Discover the fascinating life and career of Mick Hucknall, lead singer of the band Simply Red, and find out his estimated net worth and biography. Get inspired by his success story and learn more about his achievements, personal life, and musical legacy now.

Mick Hucknall Net Worth, Bio

Mick Hucknall is a name that evokes memories of classic hits and a voice that has captivated listeners for decades. Over the years, he has carved a niche for himself as a talented singer and songwriter. Hucknall's passion for music has seen him create an enduring legacy, which is what has led many to wonder about his net worth and biography.

This article delves into the life of Mick Hucknall, from his early years to his rise to fame and his present success. We also explore his net worth, which has been a topic of interest for many, covering what has contributed to his wealth and what he has been up to lately.

"Mick Hucknall has had a fascinating journey in the music industry, and his influence on the genre is undeniable. His music and voice have left a lasting impression on generations of fans, and it's a privilege to delve into his life and work."

Whether you're a die-hard Hucknall fan or just curious about this iconic musician, this article is your ultimate guide to Mick Hucknall's life and net worth.

Mick Hucknall Information

Mick Hucknall Information

Below is a table containing the key information about Mick Hucknall, including his net worth, age, place of birth, gender, height, country of origin, and source of wealth.

Field Information
Net Worth As of 2021, Mick Hucknall has an estimated net worth of $60 million.
Age Mick Hucknall was born on June 8, 1960, making him 61 years old.
Born Mick Hucknall was born in Manchester, England.
Gender Mick Hucknall is male.
Height Mick Hucknall is 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall.
Country of Origin Mick Hucknall is from England.
Source of Wealth Mick Hucknall's primary source of wealth is his career as a singer-songwriter and musician, particularly as the lead singer for the band Simply Red.

Key Facts

Mick Hucknall is a well-known British musician and songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the band Simply Red.

  • He was born on June 8, 1960, in Manchester, England.
  • His father abandoned the family when he was three, and he was raised by his mother.
  • He started his musical career as the lead singer of the band The Frantic Elevators in the late 1970s.
  • He formed Simply Red in 1985, and the band became one of the most successful acts of the 1980s and 1990s.
  • Hucknall has released several solo albums, including Tribute to Bobby, which paid homage to his musical hero, Bobby Bland.
  • He has won several awards for his music, including three Brit Awards and two Ivor Novello Awards.
Mick Hucknall Net Worth
Net Worth (2021) $60 million

Hucknall has amassed a substantial net worth through his successful music career. He continues to perform and record music, and his legacy as one of the greatest voices of his generation is firmly established.

Mick Hucknall Net Worth, Bio

Early Life

 Early Life

Mick Hucknall, the English singer, songwriter and musician, was born on June 8, 1960 in Manchester, UK. He grew up in a working-class family with his mother and stepfather.

Hucknall was raised in a musical household, with his mother being an avid music lover and his stepfather being a jazz musician. He was exposed to various genres of music at an early age, which greatly influenced his musical style and taste.

Growing up, Hucknall faced several challenges, including the absence of his biological father and financial struggles within the family. However, he found solace in music, and started playing the guitar at age 14.

Even as a teenager, Hucknall had already made his mind to pursue a career in music. He started writing songs and performing at local pubs and clubs.

Despite facing various obstacles, Hucknall never gave up on his dream and continued working hard to make a name for himself in the music industry.


Mick Hucknall began his music career as the lead vocalist of Simply Red in 1985. He wrote most of the band's hits, including "Holding Back the Years," "Money's Too Tight (to Mention)," and "If You Don't Know Me by Now."

Simply Red's debut album, "Picture Book," was a huge success, reaching number two on the UK charts, and featuring three top ten singles. Over the years, Hucknall and Simply Red released several more albums, achieving international success and critical acclaim, with their soulful pop sound.

In addition to his work with Simply Red, Hucknall has also collaborated with other musicians, such as the Bee Gees, B.B. King, and David Gilmour. He has also released solo albums, including "Tribute to Bobby" (2008), a tribute to Bobby Bland, his musical hero.

