Learn about Dana Perino's net worth, biography, career, and personal life. Find out how the former White House press secretary and political commentator rose to fame and amassed her wealth.

Dana Perino Net Worth, Bio

Dana Perino is a well-known American political commentator, author, and television host who is famous for hosting the hit show ‘The Five’ on Fox News. In this article, we will take a closer look at Dana Perino’s net worth and her life journey.

Born in Wyoming, Dana Perino grew up in a blue-collar family where she learned the value of hard work and perseverance. She graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and later went on to earn a master’s degree in public affairs from the University of Illinois Springfield.

Dana Perino started her career in politics as the press secretary for former United States President George W. Bush, where she served from 2007 to 2009. After leaving the White House, she became a political commentator and writer, publishing two books - ‘And the Good News Is: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side’ and ‘Let Me Tell You about Jasper’. She also hosted several shows on Fox News, including ‘The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino’, ‘The Five’, and ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum’.

Throughout her career, Dana Perino has made a name for herself as an expert in political commentary and analysis. With her talent and dedication, Dana Perino's net worth is estimated to be around $6 million dollars. Her incredible success is a testament to her hard work and determination in achieving her dreams.

Dana Perino: Net Worth, Age, Born, Gender, Height, Country of Origin, Source of Wealth

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Source of Wealth The main sources of Dana Perino's wealth, which includes her salary, book deals, and other business ventures.

Key Facts

Background: Dana Perino is an American political commentator, television personality, and author. She served as the 26th White House Press Secretary during the George W. Bush administration and is a co-host of The Five on Fox News Channel.

Net Worth: Dana Perino's estimated net worth is around $6 million, as of 2021. Her income sources include her career in politics, television, and her work as an author.

Early Life: Dana Perino was born on May 9, 1972, in Evanston, Wyoming. She grew up in Denver, Colorado, and earned a bachelor's degree in mass communications from Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Career: Perino began her career working as a staff assistant in the United States Senate. She went on to serve as the press secretary for two US congressmen and the National Republican Senatorial Committee. In 2007, Perino was appointed White House Press Secretary and held the position until 2009. She began working as a political commentator and television host after leaving the White House.

Awards and Honors: Dana Perino has received several awards and honors throughout her career, including the National Press Club's 2008 Fourth Estate Award, the National Italian American Foundation's 2009 Special Achievement Award in Public Affairs, and Colorado State University-Pueblo's 2014 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year Award.

Dana Perino Net Worth, Bio

Early Life

Dana Perino was born on May 9th, 1972 in Evanston, Wyoming. She grew up in a small town and was the second of three children. Her father was a veterinarian and her mother was a homemaker. Dana's family was very active and enjoyed outdoor activities.

Dana attended Ponderosa High School in Parker, Colorado and graduated in 1990. After high school, she attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado where she received a bachelor's degree in mass communications. She then went on to receive a master's degree in public affairs reporting from the University of Illinois Springfield.

During her time in college, Dana was very involved in student government and was even elected as the president of the student body at Colorado State University. She also worked for the school newspaper and radio station, which helped her to gain valuable experience in journalism.

After completing her education, Dana moved to Washington, D.C. to begin her career in politics. She worked for several politicians before landing a job as a press secretary for the George W. Bush administration. Her hard work and dedication led to her being appointed as the White House Press Secretary in 2007.


Dana Perino started her career as a staff assistant in the United States Justice Department. Later, she worked as a spokesperson for the Department of Justice, where she mastered the art of communicating complicated legal matters to the media and the public. In 2001, Dana joined President George W. Bush's administration as the Associate Director of Communications for the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

Perino rose through the ranks quickly, and in 2007, she became the first Republican woman to hold the position of White House Press Secretary. During her tenure, she deftly handled tough questions from the press corps and was praised for her poise and professionalism.

After leaving the White House, Perino continued her career as a political commentator and co-host of Fox News Channel's "The Five." She also serves as a book editor and has authored several books herself. In addition, she founded Two Good Dogs, a dog treat company that gives a portion of its profits to animal welfare organizations.

How Dana Perino Spends Her Money

Dana Perino is a successful political commentator, author, and television host with an estimated net worth of $6 million. With her significant wealth, she seems to live a comfortable life with her husband, Peter McMahon. But how does Dana Perino spend her money?

  • Real Estate Investments: Dana Perino is known for investing in luxurious real estate properties. She owns a beautiful apartment in Manhattan worth $4.2 million, a condo in Washington, D.C., and a vacation home in the Rocky Mountains.
  • Travel: Perino loves to travel, and she often posts her travel photos on her Instagram. She often travels with her husband, Peter McMahon, and likes to explore new destinations.
  • Fashion and Accessories: Dana Perino is known for her impeccable fashion sense, and she loves to wear designer clothes and accessories. She also frequently wears jewelry pieces that often catch the attention of her audience.
  • Charitable Contributions: In addition to her lavish lifestyle, Dana Perino is also actively involved in philanthropic causes. She supports various animal welfare organizations and has also co-hosted fundraisers for charities.

Overall, Dana Perino seems to balance her wealth between her personal investments and her philanthropic causes. She lives a comfortable life and enjoys the fruits of her labor while also giving back to society.


Successful career in journalism and politics

As a seasoned journalist and political commentator, Dana Perino has made a name for herself in the world of media. She is a regular co-host on Fox News' "The Five," where she provides insightful commentary on current events and politics. Prior to this role, Perino served as the White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush, becoming only the second woman to hold this position.

