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Big Show Net Worth, Bio

Big Show, also known as Paul Wight, is a professional wrestler and actor from the United States. He is known for his work with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E). Standing at 7 feet tall and weighing more than 400 pounds, he is one of the biggest wrestlers in the business. Over the years, he has become a household name, with a fan following that spans across the world.

Big Show began his wrestling career in 1994, when he signed a contract with WCW. He quickly made a name for himself as a formidable force in the ring, winning several championships and becoming one of the biggest draws for the company. In 1999, he made the switch to WWF/E, where he continued his success, winning multiple world championships and becoming a fan favorite.

Aside from his accomplishments in wrestling, Big Show has also had success in other areas of entertainment. He has appeared in several movies and TV shows, including The Waterboy, Jingle All the Way, and Knucklehead. He has also made several guest appearances on talk shows, such as The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Conan.

"I don't walk with my head down anymore. I carry myself with pride, but I also realize that my size is a gift, and I can never forget that." - Big Show

With such a long and successful career, it is no surprise that Big Show has amassed a significant net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his estimated net worth is $20 million. This includes earnings from his wrestling career, as well as his work in entertainment and commercial endorsements. Despite his success, however, Big Show remains humble, grateful for his fans and the opportunities he has been given.

Big Show: Net Worth, Bio


Field Details
Net Worth Big Show's estimated net worth is $20 million (as of 2021).
Age Big Show was born on February 8, 1972, which makes him 49 years old (as of 2021).
Born Big Show was born in Aiken, South Carolina, United States.
Gender Big Show is a male.
Height Big Show is a giant, standing at 7 feet tall (2.13 meters).
Country of Origin Big Show is from the United States.
Source of Wealth Big Show's source of wealth comes from his successful career as a professional wrestler, actor, and television personality.

Big Show, also known as Paul Wight, is a former professional wrestler who has amassed a significant net worth over his career. Born in Aiken, South Carolina, Big Show has been a staple in the wrestling industry for years, known for his towering height and intimidating presence in the ring. Today, he is recognized not only for his wrestling career, but also for his acting roles and television appearances.

As a successful athlete and entertainer, Big Show has become a household name across the world. Despite facing his fair share of injuries and setbacks throughout his career, he has maintained a strong work ethic and dedication to his craft that has helped him achieve his impressive net worth.

  • Did You Know? Big Show's debut in the wrestling industry came in 1995, and he quickly made a name for himself as one of the industry's most formidable figures.
  • Fun Fact: Big Show has also appeared in numerous films, including "The Waterboy," "Jingle All the Way," and "MacGruber."

Key Facts

Early Life and Career

The Big Show, whose real name is Paul Donald Wight II, was born on February 8, 1972 in Aiken, South Carolina. Wight was a standout high school athlete in both basketball and football. He attended Wichita State University on a basketball scholarship but left after his first semester to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

The Big Show made his professional wrestling debut in 1995 with World Championship Wrestling (WCW) under the ring name The Giant. He quickly became a force to be reckoned with and won the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in his rookie year.

WWE Career

In 1999, The Big Show signed with the WWE (then WWF) and made his debut at the February pay-per-view event, St. Valentine's Day Massacre. He has won multiple championships in the WWE including the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, and the Intercontinental Championship.

Outside of wrestling, The Big Show has made multiple appearances in film and television including a recurring role on the popular sitcom, "The Big Bang Theory".

Net Worth

As of 2021, The Big Show's net worth is estimated to be $20 million. He has earned his wealth through his successful wrestling career and various acting roles.

Early Life of Big Show


Growing up in South Carolina, Big Show, whose real name is Paul Wight, was already over six feet tall by the time he reached middle school. His height, which now stands at 7 feet and 0.25 inches, made him stand out from his peers, but it also presented challenges, such as finding shoes that fit and fitting into school desks.

