Discover Zendaya's impressive net worth and fascinating biography, including her rise to fame, personal life, and successful career in the entertainment industry.

Zendaya Net Worth, Bio

Zendaya is a name that has been making waves in the entertainment industry for quite some time now. Born in California, the actress, singer, and dancer has garnered a lot of attention with her powerful performances. She started her journey in the entertainment industry at a very young age and has been shining ever since. With numerous accolades and achievements under her belt, this young starlet has become a force to be reckoned with.

Zendaya has been able to achieve success in multiple fields of the entertainment industry, from acting to singing to dancing. At such a young age, she has already established a reputation for herself, thanks to her dedication and hard work. She is not just a talented artist but also an inspiration to many young people worldwide, as she never shies away from being her true self and always stands up for what she believes in.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the life of Zendaya, her rise to fame, and her achievements. We will also explore her net worth and learn more about this incredible young star.

Zendaya: Net Worth, Bio

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Net Worth Zendaya's estimated net worth is $15 million. She has earned her wealth from her acting career, brand endorsements, and music career.
Age Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996, and as of 2021, she is 25 years old.
Born Zendaya was born in Oakland, California, and raised in nearby city Dublin.
Gender Zendaya is a female gender identifying person.
Height Zendaya is 5 feet 10 inches tall.
Country of Origin Zendaya was born in the United States and is an American citizen.
Source of Wealth Zendaya's main source of wealth is her acting career. She has appeared in several movies and TV shows like Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Greatest Showman, and Euphoria, among others. She has also earned from her brand endorsements like Lancôme, CoverGirl, Tommy Hilfiger, and more. Moreover, she is a singer and has released several albums, including "Zendaya" and "Shake It Up: Break It Down."

Key Facts

  • Early Career: Zendaya began her career as a child model and backup dancer before landing her breakthrough role on the Disney Channel series "Shake It Up" in 2010.
  • Acting Career: Zendaya has since gone on to star in numerous film and television projects, including "Spider-Man: Homecoming," "The Greatest Showman," and the HBO series "Euphoria."
  • Music Career: In addition to acting, Zendaya has also pursued a career in music, releasing her debut single "Replay" in 2013 and her self-titled debut album in 2015.
  • Business Ventures: Zendaya has also been involved in various business ventures, including design collaborations with clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger and her own line of shoes with Daya by Zendaya.
  • Awards and Recognition: Zendaya has received numerous awards and nominations throughout her career, including an Emmy Award for her performance in "Euphoria" and a Grammy nomination for her song "All for Us" from the show's soundtrack.
  • Net Worth: As of 2021, Zendaya's net worth is estimated to be around $15 million, making her one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

Zendaya Net Worth, Bio

Early Life

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California. She was named after the Shona language word "Tendai," which means "to give thanks." Her father is African-American and her mother is white, with German and Irish ancestry.

Zendaya grew up in an artistic family, with her mother working as a house manager at the California Shakespeare Theater and her father as a teacher, director, and stage manager. She began performing at a young age, studying dance at the Oakland School for the Arts and singing in a local youth group.

Zendaya was also a successful model, appearing in ads for Macy's, Old Navy, and Target before she even turned 14 years old. Despite her early success, she remained focused on her education, taking online courses and graduating from high school in 2015.

Overall, Zendaya's early life was marked by a love of the arts, dedication to education, and a drive to succeed in all aspects of her life.


Zendaya began her acting career in 2010 with a role in the Disney Channel series "Shake It Up". She quickly gained popularity with her portrayal of the spunky character "Rocky Blue".

Since then, she has acted in a number of movies and TV shows, including "Spider-Man: Homecoming", "The Greatest Showman", and HBO's "Euphoria". In addition to acting, Zendaya is also a successful singer. She has released a number of singles and her debut album "Zendaya" was released in 2013.

Besides entertainment, Zendaya is also a fashion icon. She has collaborated with several fashion brands and launched her own clothing line called "Daya by Zendaya" in 2016. She has also been a spokesmodel for CoverGirl and Lancôme.

Zendaya has been recognized for her talent and hard work with numerous awards and nominations. She won the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress in a Comedy for "The Greatest Showman" and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for "Euphoria".

  • Zendaya's career highlights:
  • - "Shake It Up" (2010-2013)
  • - "Spider-Man: Homecoming" (2017)
  • - "The Greatest Showman" (2017)
  • - "Euphoria" (2019-present)
  • - Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress in a Comedy (2018)
  • - Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (2020)

How Zendaya Spends Her Money

Zendaya Coleman is one of the most talented and highest paid actresses in Hollywood. With a net worth of over $15 million, she has plenty of money to spend on her favorite things.

One way Zendaya likes to spend her money is by traveling the world. She loves to explore different cultures and try new foods. She also enjoys staying in luxury hotels and resorts when she travels.

Another way Zendaya spends her money is by investing in fashion. She often wears designer clothing and accessories for red carpet events and fashion shows. She also has her own fashion line, Daya by Zendaya, which includes clothing, shoes, and accessories for women of all sizes.

Zendaya is also known for her philanthropic efforts and donates money to various charities and organizations. She is particularly passionate about supporting organizations that help young people, such as the Boys and Girls Club of America and UNICEF.

Overall, Zendaya is a smart and savvy spender who enjoys experiencing the world, investing in her passions, and giving back to those in need.


Early Career

Early Career

Zendaya began her career as a child model and backup dancer. She grew in fame when she appeared on the Disney Channel series "Shake It Up".