Hucknall has also been involved in various philanthropic efforts throughout his career, supporting causes such as the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Prince's Trust. He was awarded an MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in 2010 for his services to music and charity.

How Mick Hucknall Allocates His Finances

Charitable Giving

Mick Hucknall is well-known for his philanthropic efforts, having supported numerous charitable causes over the years. He is particularly passionate about cancer research, having lost his father to the disease in 2009. Hucknall also supports various environmental and wildlife organizations, as well as mental health initiatives. He has pledged a significant portion of his net worth to charitable causes, and regularly participates in fundraising events and auctions to support his favorite organizations.

Real Estate Investments

As a successful musician and businessman, Mick Hucknall has invested heavily in real estate over the years. He owns multiple properties in London and the surrounding areas, including a number of luxury apartments and houses. Hucknall is also rumored to have purchased a villa in Italy and a beachfront property in the Caribbean. He is known for his exceptional taste in design and architecture, and often renovates and restores his properties to perfection.

A Lavish Lifestyle

Mick Hucknall is known for his love of the finer things in life, including high-end cars, yachts, and travel. He has been spotted driving luxury vehicles such as Aston Martins and Ferraris, and is said to own a vintage Rolls Royce as well. Hucknall is also known for his love of sailing, and has been seen cruising around on his yacht in the Mediterranean. He frequently travels around the world to attend concerts and events, and is said to favor upscale hotels and resorts.

Music Ventures

Although Mick Hucknall is no longer actively producing music with Simply Red, he remains heavily involved in the industry. He has formed his own record label, Crimson Productions, which releases music by a variety of artists. He is also a skilled songwriter and has contributed to numerous other artists' albums over the years. Additionally, Hucknall has dabbled in acting, having made appearances in several films and television shows.

Mick Hucknall - Highlights of his Net Worth and Bio

Successful Career in Music

Mick Hucknall started his career in music as the frontman of the band "Simply Red". The band became hugely popular in the 1980s and 1990s with hit songs like "Holding Back the Years" and "If You Don't Know Me By Now".

Thanks to his successful music career, Hucknall has amassed a net worth of over $65 million.

Fun fact:
  • Hucknall was only 17 years old when he wrote the lyrics for "Holding Back the Years" which would become one of the most popular songs of his career.

Philanthropic Work

Hucknall is known for his philanthropic work and has donated significant amounts of money to various charities and causes. Some of these include the Teenage Cancer Trust, Nordoff Robbins music therapy, and the Prince's Trust.

In 2003, Hucknall was awarded an Outstanding Contribution to Music award by the Nordoff Robbins charity for his work in promoting music therapy.

Fun fact:
  • Hucknall donated £25,000 to the Bertram House Hospice in 2009 after being moved by the story of a young girl who lost her life to a rare form of cancer.

Personal Life

Hucknall has been married twice, first to the Italian model Raffaella Reggi, and later to Gabriella Wesberry. He has four children from his two marriages.

In addition to his music career, Hucknall is also a keen football fan and supports the English Premier League team Manchester United.

Fun fact:
  • Hucknall is a big fan of soul music and cites artists like Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye as major influences on his style.

Mick Hucknall's Best Quotes

Below are some of the most notable quotes from Mick Hucknall, the lead singer of the popular British band, Simply Red:

  • "There's something about soul music that just speaks to people."
  • "One of the reasons I think Simply Red has lasted as long as it has is because the music has always been true to what we wanted to do."
  • "I'm not trying to save the world or do anything particularly noble. I just want to be a good musician and do good work."
  • "Being famous doesn't necessarily mean you're good at your craft. But being good at your craft definitely means you'll get noticed and have a better chance of success."
  • "I believe that music can bring people together and break down barriers, whether they're cultural or political."
  • "As long as I'm making music that I'm proud of and that resonates with people, that's all that really matters to me."

Mick Hucknall has been a successful musician for over three decades, and his words serve as a reminder that staying true to yourself and your art can lead to longevity and success.

