Learn about John Mackey, his net worth, and his fascinating biography. Discover how this successful businessman co-founded Whole Foods and became one of the wealthiest people in the world. Get insights into his personal life, early career, and accomplishments as a renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist.

John Mackey Net Worth, Bio

John Mackey, the co-founder of Whole Foods Market, has established himself as one of the most influential figures in the world of organic foods and natural products. With his innovative strategies, he has succeeded in building an empire that has revolutionized the grocery industry. Today, Whole Foods Market has become a household name and has expanded to over 500 stores in North America and the United Kingdom.

Born in Texas in 1953, Mackey always had an interest in health and fitness. His passion for natural foods led him to drop out of college and start his first natural foods store in 1978. He was only 25 at the time, but his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to his vision set him on the path to success.

Over the years, Mackey has faced numerous challenges, including a devastating flood and a financial crisis. However, his unwavering commitment to his mission and his ability to adapt to changing market conditions has allowed him to overcome these obstacles and emerge even stronger. Today, he is not only a successful businessman but also a well-respected public figure, known for his dedication to conscious capitalism and his advocacy for healthy living.

“I think that consciousness, when applied to capitalism, is a very positive force,” says Mackey. “It can lead to better products, better customer service, better employee engagement – and ultimately, better financial results.”

As of 2021, John Mackey’s net worth is estimated at $80 million, and his inspiring story continues to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs who want to create a better world through conscious business practices.

John Mackey: Bio and Net Worth

Table: John Mackey's Personal Information

Field Information
Net Worth John Mackey's net worth is estimated to be $100 million.
Age John Mackey was born on August 15, 1953 which makes him 68 years old.
Born John Mackey was born in Houston, Texas, USA.
Gender John Mackey is male.
Height John Mackey's height is not known.
Country of Origin John Mackey is from the United States.
Source of Wealth John Mackey is the co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market which is his main source of wealth.

John Mackey is a successful businessman who co-founded Whole Foods Market in 1980. Since then, the company has grown to become a leading organic and natural foods retailer worldwide. Mackey has been recognized for his leadership in the industry and has won multiple awards.

Aside from his business success, John Mackey is also known for his interest in health and wellness. He is an advocate for healthy living and is known to practice a plant-based diet. Mackey has also written books on the subject and has spoken on various occasions about the importance of healthy food choices.

Today, John Mackey continues to lead Whole Foods Market as the CEO and oversees the company's expansion and growth while maintaining its core values and mission. His net worth, as of 2021, is estimated to be $100 million.

Key Facts

Early Life

Born in Texas in 1953, John Mackey grew up in a family that valued healthy food and alternative medicine. He attended the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with a degree in philosophy.

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Mackey co-founded Whole Foods Market in 1980 with the goal of providing high-quality natural and organic foods to consumers. The company grew rapidly and expanded across the United States, eventually becoming a publicly-traded company in 1992.

In addition to Whole Foods, Mackey has been involved in other entrepreneurial ventures, such as Conscious Capitalism, Inc. and The Good Food Institute.

Philosophy and Vision

As an advocate for natural and organic foods, Mackey's philosophy centers around the idea of conscious capitalism, which emphasizes the importance of businesses serving the interests of all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and investors. He believes that businesses can be a force for good in the world and has often spoken about the need for a more sustainable and equitable food system.

Net Worth

Net Worth

As of 2021, John Mackey's net worth is estimated to be over $100 million. His wealth is largely due to his success as a co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market.

Early Life

Early Life

John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods Market, was born on August 15, 1953, in Houston, Texas. He grew up in a middle-class family and was raised in a suburban neighborhood. As a child, Mackey was interested in sports, especially basketball, and also enjoyed reading books.

After completing his high school education, Mackey enrolled at the University of Texas at Austin where he pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy. During his time as a student, he developed an interest in vegetarianism and started experimenting with different diets. This interest would later influence his career path in the food industry.

After graduating from college in 1978, Mackey worked a variety of odd jobs, including as a dishwasher and a clerk at a natural foods store. It was during this time that he became more passionate about healthy eating and started to envision opening his own natural foods store. In 1978, he and his girlfriend at the time co-founded SaferWay, a natural foods store in Austin, Texas.

  • Fun Fact: SaferWay later merged with another natural foods store, called Whole Foods, to become the company we know today as Whole Foods Market.


John Mackey is a highly successful entrepreneur, known for co-founding Whole Foods Market in 1980 with his then-girlfriend Renee Lawson Hardy. The company started with a single store in Austin, Texas and grew to become a leading natural and organic food retailer in the United States, with over 500 stores in North America and the United Kingdom.

