Get to know Piers Morgan's net worth and interesting biographical details, including his career highlights and personal life. Learn more about this journalist and TV personality that has made a name for himself in the media industry.

Piers Morgan Net Worth, Bio

With a net worth of over $20 million dollars, Piers Morgan has solidified his place in the media world as one of the most successful and influential figures of our time. Born in Sussex in 1965, Morgan’s journey to fame has been anything but easy. From humble beginnings as a local newspaper reporter to becoming one of the most recognizable faces on television today, Morgan’s career has been marked by tremendous highs and heart-wrenching lows.

Despite his polarizing personality, there is no denying that Morgan’s contributions to the world of journalism have been monumental. His fearless approach to asking tough questions and his unwavering pursuit of the truth have earned him numerous accolades and earned him the respect of his peers. With a career spanning several decades, Morgan has emerged as one of the most respected figures in the media world.

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Piers Morgan has become one of the most iconic figures of our time.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Piers Morgan’s life, career, and net worth. We will explore the man behind the headlines, and uncover the experiences and moments that shaped him into the person he is today. From his early days in journalism to his rise to international fame, we will delve deep into the life of one of the most intriguing personalities of our time.

Piers Morgan's Personal Information

Field Information
Net Worth Piers Morgan's net worth is estimated at $20 million
Age Piers Morgan is currently 55 years old
Born Piers Morgan was born on March 30, 1965 in Guildford, Surrey, England
Gender Piers Morgan is a male
Height Piers Morgan is 6 feet 1 inch tall
Country of Origin Piers Morgan is from the United Kingdom
Source of Wealth Piers Morgan's sources of wealth include television hosting, journalism, and writing

Piers Morgan is a well-known public figure in the United Kingdom and the United States. He has worked as a television presenter, journalist, and media personality. He has had a successful career in the media and has accumulated a large net worth through his various endeavors. Morgan has hosted a number of popular television shows, including Piers Morgan Live and Good Morning Britain.

Key Facts

Piers Morgan is a British journalist and television personality.

  • He was born on March 30, 1965 in Newick, England.
  • Morgan began his journalism career as a reporter for a local newspaper.
  • He later became known for his work as editor of the tabloid newspapers News of the World and the Daily Mirror.
  • In 2006, Morgan made his debut as a television presenter on the British version of America's Got Talent.
  • He has also hosted the British talk show Piers Morgan's Life Stories and the American talk show Piers Morgan Tonight.

Aside from his career in journalism and television, Morgan is also known for his controversial opinions on topics such as gun control and the British monarchy.

Net Worth Salary
$20 million $2.5 million per year

Morgan's success in both journalism and television has led to a net worth of $20 million and an annual salary of $2.5 million.

Piers Morgan Net Worth and Bio

Early Life

Piers Morgan was born on March 30, 1965, in Surrey, England as Piers Stefan O'Meara. He grew up in Sussex, England and was educated at the private school, Chailey School, before going on to study journalism at Harlow College.

From a young age, Morgan was interested in journalism and wrote for various local newspapers. He then went on to work for the Surrey and Sussex Courier before landing a job at the Wimbledon News.

  • Born: March 30, 1965
  • Birthplace: Surrey, England
  • Education: Chailey School, Harlow College
  • Occupation: Journalist, television host
  • Years active: 1985-present

Morgan’s first big break came in 1989 when he was hired by The Sun as a reporter. He rose up through the ranks quickly and became the newspaper’s youngest ever editor at the age of 28.

Over the years, Morgan has worked for a variety of newspapers and magazines, including News of the World, the Daily Mirror, and GQ, cementing his reputation as a controversial figure in British journalism.



Piers Morgan began his career in journalism at the age of 17, as a writer for the Wimbledon News. From there, he went on to work for several newspapers including The Sun and The News of The World. He became editor of The News of The World at the young age of 28, making him the youngest editor of a British national newspaper in over 50 years.

After three years as editor, Morgan took over the editorship of the Daily Mirror, a position he held from 1995 to 2004. During his time at the Mirror, he courted controversy with his support of the Labour Party and his outspoken views on issues such as gun control. He also spearheaded successful campaigns such as the "Justice for Stephen Lawrence" campaign.