Perino's career in media began in the mid-1990s, where she worked as a radio host and reporter. She later joined CBS News and eventually became a political commentator for Fox News. Today, Perino is widely regarded as one of the most influential women in American politics and media.

Successful author and businesswoman

In addition to her successful career in media and politics, Dana Perino is also a successful author and businesswoman. She has authored several books, including the New York Times bestseller "And the Good News Is…" which offers readers insights into her personal and professional journey, as well as her perspective on American politics and culture.

Furthermore, Perino is a co-host of the podcast "Perino & Stirewalt: I'll Tell You What," and is the founder of her own communications consulting company, Dana Perino and Company.

Influential figure and philanthropist

As a highly influential figure in American politics and media, Dana Perino has used her platform to raise awareness for various charitable causes. She is a dedicated philanthropist and supports various organizations, such as Pets2Vets, the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, and Mercy Ships.

Furthermore, Perino is actively involved in promoting women's leadership and empowering the next generation of female leaders. She serves on the board of directors for Minute Mentoring, a nonprofit that focuses on connecting at-risk girls with successful women leaders. Through her work, Dana Perino has become a role model and an inspiration to many.

Favorite Quotes from Dana Perino

Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary and political commentator, is known for her witty and insightful comments on politics and current events. Here are some of her most memorable quotes:

  • "You can disagree without being disagreeable."
  • "We're not each other's enemies. We're each other's countrymen."
  • "Politics is a team sport, but governing is not."
  • "Perseverance pays. Hard work pays off."

Perino's quotes reflect her belief in finding common ground and working towards solutions instead of just pointing out problems. Her positive and optimistic outlook has made her a respected figure in the political world.

Famous Success Lessons from Dana Perino

Always be open to learning new things

Dana Perino is well-known for her sharp intellect and willingness to learn. She believes that no matter how successful you are, there's always something new to learn. Her advice to anyone who wants to succeed is to never get complacent, but rather to keep pushing themselves to learn and improve.

Be persistent in pursuing your goals

Dana Perino's success is a testament to the power of persistence. She started her career as a low-level staffer in the White House, but she never gave up on her dream of becoming a respected political commentator. Despite facing setbacks and obstacles along the way, she persisted and eventually achieved her goal.

Stay positive and optimistic, even in tough times

Dana Perino is known for her upbeat personality and positive outlook on life. She believes that maintaining a positive attitude is key to success, even when things are challenging. By focusing on the bright side of things and persevering through difficult times, she has been able to overcome obstacles and achieve her goals.

Build strong relationships through trust and respect

Dana Perino values strong relationships and believes that trust and respect are the foundation of any successful partnership. Whether it's working with colleagues, clients, or friends, she always strives to build strong connections based on mutual trust and respect.

Take risks and embrace new opportunities

Dana Perino is not one to shy away from new challenges. She believes that taking risks and embracing new opportunities is essential to personal and professional growth. Her willingness to step outside her comfort zone and try new things has helped her achieve success in a variety of different roles and industries.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Dana Perino

Dana Perino is a well-known personality in the news industry. Here are some interesting and surprising facts about her:

  • Perino was the second woman to serve as a press secretary for the White House. During George W. Bush's presidency, she worked as the deputy press secretary and later as the press secretary from 2007 until 2009.
  • She's also the only press secretary to have a dog named after her! In 2007, a stray dog was found in Baghdad by U.S. soldiers and was later named "Miss Beazley" after Perino's Scottish Terrier.
  • Perino is a best-selling author. In 2015, she released her book "And the Good News Is...: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side." The book became a New York Times bestseller.
  • She is a co-host of Fox News' "The Five." Since 2014, Perino has been one of the five co-hosts on the popular Fox News political talk show.
  • Perino also hosts her own podcast. In addition to co-hosting "The Five," Perino also hosts her own podcast called "The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino."
  • Perino is a big fan of country music. She often shares her love of country music on social media and even attended the Country Music Awards in 2014.

These are just a few of the interesting and surprising facts about Dana Perino. Her career in politics and media has been impressive, and she continues to be a prominent voice in the industry today.


Dana Perino is a successful American journalist and political commentator. She is best known for her work as the 24th White House Press Secretary under President George W. Bush. Perino is also a co-host on the popular television show The Five on Fox News.

Perino was born in Wyoming and grew up on a ranch before attending Colorado State University. She began her career in politics as a press secretary for several Republican Congressmen, before being appointed to the White House by President Bush.

Perino has also published two books, including her memoir And the Good News Is..., which became a New York Times bestseller. She is known for her sharp political insights and her ability to communicate complex issues to audiences in a clear and engaging manner.

As of 2021, Dana Perino's net worth is estimated to be around $6 million, thanks in large part to her successful career in journalism and politics. She continues to be a respected voice in the media landscape and an important figure in American politics.


Dana Perino reflects on how she came to Fox News

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What is Dana Perino's net worth?

Dana Perino's net worth is estimated to be around $6 million.

What is Dana Perino known for?

Dana Perino is known for being a political commentator and a former White House Press Secretary under the George W. Bush administration.

What is Dana Perino's educational background?

Dana Perino has a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication and a Master's degree in Public Affairs from the University of Illinois Springfield.

What other television shows has Dana Perino appeared on?

Dana Perino has appeared on a number of television shows, including The Five, Fox & Friends, and America's Newsroom.

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