Despite his size, Big Show was a relatively shy child, often feeling self-conscious in social situations. He turned to sports as a way to build confidence and make friends. He played basketball and volleyball in high school, and it was during a high school basketball game that a local wrestling promoter first noticed him and invited him to try his hand at professional wrestling.

Early Career

After finishing high school, Big Show pursued a career in professional wrestling, joining the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) in 1995. He initially adopted the ring name "The Giant" and quickly gained a following for his imposing size and strength.

In 1999, Big Show made the switch to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) where he became a household name. He has since won multiple championships and become one of the biggest stars in wrestling history.

Despite his success, Big Show has remained down-to-earth and approachable, often taking time to interact with fans and support charitable causes.

Big Show's Career

Early Beginnings

Before becoming a professional wrestler, Big Show was a basketball player. He played for Wichita State University and eventually transferred to Southern Illinois University. At seven feet tall, he dominated the court and caught the attention of professional basketball scouts.

However, Big Show's love for wrestling drew him away from basketball and he joined World Championship Wrestling (WCW) in 1995 as The Giant. He quickly became one of the top performers in the company, winning multiple championships.



In 1999, Big Show signed with WWE and made an immediate impact. He won his first championship within months of joining the company and continued to dominate his opponents.

Throughout his career, Big Show has had notable feuds with wrestlers such as The Rock, Triple H, and John Cena. He has also won multiple championships, including the World Heavyweight Championship, WWE Championship, and United States Championship.

Beyond Wrestling

Big Show has also made appearances in other forms of entertainment. He has appeared in movies such as "Jingle All the Way" and TV shows like "Saturday Night Live." He has also made appearances on various talk shows and reality shows.

Big Show has announced that he plans to retire from professional wrestling in the near future. He has expressed interest in pursuing a career in acting full-time and has already filmed a pilot for a potential TV series.

How Big Show Spends His Money

As one of the highest-paid WWE wrestlers of all time, Big Show has a net worth of millions of dollars. With such a large sum of money, one might wonder how he spends it.

First and foremost, Big Show is known for his love of cars. He has a collection worth millions of dollars, which includes a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, and a Rolls-Royce. He also spends a considerable amount of money on customizing his cars to match his larger-than-life personality.

Another way Big Show spends his money is by supporting various charities and causes he believes in. He has been involved with Make-A-Wish Foundation, USA Cares, and The Fisher House Foundation, among others.

Big Show also enjoys spending his money on his family. He has a wife and three children, and he often takes them on luxurious vacations and buys them lavish gifts. He has also invested in real estate properties over the years.

Aside from his personal spending, Big Show also runs his own business, which includes selling merchandise and making appearances at events. With his net worth, he can afford to be selective about which opportunities he takes on, ensuring that he is compensated appropriately.


Wrestling Career

Big Show began his wrestling career in 1995 as The Giant in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), where he became a one-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion. He later joined the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) in 1999 and has since held numerous championship titles, including the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship.

In addition to his wrestling career, Big Show has also appeared on various television shows and movies, including Knucklehead and Jingle All the Way 2.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Big Show's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. Much of his wealth comes from his successful wrestling career and various acting roles.

Personal Life

Big Show is married to Bess Katramados and the couple has two children together. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games and collecting classic cars.

Favorite Quotes from Big Show

On his size and strength:

  • "I'm not seven feet tall because I'm athletic. I'm seven feet tall because I'm a freak."
  • "I don't hit people with chairs because I'm big and strong. I hit people with chairs because I'm mean and nasty."

On his wrestling career:

  • "I realized I had a talent for this when people kept paying me to do it."
  • "When it comes to wrestling, there's no one better to have on your side than me. And there's no one worse to have against you."

On his personal life:

  • "I may be a giant in the ring, but outside of it I'm just a regular guy."
  • "My family is the most important thing to me. Without them, I wouldn't be where I am today."

On being a role model:

  • "Every time I step into the ring, I want to inspire someone. Whether it's a child or an adult, I want them to know that nothing is impossible."
  • "To me, being a role model doesn't mean being perfect. It means being honest, working hard, and never giving up."

