Find out the net worth and bio of Herb Kohl, a former United States Senator and co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team. Discover his early life, political career, and philanthropic contributions.

Herb Kohl Net Worth, Bio

Herb Kohl is a prominent name in American politics and business. Known for his extensive career as a U.S. Senator and as the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, Kohl is a respected figure in many facets of public life. Apart from his political and business career, Kohl is also known for his philanthropy and unwavering commitment to closing the achievement gap in education – a cause he has supported consistently for decades.

With his impressive portfolio of accomplishments, many people are curious about the specifics of Herb Kohl's net worth, bio, and the legacy he has left behind. From his early beginnings in a family business to his rise as one of the most prominent businessmen and legislators in the country, Kohl's life story is nothing short of inspiring.

Through this article, we will explore Herb Kohl's life, his personal wealth, and the journey that led him to become an influential figure in the world of politics and business.

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Key Facts

  • Herb Kohl is a businessman and former politician from the United States.
  • Kohl was born in 1935 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • He served as a United States Senator from Wisconsin from 1989 to 2013.
  • Kohl is a member of the Democratic Party.
  • He is also the former owner of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team.
  • Kohl attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and earned a degree in economics.
  • He is known for his philanthropic efforts, particularly in the areas of education and the arts.
  • Kohl has a reported net worth of $300 million.
  • He has two children and is divorced.

Her Kohl's Early Life

Childhood and Education

Herb Kohl was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1935. He was the youngest of two children and grew up in a Jewish family. His father, Max Kohl, was the founder of the Kohl's Corporation, a retail chain store. Kohl attended public schools in Milwaukee for his elementary, middle, and high school education.

After high school, Kohl graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1956 with a Bachelor of Science in Education. During his time at Wisconsin, Kohl was a member of the basketball team and played for legendary head coach, John Wooden.

Early Career

After college, Kohl went to work for the family business, Kohl's Corporation. He started out as a management trainee and worked his way up the ranks to become the Vice President and Director of the company. Under Kohl's leadership, the company expanded to over 50 stores across four states.

In 1974, Kohl left Kohl's Corporation to pursue a career in politics. He was elected to the United States Senate in 1988 and served there until 2013. During his time in the Senate, Kohl was known for his advocacy for consumer protection and education.



Herb Kohl began his career as a businessman in the family-owned grocery store chain, Kohl's Food Stores. He took over as the president of the company in 1970 and expanded it to more than 50 stores across Wisconsin. In 1979, Herb Kohl sold the grocery chain and focused on his political career.

In 1988, Herb Kohl was elected to the United States Senate as a Democrat, representing the state of Wisconsin. He was re-elected for three more terms, serving a total of 24 years in office. During his tenure in the Senate, Herb Kohl served on various committees, including the Committee on the Judiciary, the Committee on Appropriations, and the Special Committee on Aging.

One of his most significant contributions was in the field of antitrust law, where he worked to promote competition and protect consumers. He was also a strong advocate for education, supporting measures to improve school funding and access to higher education. Herb Kohl retired from the Senate in 2013 and became a philanthropist, supporting various causes, including education, arts, and the environment.

Herb Kohl's Spending Habits


As a billionaire, Herb Kohl has used his money for philanthropic endeavors. In 2015, he donated $10 million to the Medical College of Wisconsin for cancer research. He has also donated to education, including $25 million to support the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2007.



Herb Kohl has used his money to fund his own political campaigns in the past. He has also donated to political candidates and causes. In 2009, he donated $2,400 to Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Real Estate

Herb Kohl has invested in real estate throughout his career. One of his major investments was purchasing the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team in 1985, which he later sold in 2014.

Luxury Items

While Herb Kohl is not known for extravagant spending, he does own a few luxury items. He owns a private jet and has a personal collection of art.


  • Successful businessman: Herb Kohl is a well-known businessman who made his fortune through his successful department store business, Kohl's Corporation.
  • Philanthropy: Kohl is a noted philanthropist, having donated millions of dollars to various charities and causes over the years.
  • Political career: Kohl served as a United States Senator from Wisconsin for four terms, during which he was known for his advocacy for consumer protection and education reform.
  • Basketball team ownership: Kohl is the former owner of the Milwaukee Bucks, a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association (NBA).
  • Net worth: While Kohl's net worth has fluctuated over the years, he is generally estimated to be worth several hundred million dollars.

Favorite Quotes from Herb Kohl

"I think it's important to be a good listener."

This quote from Herb Kohl shows his commitment to understanding the needs and concerns of others. As a successful businessman and politician, Kohl understands the value of hearing different perspectives and incorporating them into decision-making processes.

"I never forgot where I came from and who gave me this opportunity."

Herb Kohl's humble beginnings as the son of immigrant parents shaped his worldview and values. This quote demonstrates his gratitude for the opportunities that were given to him and his commitment to using his success to give back to others.