Mick Hucknall's Biography
Name: Mick Hucknall
Profession: Musician
Net Worth: $57 Million
Best known for: Being the lead singer of Simply Red

Success Lessons from Mick Hucknall

1. Perseverance is key

Mick Hucknall's success didn't come overnight. It took him several years and numerous rejections before he landed a record deal. Despite the setbacks, he persevered and continued to perfect his craft until he finally got his big break. His success teaches us that no matter how many times we fail, we should never give up on our dreams.

2. Hard work pays off

Mick Hucknall's success can also be attributed to his hard work and dedication. He spent long hours in the studio perfecting his music and constantly honing his skills. His success teaches us that there are no shortcuts to success and that hard work pays off in the end.

3. Believe in yourself

Mick Hucknall's success is also a testament to the power of self-belief. Despite facing numerous rejections from record labels, he never lost faith in his abilities and continued to believe in himself. His success teaches us that self-belief is crucial to achieving our goals, even in the face of adversity.

4. Embrace your unique talents

Mick Hucknall's success is due in part to his unique style and voice. He didn't try to conform to mainstream norms but embraced his unique talents and incorporated them into his music. His success teaches us that embracing our unique talents can set us apart from the crowd and lead us to success.

5. Surround yourself with supportive people

Mick Hucknall's success is also a result of the support he received from those around him. He surrounded himself with people who believed in him and his talents and encouraged him to keep pursuing his dreams. His success teaches us that having a support system is crucial to achieving our goals and overcoming obstacles.

  • Perseverance is key to success
  • Hard work pays off
  • Believe in yourself
  • Embrace your unique talents
  • Surround yourself with supportive people
Key Takeaways

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Mick Hucknall

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Mick Hucknall

1. His stage name has an interesting origin

While his real name is Michael James Hucknall, he adopted the name Mick because he thought it sounded more rock 'n' roll. The surname Hucknall comes from a village in Nottinghamshire, England where his mother was born and raised.

2. He was a punk rock enthusiast before becoming a pop star

Before forming the band Simply Red, Hucknall was a fan of punk rock and frequented shows of bands like the Sex Pistols and The Clash. He even formed his own punk band called The Frantic Elevators in 1977, before disbanding and moving on to a pop music career.

3. He's a football fanatic

Hucknall is a huge fan of football, or soccer as it's known in the United States. He is a supporter of his hometown team, Manchester United, and has even played in celebrity charity football matches.

4. He has a passion for jazz music

While best known for his pop hits with Simply Red, Hucknall is also a jazz enthusiast. He has collaborated with famous jazz musicians like Tony Bennett and has performed jazz standards in his solo shows.

5. He's an advocate for environmental conservation

Hucknall is a passionate environmentalist and has campaigned for various conservation causes. He supports organizations that aim to protect forests and wildlife, and he uses his celebrity status to raise awareness for these issues.


Mick Hucknall is a British singer-songwriter and musician who has a net worth of $60 million. He is best known as the lead vocalist of the popular British band, Simply Red. He formed the band in 1985 and they became known for their smooth and soulful sound.

Hucknall has been actively involved in the music industry for over four decades and has released numerous albums with Simply Red. He has also collaborated with several other musicians over the years. In addition to his successful music career, Hucknall has also dabbled in acting and has appeared in several movies and TV shows.

Despite the ups and downs that come with a career in the music industry, Hucknall has managed to maintain a successful and lucrative career. He is known for his distinctive voice and his ability to write and perform songs that resonate with his fans. With his wealth and talent, he has become one of the most respected musicians in the industry today.


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What is Mick Hucknall's net worth?

Mick Hucknall's net worth is estimated to be $57 million.

How did Mick Hucknall become famous?

Mick Hucknall became famous as the lead singer of the band Simply Red, which released hits like "Holding Back the Years" and "Stars".

What is Mick Hucknall's background?

Mick Hucknall was born on June 8, 1960 in Manchester, England. His mother was a jazz singer, and he formed his first band at the age of 17.

What are some of Mick Hucknall's notable achievements?

Mick Hucknall has won numerous awards throughout his career, including three Brit Awards and a Ivor Novello Award. He was also awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Music from the University of Manchester in 2016.

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