Famous Success Lessons from Big Show

Always Believe in Yourself

Big Show's success story teaches us that believing in oneself is the key to success. Despite facing numerous challenges, he never lost faith in himself and kept working hard to achieve his goals. His positive attitude and determination helped him become a WWE legend and a successful actor, proving that self-belief can take you places.

Never Give Up

Big Show's journey to success was not easy. He faced setbacks, injuries, and disappointments, but he never gave up. He continued to work hard and persevere until he reached the pinnacle of his career. His never-give-up attitude is a valuable lesson for anyone aspiring to succeed in any field.

Embrace Change

Throughout his career, Big Show had to adapt to changes in the industry and reinvent himself to stay relevant. He went from being a giant wrestler to a comedic sidekick to a serious actor, showcasing his versatility and willingness to embrace change. His ability to adapt and evolve is a key factor in his successful career.

Be Humble

Despite his massive success, Big Show remains humble and grounded. He values hard work and never takes his success for granted. He has also shown great respect for his fellow wrestlers and has always been willing to help young talent. His humility and generosity are great qualities that have contributed to his success.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Big Show has always emphasized the importance of surrounding oneself with positive and supportive people. Throughout his career, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, who have influenced his growth and success. He also values the support of his family and fans, who have been crucial to his journey.

  • Believe in yourself
  • Never give up
  • Embrace change
  • Be humble
  • Surround yourself with positive people

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Big Show

1. He Started as a Basketball Player

Before he became a professional wrestler, Big Show played basketball. He was even recruited by a few colleges before deciding to pursue a career in sports entertainment.

2. He Holds Several Records

Big Show is known for his incredible size and strength, and he has set several records over the course of his career. Some of his most impressive records include the tallest wrestler in WWE history and the heaviest wrestler to hold the World Heavyweight Championship.

3. He Has Appeared in Films and TV Shows

In addition to his work in the ring, Big Show has also made appearances in films and TV shows. Some of his most notable roles include playing a prison inmate in The Longest Yard and appearing as himself in several episodes of Burn Notice.

4. He is a Licensed Bounty Hunter

In his free time, Big Show works as a licensed bounty hunter. He has even appeared on the reality TV show Bounty Hunters as part of a team of hunters.

5. He has a Fear of Snakes

Despite his impressive size and strength, Big Show has admitted to having a fear of snakes. This came to light during a storyline in which he was forced to confront the wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts and his pet python.


Big Show, also known as Paul Wight, is a well-known professional wrestler and actor. He has accumulated a significant net worth throughout his career due to his success in both fields.

Big Show began his wrestling career in 1995 and quickly gained popularity with his size, strength, and personality. He has won numerous titles and participated in high-profile matches and events, earning him a place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

In addition to his wrestling career, Big Show has also appeared in several movies and TV shows, showcasing his acting skills. He has worked alongside notable names in Hollywood, including Adam Sandler and Mark Wahlberg.

Despite his success, Big Show remains humble and dedicated to giving back to the community. He has been involved in several charitable organizations, including Make-A-Wish Foundation and Special Olympics.

Overall, Big Show's net worth and career achievements reflect his hard work, talent, and versatility as an entertainer.


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What is Big Show's net worth?

As of 2021, Big Show's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

What is Big Show famous for?

Big Show, whose real name is Paul Donald Wight II, is a retired professional wrestler and actor. He is famous for his time with WWE, where he won multiple championships and became one of the most recognizable wrestlers in the world.

How tall is Big Show?

Big Show is known for his towering height, which is officially listed at 7 feet tall. However, some sources suggest he may actually be a little taller than that.

What is Big Show's background and early life?

Big Show was born in Aiken, South Carolina, in 1972. He was born with a condition known as acromegaly, which causes excessive growth and can lead to health problems. Despite this, he was able to excel in sports as a teenager and eventually pursued a career in wrestling.

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