"I believe in the American Dream because I've lived it."

Kohl's rags-to-riches story is an inspiration to many. This quote shows his belief in the idea that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve success and prosperity.

"You can't always control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond."

This quote from Kohl highlights the importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges. Kohl's ability to respond to unexpected events and pivot when necessary has been a key factor in his success.

Famous Lessons of Success from Herb Kohl

Perseverance and Hard Work

Herb Kohl's success in business and politics has been driven by his unwavering perseverance and indefatigable work ethic. He believes that there is no substitute for hard work and that one can achieve any goal as long as they are willing to put in the time and effort.

According to Kohl, success is not a matter of luck or chance, but rather the result of consistent and persistent effort. He encourages people to set clear goals, create a plan of action, and then work tirelessly towards their objectives.

Building Strong Relationships

Herb Kohl is known for his ability to build strong and lasting relationships with people from all walks of life. He believes that networking and collaboration are essential to success in any field.

Kohl emphasizes the importance of treating others with respect and working towards common goals. He encourages people to cultivate relationships with people who can offer mentorship, knowledge, and support, and to be willing to reciprocate that assistance when needed.

Embrace Failure and Learn from Mistakes

Herb Kohl acknowledges that setbacks and failures are an inevitable part of any journey to success. He believes that it's essential to view these setbacks as learning opportunities, rather than as reasons to give up.

Kohl stresses that one must be willing to take risks and embrace failure in order to truly innovate and succeed. He encourages people to learn from their mistakes, adapt their approach, and keep pursuing their goals with renewed vigor and determination.

Passionate Pursuit of Your Dreams

Herb Kohl has achieved incredible success throughout his life by pursuing his passions with gusto and determination. He believes that one's career should be driven by their deepest interests and desires, and encourages people to find something they love and to pursue it with all their heart.

Kohl believes that strong passion and enthusiasm will drive people to overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams, even in the face of adversity. He encourages people to find what inspires them most and to put their all into making it a reality.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Herb Kohl

Herb Kohl is a prominent businessman, philanthropist, and former politician from Wisconsin. Here are some interesting and surprising facts about him:

  • Self-made billionaire: Herb Kohl is a self-made billionaire who made his fortune through his family-owned chain of department stores, Kohl's Corporation. He is ranked as one of the wealthiest people in Wisconsin.
  • Philanthropic efforts: Herb Kohl is a dedicated philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to various causes, including education, arts, and public health. He has established the Herb Kohl Educational Foundation, which provides scholarships and grants to Wisconsin students and teachers.
  • Politics and sports: Herb Kohl has a passion for politics and sports. He served as a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin for four terms and was the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team for almost three decades.
  • Frugal lifestyle: Despite his immense wealth, Herb Kohl is known for his frugal and down-to-earth lifestyle. He still drives a modest car and lives in the same house he has owned for over 40 years.
  • Hobbyist: Herb Kohl has various hobbies that he enjoys in his spare time. He is an avid collector of contemporary art, stamps, and coins. He is also a fan of classical music and opera.

In conclusion, Herb Kohl is a fascinating and accomplished individual who has achieved success in business, politics, and philanthropy while maintaining a humble and active lifestyle.


Herb Kohl is a former US senator from Wisconsin who made his fortune through his family's grocery store chain, Kohl's, which eventually expanded into department stores. Kohl's net worth is estimated to be $650 million.

Despite his wealth, Kohl lived a relatively modest lifestyle, rarely flaunting his riches. He was known for his dedication to public service and philanthropy, donating millions to education, the arts, and health care.

Kohl's political career spanned three decades, during which he served on several committees, including the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee. He was also known for his bipartisan approach and willingness to work with colleagues across the aisle to achieve common goals.

Today, Kohl is retired from politics and focuses on his philanthropic work. He continues to be an influential figure in his home state of Wisconsin, where he is highly respected as a businessman, politician, and philanthropist.


Herb Kohl announces sale of Bucks

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Who is Herb Kohl?

Herb Kohl is a former US Senator and businessman from Wisconsin who served from 1989 to 2013. He is also well-known for being the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team.

What is Herb Kohl's net worth?

As of 2021, Herb Kohl's net worth is estimated to be around $400 million. His wealth comes from various sources, including his family's department store chain and investments.

What are some of Herb Kohl's notable achievements?

During his time in office, Herb Kohl was known for his work on issues such as consumer protection, education, and healthcare. He also played a key role in supporting the growth of small businesses and promoting economic development in Wisconsin. In addition, his efforts to keep the Milwaukee Bucks in Wisconsin were widely praised by sports fans and community leaders.

What is Herb Kohl's background and education?

Herb Kohl was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1935. He earned his Bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1956, and then went on to get his Master's degree in Business Administration from Harvard University in 1958. After completing his education, he worked for his family's department store chain, Kohl's, before eventually becoming the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks.

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