Acting Career

Zendaya has appeared in several movies, including "The Greatest Showman", "Spider-Man: Homecoming", and "Spider-Man: Far From Home". She also starred in the HBO series "Euphoria" for which she won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Music Career

Zendaya has released several albums and singles throughout her career, including "Replay" and "Something New". She has collaborated with artists such as Chris Brown and

Fashion and Beauty

Zendaya is known for her fashion sense and has collaborated with several fashion houses, including Tommy Hilfiger. She has also launched her own line of clothing and accessories. She has been an ambassador for CoverGirl and Lancôme.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Zendaya's net worth is estimated to be $15 million. She has earned her wealth through her successful acting, music, and fashion careers.

Favorite Quotes from Zendaya

"I don't think you should ever be afraid to shine."

Zendaya encourages people to embrace their unique qualities and never be afraid to show who they truly are. She believes that everyone has something special to offer the world and should never shy away from it.

"The best thing is to always be yourself, even if it's different from everybody else."

Zendaya stresses the importance of staying true to oneself and not trying to conform to societal norms or pressures. She believes that individuality should be celebrated, not criticized.

"Kindness is easy to give, and it's free."

Zendaya emphasizes the significance of being kind to others and spreading positivity. She believes that even small acts of kindness can make a big difference in someone's day.

"No one can dim the light that shines from within."

Zendaya reminds people that their inner light and greatness cannot be extinguished by anyone or anything. She encourages people to always believe in themselves and their own abilities.

"Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place."

Zendaya inspires others to have confidence in themselves and their dreams. She believes that having faith in oneself is the first step towards achieving success and happiness.

Lessons for success from Zendaya

Be true to yourself

One of the key lessons for success from Zendaya is the importance of being true to yourself. Zendaya is known for being authentic and genuine, and for staying true to her values and beliefs. She has spoken openly about her struggles with self-doubt and anxiety, and has encouraged others to embrace their individuality and to be proud of who they are.

Work hard and stay focused

Another lesson for success from Zendaya is the importance of hard work and focus. Zendaya has worked tirelessly to pursue her dreams, and has overcome many obstacles along the way. She has emphasized the importance of setting goals and working hard to achieve them, and has advised others to stay focused on their goals even in the face of challenges and setbacks.

Be kind and generous

Zendaya is also known for her kindness and generosity, and for using her platform to promote positive change in the world. She has advocated for social justice issues and has used her voice to speak out against hate and discrimination. She has emphasized the importance of treating others with kindness and respect, and has encouraged her fans to get involved in causes that they care about.

Never stop learning

Finally, Zendaya has emphasized the importance of lifelong learning and growth. She has encouraged her fans to always be curious and to never stop learning, and has spoken about the value of seeking out new experiences and challenges. She has emphasized the importance of staying open-minded and willing to learn from others, and has encouraged others to embrace learning as a lifelong journey.

Interesting Facts About Zendaya

1. Zendaya is not her real name

Zendaya's full name is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman. She adopted the name "Zendaya" which is derived from the word "Tendai" which means "give thanks" in Shona, a native Zimbabwean language.

2. She is a multi-talented artist

Zendaya is not only an actress, but she is also a singer, dancer and fashion model. She released her first single "Swag It Out" in 2011 and her debut album "Zendaya" in 2013.

3. She is a social activist

Zendaya is an active philanthropist and has been involved in various social causes. She has worked with organizations such as Convoy of Hope, Habitat for Humanity and UNICEF. In addition, she is an ambassador for Save the Children and the youngest ever to serve as a Board of Directors member for Boys & Girls Club of America.

4. She made history at the Emmy Awards

In 2020, Zendaya became the youngest person to ever win the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series, for her role in HBO's "Euphoria". This was her first nomination and win at the Emmy Awards.

5. She is fluent in Sign Language

Zendaya learned American Sign Language (ASL) in order to communicate with her fans who are hard of hearing. She has used her platform to raise awareness about the deaf community and has also signed the National Anthem in ASL at sporting events.


Zendaya is one of the most popular and successful actresses in Hollywood today. Born in California in 1996, she began her career as a child model and quickly made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. She is also an accomplished singer, dancer, and fashion model.

Zendaya's net worth is estimated at around $15 million, thanks in large part to her lucrative acting and modeling contracts. She has appeared in a number of popular TV shows and movies, including "Shake It Up," "Spider-Man: Homecoming," and "The Greatest Showman." She has also received numerous awards and nominations for her work, including an Emmy Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Aside from her professional accomplishments, Zendaya is also known for her philanthropic work. She is an ambassador for a number of charities and organizations, including the Girl Up Campaign, which aims to empower young women around the world. In addition, she has been a strong advocate for social justice issues, using her platform to raise awareness about issues like police brutality and racial inequality.

Overall, Zendaya is a talented and inspiring actress, singer, and role model who has achieved incredible success at a young age. She continues to be a major force in the entertainment world, and her fans eagerly anticipate her future projects and accomplishments.


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What is Zendaya's net worth?

As of 2021, Zendaya has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

What are some of Zendaya's most famous roles?

Zendaya is most well-known for her roles in Spider-Man: Homecoming and HBO's Euphoria. She also appeared in the Disney Channel sitcoms Shake It Up and K.C. Undercover.

What is Zendaya's background?

Zendaya was born in Oakland, California in 1996. Her parents are both teachers and she grew up performing in school plays and musicals. She began her career as a model and backup dancer before landing her first acting role.

What is Zendaya involved in outside of acting?

Zendaya is also a singer and has released several singles and a self-titled debut album. She is involved in various philanthropic endeavors, including working with Convoy of Hope to provide aid to those affected by natural disasters.

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