoys a loyal fan base that supports him and eagerly anticipates his next project. His dedication to his work and his natural talent have brought him critical acclaim and success over the course of his career.


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What is Taylor Kitsch's net worth?

Taylor Kitsch's net worth is estimated to be around $12 million.

What are Taylor Kitsch's most famous roles?

Taylor Kitsch is best known for his roles in TV series "Friday Night Lights" and movies "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and "John Carter".

How did Taylor Kitsch get his start in acting?

Taylor Kitsch began his acting career in 2006 when he was cast in the TV series "Godiva's". Prior to that, he had been working as a model in New York City.

What is Taylor Kitsch's personal life like?

Taylor Kitsch is known to be a private person and has not been open about his personal life. However, he has been linked romantically to several actresses in the past, including Rachel McAdams and Minka Kelly.

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