Learn about the net worth and bio of Hiroshi Mikitani - the Japanese entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Rakuten, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. Discover his early life, education, career, and achievements that have contributed to his estimated net worth of $5.5 billion.

Hiroshi Mikitani Net Worth, Bio

Hiroshi Mikitani is a name that has become synonymous with entrepreneurship and business success in Japan. As the CEO and founder of Rakuten Inc., one of Japan's largest e-commerce companies, he has built an empire that spans the globe, with a net worth of over $5 billion. But who is Hiroshi Mikitani, and what is his story?

Born in Kobe, Japan in 1965, Hiroshi Mikitani was educated at Hitotsubashi University where he earned his degree in economics. After graduation, he worked for several years at Industrial Bank of Japan before moving to the United States to pursue an MBA at Harvard Business School. It was during his time in the US that he became interested in the potential of e-commerce and the internet, and the idea for Rakuten was born.

Since its founding in 1997, Rakuten has grown to become one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, with interests in everything from online retail to digital content to fintech. But it's not just business success that makes Hiroshi Mikitani an interesting figure - he's also known for his outspoken views on everything from the Japanese economy to the future of work.

"The world changes every day, and if you're not keeping up, then you're falling behind."

If there's one thing to take away from the story of Hiroshi Mikitani, it's that entrepreneurship isn't just about making money - it's about being willing to take risks, to innovate, and to constantly challenge yourself. With his innovative approach to business and his unwavering commitment to excellence, Hiroshi Mikitani has proven himself to be one of the most visionary and inspiring leaders of our time.

Table: Hiroshi Mikitani's Personal Information

Table: Hiroshi Mikitani's Personal Information

Here is a table including some personal information about Hiroshi Mikitani who is a Japanese billionaire entrepreneur:

Field Details
Net Worth According to Forbes, Hiroshi Mikitani's net worth is $6.2 billion as of April 2021.
Age Hiroshi Mikitani was born on March 11, 1965, which makes him 56 years old as of 2021.
Born Hiroshi Mikitani was born in Kobe, Japan. He spent most of his childhood in the United States.
Gender Hiroshi Mikitani is male.
Height Unfortunately, there is no reliable information about Hiroshi Mikitani's height.
Country of Origin Hiroshi Mikitani's country of origin is Japan.
Source of Wealth Hiroshi Mikitani is the founder and CEO of Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce giant. He also has investments in various other companies including Lyft, Inc. and WeWork.

As you can see, Hiroshi Mikitani is a successful entrepreneur with an impressive net worth. He continues to be a significant player in the business world, investing in various industries and creating jobs for people around the world.

Key Facts

Hiroshi Mikitani is a Japanese entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of Rakuten, an e-commerce company.

  • Net Worth: As of 2021, Hiroshi Mikitani has a net worth of approximately $6.9 billion.
  • Education: Mikitani received his Bachelor's degree in Commerce from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Career: Before founding Rakuten, Mikitani worked for several companies in various industries, including Oil and Gas and Investment Banking.
  • Rakuten: Mikitani founded Rakuten in 1997, originally as a B2B online marketplace. The company has since expanded to include numerous e-commerce and digital content businesses.
  • Acquisitions: Rakuten has acquired several companies under Mikitani's leadership, including Buy.com, Ebates, Kobo, and Viber.
  • Philanthropy: Mikitani is involved in numerous philanthropic efforts, including supporting educational initiatives and disaster relief efforts in Japan.

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Early Life

Hiroshi Mikitani was born on March 11, 1965, in Kobe, Japan. He spent his childhood traveling frequently with his family due to his father’s work as a diplomat for Japan. During these travels, he learned to speak English fluently and developed an interest in business and international relations.

After attending the United Nations International School in New York, Mikitani studied at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, where he graduated with a degree in commerce. After graduation, he worked at the Industrial Bank of Japan and later attended Harvard Business School for his MBA degree.

Mikitani’s experiences in both Japan and the United States have influenced his approach to business, particularly in terms of merging Eastern and Western philosophies into a successful global company.


Early Career

Hiroshi Mikitani started his career as an investment banker in the Industrial Bank of Japan after graduating from Hitotsubashi University in 1988. He then moved to the Japanese government's Ministry of Trade, Economy and Industry, where he worked on international trade policy and e-commerce development.


In 1997, Mikitani founded Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce and online marketplace company. Under his leadership, Rakuten grew to become one of the largest online marketplaces in Japan, and eventually expanded globally with over 70 acquisitions and investments in over 25 countries. Today, Mikitani serves as the CEO and Chairman of Rakuten.