Mackey's career in the food industry began while he was still a student at the University of Texas at Austin, when he co-founded Safer Way Natural Foods with Hardy in 1978. The store was located in a small house and quickly became popular among the city's health-conscious residents. In 1980, they merged with another local natural foods store, Clarksville Natural Grocery, to create Whole Foods Market.

As CEO of Whole Foods, Mackey was widely recognized for his innovative leadership and commitment to social responsibility. He pioneered the concept of conscious capitalism, which emphasizes the importance of creating value for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and the environment. Under his leadership, Whole Foods became known for its focus on quality, sustainability, and transparency.

Mackey remained CEO of Whole Foods until 2017, when the company was acquired by Amazon.com for $13.7 billion. He continues to serve as a board member and vocal advocate for conscious capitalism. He has also authored several books, including "Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business" and "The Whole Foods Diet."

John Mackey Net Worth, Bio

John Mackey Net Worth, Bio

How does John Mackey spend his money?

John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, has a net worth of over $100 million. He is known for his commitment to healthy living, environmental sustainability and animal welfare. So, how does he spend his money?

  • Philanthropy: Mackey is a known philanthropist, donating to various organizations that align with his values. For instance, he has donated millions to animal welfare groups, political campaigns promoting sustainability and health initiatives.
  • Investments: Mackey is also an active investor, having invested in several companies in the tech, retail and healthcare sectors. He also invests heavily in Whole Foods Market and sits on the board of directors.
  • Real Estate: Mackey is an avid real estate investor and has several properties under his name, including a mansion in Austin, Texas.

Despite his wealth, Mackey is known for his frugal lifestyle, living modestly and avoiding expensive purchases. He believes in conscious consumerism and encourages others to invest in sustainable and ethical products.


Early Life

John Mackey was born on August 15, 1953, in Houston, Texas. His parents were both entrepreneurs and owned a retail grocery store. This early exposure to the industry sparked an interest in Mackey and he began working at a grocery store at the age of 15.

Career in Entrepreneurship

Mackey co-founded Whole Foods Market in 1980 with his girlfriend at the time, Renee Lawson Hardy, in Austin, Texas. The store's emphasis on natural and organic foods proved to be successful, and Whole Foods grew to become the largest natural foods chain in the United States. Mackey served as CEO until 2017 when Amazon acquired the company.


Mackey is known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in the areas of animal welfare and healthcare. In 2003, he founded the Whole Planet Foundation, which provides microloans to women entrepreneurs in developing countries. Mackey has also been a vocal supporter of the organic food movement and animal rights, donating to numerous organizations and causes in these areas.

Awards and Accolades

  • In 2003, Mackey was named Ernst & Young's National Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • He has been included in Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people in the world multiple times.
  • Mackey is a member of the Conscious Capitalism movement and has been recognized for his ethical business practices.

Net Worth

Mackey's net worth is estimated to be around $100 million. This is largely due to his success as co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods and his investments in other ventures. However, Mackey has also stated that he does not measure his success in terms of his net worth, but rather the impact he has on the world.

Favorite Quotes from John Mackey

John Mackey is known for his insightful and inspiring thoughts on business, leadership, and personal growth. Here are a few of his most memorable quotes:

  • "Business is not a zero-sum game. It’s not about me winning at the expense of you. It’s about both of us winning together."
  • "The vast majority of people believe that wealth is a zero-sum game, but wealth is not created by taking things from others. Wealth is created by creating new things that add value to the world."
  • "Whole Foods is a mission-driven company. Our purpose is to nourish people and the planet. Profit is necessary for us to achieve that purpose, but it’s not the purpose itself."

These quotes encapsulate Mackey's philosophy of conscious capitalism, in which business is seen as a force for good that can benefit all stakeholders, not just shareholders. By prioritizing purpose over profit and viewing success as a collaborative effort, Mackey has helped shape the modern business landscape into one that is more responsible, sustainable, and fulfilling.

Lessons on Achieving Success: Insights from John Mackey

1. Pursue Your Passion

John Mackey, the co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market, is a living example of someone who has followed his passion to achieve great success. Even before starting Whole Foods, he was passionate about healthy food and natural products. His passion for natural products motivated him to start a small vegetarian store in college, which later grew into Whole Foods. To achieve success, it is critical to pursue your passion, as it is the driving force that propels you forward.

2. Focus on Your Values

Mackey's success is also attributed to his strong values. He believes that businesses should focus on more than just profits and be responsible for the community, environment, and employees. Whole Foods' success is a reflection of this philosophy. To achieve success, you need to focus on your values and prioritize what you think is essential.

