Learn about Ivanka Trump's net worth and bio, including her education, career, family background, and more. Get insights into how she built her wealth, her business ventures, and her rise to fame. Discover the secrets behind Ivanka Trump's success and her impact on politics and society.

Ivanka Trump Net Worth, Bio

Ivanka Trump is a prominent figure in American society, best known for her roles as a businesswoman, fashion designer, and former advisor to her father, former President Donald Trump. Born in 1981 in New York City, Ivanka Trump's upbringing was based in privilege, as the daughter of a real estate mogul and future President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Despite growing up in a family of wealth and power, Ivanka Trump worked hard to establish herself as a businesswoman and has had great success in doing so. She started her career in the fashion industry, founding her own jewelry and clothing line which garnered her a significant amount of income and recognition. From there, she went on to become a top executive in her father's organization, before ultimately taking on a role in the White House as a senior advisor to the President.

Throughout her career, Ivanka Trump has become a symbol of success and determination, and her net worth speaks for itself. While there have been many controversies surrounding her family and political career, there is no denying that Ivanka Trump is a force to be reckoned with in the world of business and politics.

Ivanka Trump: Net Worth, Bio

Here is a table of some key details about Ivanka Trump:

Net Worth: $300 million
Age: 39 years old
Born: New York City, NY
Gender: Female
Height: 5'11" (180 cm)
Country of Origin: United States
Source of Wealth: Real estate, fashion

Ivanka Trump is a successful businesswoman and former fashion model. She is the daughter of former US President Donald Trump and his first wife, Ivana Trump. Ivanka has had a successful career in business, with her own fashion line and a role in her father's real estate empire. She has also been a strong advocate for women and has spoken out on issues such as equal pay and maternity leave.

Although Ivanka Trump has faced criticism and controversy at times, she remains a high-profile figure in American public life, and her net worth is estimated to be around $300 million. With her talent and business acumen, it is likely that she will continue to be a major player in the world of business and politics for many years to come.

Key Facts about Ivanka Trump

Businesswoman and Advisor: Ivanka Trump is a successful businesswoman and advisor, who has served as an executive vice president of the Trump Organization and as a White House advisor to her father, former President Donald Trump.

Education: Ivanka Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business with a bachelor's degree in economics.

Net Worth: According to Forbes, Ivanka Trump has an estimated net worth of $300 million.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: Apart from her role in the Trump Organization, Ivanka Trump has had a number of successful entrepreneurial ventures, such as her own fashion and jewelry lines.

Author: Ivanka Trump has also authored two books: "The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life" and "Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success."

Philanthropy: In addition to her business endeavors, Ivanka Trump is also involved in various philanthropic ventures, such as her work with the United Nations Foundation's Girl Up campaign.

Family: Ivanka Trump is married to Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to former President Donald Trump, and the couple has three children together.

Ivanka Trump: Early Life

Childhood and Family Background

Ivanka Trump was born on October 30, 1981, in New York City, to real estate moguls Donald Trump and Ivana Trump. She grew up alongside her two brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, in the luxurious Trump Tower. Her parents’ wealth and status meant that Ivanka had a very privileged childhood.


Ivanka attended the Chapin School in New York City until she was 15 years old, after which she transferred to Choate Rosemary Hall, a prestigious boarding school in Wallingford, Connecticut. She then went on to study economics at Georgetown University but transferred to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania where she graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Ivanka was a bright student and excelled academically during her college years.

Career Beginnings

After graduation, Ivanka began her career in fashion, working for brands like Versace and Marc Bouwer. She then went on to launch her own fashion line, the Ivanka Trump Collection, in 2007. With the success of her brand, Ivanka became a sought-after businesswoman and entrepreneur. She later joined her father’s business, the Trump Organization, and became a key executive, playing a critical role in various real estate and hotel projects.


Following in her father's footsteps, Ivanka Trump pursued a career in business. She started working for the Trump Organization in 2005 and quickly earned a reputation as a savvy businesswoman. She focused on developing and licensing the Trump brand, which she helped grow into a global empire.

In addition to her work at the Trump Organization, Ivanka has also dabbled in fashion, launching her own eponymous clothing and accessory line in 2011. The line was targeted at working women and was sold in major department stores across the country.

In 2017, Ivanka joined the Trump administration as an advisor to her father. She focused on issues such as workforce development, paid family leave, and the empowerment of women in the workplace. Her time in the White House was controversial, with critics accusing her of using her position for personal gain and failing to push back on some of her father's more controversial policies.

How Ivanka Trump Spends Her Money

Ivanka Trump, a successful businesswoman and former White House advisor, has a net worth of over $300 million. With such a significant amount of wealth, it's no surprise that she leads a luxurious lifestyle.

One of Ivanka's main expenditures is her clothing and fashion accessories. She is frequently seen in high-end designer brands such as Versace, Chanel, and Prada. She also often wears expensive jewelry, including a $750,000 diamond bracelet.

In addition to her wardrobe, Ivanka is known for her luxurious homes. She and her husband own several properties, including a $16 million apartment in New York City and a $5.5 million mansion in Washington D.C. She also spends money on lavish vacations, often traveling to exclusive resorts in exotic locations.

Ivanka is also a philanthropist, and she donates a significant amount of her wealth to various charities. She supports causes such as education, women's empowerment, and environmental conservation. In 2019, she donated $50,000 to the National Park Foundation in honor of National Park Week.

Overall, Ivanka Trump's wealth allows her to live a life of luxury and indulge in her passions, including fashion, travel, and philanthropy.


Self-made millionaire and successful businesswoman

Ivanka Trump is known for her successful career in business, where she has built her own wealth rather than relying on her family's fortune. She is a self-made millionaire and has been praised for her entrepreneurial skills.