Vissel Kobe and Barcelona FC

In addition to his role at Rakuten, Mikitani is also the owner of Japanese football club Vissel Kobe and is a member of the board of directors at Barcelona FC. He has worked to promote the global reach of Japanese football and has brought stars such as Andreas Iniesta and Lukas Podolski to Vissel Kobe.

Miti Holdings

Mikitani is also the founder and CEO of Miti Holdings, a venture capital firm focused on supporting early-stage startups in Japan. He has invested in various companies, including CareFinder, a platform connecting families with babysitters and caregivers, and Stripe, a leading digital payments company.

How Hiroshi Mikitani Spends His Fortune


One of the primary ways in which Hiroshi Mikitani spends his money is through philanthropy. As someone who values giving back to the community, he has donated substantial funds to various charities and non-profit organizations. Mikitani has also initiated his own philanthropic efforts, such as the establishment of the Rakuten Social Accelerator program.

Art Collecting

Another way in which Hiroshi Mikitani spends his money is by collecting art. He is known to have an extensive collection of contemporary art, with works from artists such as Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, and Jeff Koons. Mikitani has also been involved in the art world by supporting various exhibitions and museums, such as the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo.

Real Estate

Hiroshi Mikitani also invests a significant portion of his wealth in real estate. He owns several properties around the world, including a luxurious apartment in New York City and a villa in the south of France. In addition, Mikitani has also invested in various commercial properties, such as the Rakuten Crimson House in Tokyo.

Luxury Goods

As the CEO of Rakuten, Hiroshi Mikitani has access to a wide range of luxury goods and often indulges in purchasing them. He is known to have a love for luxury automobiles and has a collection of cars, including a Ferrari 458 Italia and a Lamborghini Aventador. Mikitani also enjoys collecting timepieces, with a particular interest in Rolex watches.


Lastly, Hiroshi Mikitani enjoys traveling and uses a portion of his fortune to explore new destinations around the world. He has been known to take luxurious vacations, such as a trip on a private yacht through the Mediterranean Sea. Mikitani also travels for work and is often on the go due to Rinna, Rakuten's AI-powered chatbot.


Successful Entrepreneur

Hiroshi Mikitani, the founder of Rakuten, is a highly successful entrepreneur whose net worth has been estimated at over $2 billion USD.

He started his first company at the age of 27 and went on to build one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world.

Mikitani is known for his innovative business strategies and passion for technology that has helped him lead his company to new heights.

Visionary Leader

Mikitani is often described as a visionary leader who is constantly looking for new ways to improve and expand his business.

Under his leadership, Rakuten has grown exponentially, expanding from an online marketplace to a conglomerate that includes a bank, a credit card company, and even a baseball team.

Mikitani has also been a vocal advocate for globalization and has pushed for his company to expand beyond Japan into other countries around the world.


In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Mikitani is also a generous philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to various causes.

He founded the Mikitani Foundation for the Advancement of Humanity, which supports research and initiatives that promote positive change in society.

Mikitani is also a member of The Giving Pledge, a group of billionaires who have pledged to give away the majority of their wealth to charitable causes.

Favorite Quotes from Hiroshi Mikitani

On Leadership

"Leadership is about empowering others."

According to Mikitani, a true leader is not someone who simply gives orders. Rather, they are someone who empowers their team members to take ownership of their work and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

On Innovation

"Innovation is the key to staying ahead of the competition."

Mikitani believes that innovation is essential to success in today's fast-paced business environment. In order to stay ahead of the competition, companies need to be constantly pushing themselves to come up with new ideas and solutions.

On Customer Service

"Customer service is not just about satisfying customers, it's about creating fans."

Mikitani stresses the importance of providing exceptional customer service in order to create loyal customers who will become advocates for the brand. By going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations, companies can create a base of loyal fans who will help spread the word about their products or services.

On Risk-Taking

"If you're not taking risks, you're not moving forward."

Mikitani encourages employees to take calculated risks in order to drive innovation and growth. While taking risks can be scary, it's essential for companies to be willing to try new things and learn from their mistakes in order to stay competitive.

Hiroshi Mikitani Net Worth and Bio
Net worth $5.9 billion
Birthdate March 11, 1965
Birthplace Kobe, Japan
Profession Entrepreneur, founder of Rakuten

Success Lessons from Hiroshi Mikitani

Build a Strong Team

Hiroshi Mikitani, the founder of Rakuten, considers building a strong team as one of the crucial success factors for any business. He believes in hiring the best people and fostering a culture of teamwork and collaboration to achieve great results. He often says, "You can't do everything yourself, so you need to have people around you who are smarter than you in different areas."