3. Embrace Innovation

Innovation is key to success, and Mackey knows it. He has been a strong advocate of innovation and has pushed Whole Foods to embrace new technology and trends. For example, Whole Foods introduced e-commerce early on, which helped the company grow further. To achieve success, one should always be willing to adapt and embrace innovation.

4. Stay Humble and Curious

Mackey's success has not made him arrogant. Instead, he stays humble and continues to learn. He believes that success is not an endpoint but a journey, and one should always strive to improve. To achieve success, it is essential to be humble and curious and continue to learn from others.

5. Build Strong Relationships

Mackey understands the importance of building relationships, whether with customers, employees, or partners. Whole Foods has built strong relationships with farmers and producers to ensure the best quality products, and this has been a critical factor in the company's success. To achieve success, it is critical to build strong, lasting relationships.

In conclusion, John Mackey's success is a result of his passion, values, innovation, humility, and strong relationships. By applying these lessons, one can achieve success in their life.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About John Mackey

1. He co-founded Whole Foods Market at the young age of 25.

John Mackey was still in his mid-twenties when he started Whole Foods Market with his girlfriend and two others. The first store was located in Austin, Texas and sold produce, dairy, and meat that was free of artificial preservatives, colors, and sweeteners. Today, Whole Foods Market has over 500 stores globally and is known for its focus on organic and healthy food choices.

2. He is a vegan and promotes a plant-based diet.

Despite being the co-founder of a store that sells meat and dairy products, John Mackey follows a vegan lifestyle. He regularly promotes the benefits of a plant-based diet and often speaks about the importance of sustainability and reducing one's carbon footprint through food choices. In 2006, he even wrote a book called "The Whole Foods Diet" that advocated for a whole foods, plant-based diet.

3. He is a supporter of conscious capitalism.

John Mackey is a firm believer in the concept of conscious capitalism, a business model that emphasizes the importance of serving all stakeholders, not just shareholders. He believes that businesses can do well by doing good and can have a positive impact on society while still being profitable. This philosophy is evident in Whole Foods Market's commitment to environmental sustainability, employee empowerment, and community involvement.

4. He has faced criticism for his controversial statements.

John Mackey has been known to make controversial statements, such as comparing the Affordable Care Act to fascism and claiming that climate change is natural and not caused by humans. These comments have garnered criticism and calls for boycotts of Whole Foods Market. Mackey has since apologized for some of his statements and has taken steps to distance himself from politics.

5. He is a philanthropist and has donated millions to charity.

Despite his wealth, John Mackey has remained committed to giving back to society. He has donated millions of dollars to various charities, including animal welfare organizations and educational institutions. In 2010, he signed The Giving Pledge, a commitment by wealthy individuals to give away the majority of their wealth to address society's most pressing issues.


John Mackey is an American entrepreneur and businessman who co-founded the organic food store Whole Foods Market. He has a net worth of over $100 million, and has been a strong advocate for healthy eating and sustainable living.

Before co-founding Whole Foods Market, Mackey started several health food stores in Austin, Texas. He combined these stores in 1980 to form Whole Foods Market alongside co-founder Renee Lawson Hardy. Today, the company has over 500 locations worldwide and is known for its commitment to natural and organic foods.

Mackey is also a prominent figure in the business world, having written several books on leadership and entrepreneurship. He has been recognized for his innovative business strategies and has won numerous awards for his work, including Businessperson of the Year from Fortune magazine in 2003.

Despite his success, Mackey has faced controversy and criticism over the years. In 2017, he made comments criticizing the Affordable Care Act, which led to calls for a boycott of Whole Foods Market. However, Mackey has continued to be a vocal advocate for healthy eating and sustainable living, and remains an influential figure in the world of business and entrepreneurship.


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Who is John Mackey?

John Mackey is an American businessman and co-founder of Whole Foods Market.

What is John Mackey's net worth?

According to Forbes, as of 2020, John Mackey's net worth is estimated to be $100 million.

What is John Mackey's business philosophy?

John Mackey is known for his "Conscious Capitalism" approach, a business philosophy that emphasizes the importance of creating value for all stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, and the community. It also promotes a long-term perspective and a focus on sustainability.

Has John Mackey faced any controversies?

Yes, John Mackey has faced controversy in the past. In 2009, he came under fire for posting anonymous comments on online forums that criticized a competitor of Whole Foods. He later apologized for his actions and faced some backlash from customers and investors. In addition, Whole Foods has faced criticism for its labor practices and high prices.

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