Former Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization

Ivanka Trump worked as the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization, where she played a key role in the development and management of various properties and projects for the company.

Author of multiple books

In addition to her business career, Ivanka Trump is also a published author. She has written several books, including "The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life" and "Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success."

Advisor to the President of the United States

Ivanka Trump served as an advisor to her father, former U.S. President Donald Trump, during his time in office. She focused on issues related to workforce development and economic empowerment for women, among other areas.


Ivanka Trump is also involved in various philanthropic efforts, including her work with the United Nations Foundation's Girl Up campaign and her role as a trustee of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Favorite Quotes from Ivanka Trump

On Success:

"I've never been afraid to fail." - Ivanka Trump

"I believe in creating a long-term business strategy. It's important to think beyond current trends and plan for the future." - Ivanka Trump

On Leadership:

On Leadership:

"I lead through empowering others to do their best." - Ivanka Trump

"One of the most important qualities of a good leader is the ability to inspire others to greatness." - Ivanka Trump

On Entrepreneurship:

On Entrepreneurship:

"I think entrepreneurship is about being able to face failure, manage failure and succeed after failing." - Ivanka Trump

"Entrepreneurship is about turning what excites you in life into capital, so that you can do more of it and move forward with it." - Ivanka Trump

On Work-Life Balance:

"I think for any working mom, it's a balancing act." - Ivanka Trump

"I try to create, within my own life, a work-life balance that I can sustain over a long period of time." - Ivanka Trump

Famous Success Lessons from Ivanka Trump

1. Focus on your goals:

Ivanka Trump emphasizes the importance of setting clear goals to achieve success. She believes that having a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and then working towards it with dedication and persistence is the key to success.

Lesson: Identify your priorities and focus on achieving them consistently.

2. Take calculated risks:

Ivanka Trump encourages people to take calculated risks to achieve their goals. She believes that pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and taking risks can lead to greater rewards.

Lesson: Be open to taking risks, but make sure you have a plan in place and have done your due diligence.

3. Be prepared to work hard:

Ivanka Trump believes that there are no shortcuts to success and that hard work is essential for achieving your goals. She advises people to be willing to put in the time and effort required to achieve their dreams.

Lesson: Be prepared to work hard, stay focused, and don't give up on your goals.

4. Stay true to your values:

Ivanka Trump believes that maintaining your personal values and integrity is essential for achieving long-term success. She advises people to be true to themselves and remain steadfast in their beliefs.

Lesson: Stay true to your values, maintain your integrity, and don't compromise on your principles.

5. Learn from failures:

Ivanka Trump believes that failure is an important part of the learning process and advises people to use their failures as opportunities to grow and learn.

Lesson: Embrace failures as opportunities to learn, pivot, and grow, and use them to your advantage.

6. Give back:

Ivanka Trump believes in giving back to the community and helping others achieve their goals. She advises people to use their success to make a positive difference in the world.

Lesson: Give back to the community, help others achieve their goals, and make a positive impact in the world.

Surprising Facts About Ivanka Trump

  • Despite being a prominent member of one of America's wealthiest families, Ivanka Trump has always valued hard work and independence. She started working at a young age, selling lemonade and working as a teenager in various retail positions.
  • Before entering her father's business empire, Ivanka Trump pursued a career in modeling. She signed a contract with Elite Model Management in her teens and appeared in adverts for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Sassoon Jeans.
  • Ivanka Trump is also passionate about supporting women's empowerment. In 2017, she launched the Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative (W-GDP) to promote economic opportunities and entrepreneurship for women around the world.
  • Along with her husband Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump is an observant Jew, keeping kosher and observing the Sabbath. She even converted to Judaism before marrying Kushner in 2009.
  • Despite her privilege and position of power, Ivanka Trump has been known to stand up against her father and disagree with him on certain issues. For example, she has expressed support for gun control measures and climate change action, which are not typically Republican views.


Ivanka Trump is a businesswoman, author, and former model, with a net worth estimated at $300 million. Born in New York in 1981, Ivanka is the daughter of former US President Donald Trump and model Ivana Trump. She has worked in various roles in her father's company, including Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisitions of the Trump Organization.

Ivanka has also been involved in various business ventures of her own, including launching her own fashion line and serving as a judge on the reality TV show, "The Apprentice." In 2017, she became an unpaid advisor to her father in the White House, focusing on women's economic empowerment and workforce development.

In addition to her business pursuits, Ivanka is also a published author, with her 2009 book, "The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life," becoming a New York Times best-seller. She has been involved in various philanthropic efforts, including serving on the board of the Eric Trump Foundation and the Children's Aid Society.

Despite controversy surrounding her political ties and involvement in her father's administration, Ivanka Trump remains a prominent figure in the business world and continues to inspire women entrepreneurs around the world.


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What is Ivanka Trump's current net worth?

As of 2021, Ivanka Trump's net worth is estimated to be around $375 million.

What did Ivanka Trump do before becoming an advisor to her father, President Trump?

Before becoming an advisor to her father, Ivanka Trump worked in various roles in the fashion industry, including founding her own clothing line. She also appeared as a judge on the reality TV show "The Apprentice."

What kind of education does Ivanka Trump have?

Ivanka Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a degree in economics. She also studied at the Georgetown University School of Business and Columbia Business School.

Is Ivanka Trump involved in any philanthropic activities?

Yes, Ivanka Trump is involved in various philanthropic activities. She serves on the board of directors for the United Nations Foundation and has been a vocal advocate for issues such as paid parental leave and workforce development. She also has her own charitable foundation, the Ivanka M. Trump Charitable Fund.

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