Prioritize Innovation

Prioritize Innovation

Mikitani believes that innovation is the key to staying ahead in the game. He has always encouraged his team to think outside the box and come up with new ideas that can disrupt the industry. He believes in continuously evolving and adapting to changing market trends and customer needs. He once said, "If you don't innovate, you die."

Customer Satisfaction is the Top Priority

Mikitani is known for his customer-centric approach. He believes that customer satisfaction is the key to sustainable growth. He always puts the customer's needs first and strives to create a world-class experience for them. He often says, "If the customer is happy, everything else will fall into place."

Take Risks and Learn from Failures

Mikitani is not afraid of taking risks and believes that failures are an inevitable part of the journey to success. He encourages his team to take calculated risks and learn from their failures to improve and grow. He often says, "If you're not failing, you're not trying hard enough."

Stay Committed and Focused

Mikitani believes that success requires unwavering commitment and focus. He doesn't believe in shortcuts or quick fixes and emphasizes the need to stay focused on long-term goals. He often says, "Success is a marathon, not a sprint."


Hiroshi Mikitani's success lessons are invaluable for anyone aspiring to build a successful business. From building a strong team and prioritizing innovation to putting customer satisfaction first and learning from failures, his insights can help entrepreneurs navigate the challenging path to success.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Hiroshi Mikitani

1. Founder of Rakuten:

Hiroshi Mikitani is the founder and CEO of the e-commerce platform Rakuten. The company initially started as an online marketplace for Japanese shoppers but eventually expanded globally to compete with other e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Alibaba.

2. Net Worth:

According to Forbes, Mikitani's net worth is estimated to be $7.3 billion as of 2021, making him one of the wealthiest people in Japan.

3. Education and Career:

Mikitani holds a Bachelor of Science in Commerce from Hitotsubashi University and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He previously worked at a bank in the US before returning to Japan to start his own businesses.

4. Multilingual:

Mikitani is fluent in Japanese, English, and Mandarin. He encourages employees at Rakuten to also become fluent in multiple languages and offers language training programs to help them achieve this goal.

5. Soccer Passion:

Mikitani is a huge soccer fan and even owns his own team, Vissel Kobe. He has also partnered with FC Barcelona to promote their brand in Japan and has sponsored the team's jerseys.

6. Philanthropy:

Mikitani is involved in various philanthropic activities, including donating to causes such as disaster relief and education. He also established the Mikitani Japan-China Friendship Fund to promote better relations between the two countries.

7. Dabbles in Other Industries:

Apart from e-commerce, Mikitani has invested in various other industries such as fintech, healthcare, and sports. He believes in diversifying his portfolio to minimize risk and stay ahead of the competition.


Hiroshi Mikitani is a renowned Japanese entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist with a net worth of over $8 billion. He is the founder and CEO of Rakuten, a leading Japanese e-commerce company that offers online shopping, e-books, travel reservation, and other services. Mikitani revolutionized the Japanese e-commerce industry by introducing cashback rewards, and Rakuten acquired many foreign companies to expand its global presence.

Besides Rakuten, Mikitani is also an active investor and co-founder of several notable companies, including Lyft, Pinterest, and JPY.com. He is a board member of the Japan Association of New Economy, which advocates for innovation and entrepreneurship in Japan. He is also a chairman of the Rakuten Institute of Technology, which conducts research on artificial intelligence, big data, and other emerging technologies.

Mikitani is a prominent philanthropist who established the Mikitani Foundation for Public Health and the Mikitani Research Institute for Global Health to promote global health research and education. He also donated $1 million to Harvard University to support Japanese studies and established a scholarship program for Japanese students to study abroad.

Mikitani is widely recognized as a visionary entrepreneur who transformed Japan's traditional business culture by promoting innovation, globalization, and social responsibility. His success story has inspired many young entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world.


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Who is Hiroshi Mikitani?

Hiroshi Mikitani is a Japanese billionaire entrepreneur and the co-founder of Rakuten, Inc., a Japanese electronic commerce and online retailing company.

What is Hiroshi Mikitani's current net worth?

As of June 2021, Hiroshi Mikitani's net worth is estimated to be around $3.7 billion, making him one of the richest people in Japan.

What are some of Hiroshi Mikitani's career achievements?

Hiroshi Mikitani is widely credited with transforming Rakuten into one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. He also led the company's expansion into several other businesses, including financial services, telecommunications, and professional sports teams.

What is Hiroshi Mikitani's educational background?

Hiroshi Mikitani graduated from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo with a degree in commerce and later received his MBA from Harvard Business School. He also studied at the University of California, Berkeley as a visiting scholar.

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