In 2006, Morgan moved into broadcasting, becoming a judge on the popular talent show, America's Got Talent. He went on to host his own chat show, Piers Morgan Tonight, on CNN in 2011, earning both praise and criticism for his hard-hitting interview style and controversial opinions.

Since then, Morgan has continued to appear regularly on British and American television, hosting a variety of programmes including Good Morning Britain and Piers Morgan's Life Stories.


As well as his work in journalism and broadcasting, Morgan is also a prolific author. He has written several books, including a well-received memoir, The Insider, in which he gives an account of his time as a tabloid newspaper editor.

Piers Morgan's Spending Habits: How Does He Use His Wealth?

 Piers Morgan's Spending Habits: How Does He Use His Wealth?

Personal Luxury

With a net worth of $20 million, Piers Morgan certainly has the means to indulge in the occasional luxury or splurge. He is known to own a multi-million dollar home in Hollywood which he has renovated to impeccable standards. He is also a keen collector of fine wines and enjoys dining at exclusive restaurants.

Travel and Adventure

Piers Morgan is not one to shy away from a luxury holiday or adventure. He has been known to take his family on glamorous trips around the world, staying in some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts. He enjoys a range of outdoor activities, including fishing and hunting, which can be costly.

Philanthropy and Investments

In recent years, Piers Morgan has become more involved in philanthropy and has been known to make substantial donations to various charitable organizations. He has also invested in several successful business ventures, which have no doubt contributed to his wealth.

Misadventures with Money

Despite his wealth, Piers Morgan has had his share of financial mishaps. In 2018, he was ordered to pay $1.2 million to a former colleague after being found guilty of breaching their employment contract. He also reportedly lost a significant amount of money investing in a tax avoidance scheme which was later deemed illegal. In summary, Piers Morgan uses his wealth to indulge in personal luxuries, travel and adventure, invest in businesses, and support philanthropic causes. While he has had some financial misadventures, his net worth remains in the millions, allowing him to lead an enviable lifestyle.


The Career of Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan's career spans several decades and he has worked in various fields throughout his professional life. He started his career as a journalist and later worked in the media industry as a TV presenter, editor, and judge on reality TV shows.

  • He began his journalism career as a writer for local papers in the UK
  • He moved on to become a tabloid newspaper editor for several major publications
  • He later transitioned into television and became the host of various talk shows in the UK and the US
  • He's also been a judge on popular reality shows like America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent
  • He's written several books and had a successful podcast

Throughout his career, Piers Morgan has been known for his controversial opinions and willingness to speak his mind. He has also been involved in several high-profile controversies, including allegations of phone hacking during his time as a newspaper editor.

Piers Morgan's Net Worth

As of 2021, Piers Morgan's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. This is a result of his successful career as a journalist, TV presenter, and reality TV judge, as well as earnings from book deals and other ventures.

Morgan's salary for his former gig as a co-host on Good Morning Britain was reportedly around $3 million per year.

His net worth is likely to continue to grow as he pursues new opportunities and ventures in the media industry.

Favorite Quotes from Piers Morgan:

Piers Morgan is known for his sharp personality and exceptional interviewing skills. Here are some of his most famous quotes:

  • "The only thing I can't stand more than stupidity is intellectual arrogance."
  • "Being rich is not about money, being rich is a state of mind."
  • "I'm not confrontational, I'm just allergic to B.S."
  • "One of the joys of being a journalist is that you get to meet a lot of interesting people."

These quotes reflect Piers Morgan's strong personality and his desire to seek the truth in his journalism career.

Success Lessons from Piers Morgan

1. Confidence is key

Piers Morgan's career can be attributed to his confidence and self-assuredness. He has always been willing to take risks and express his opinions without fear of backlash. This confidence has helped him succeed in both his television and journalistic endeavors.

2. Hard work pays off

Piers Morgan has put in a lot of hard work throughout his career. From his early days as a local newspaper reporter to his current role as a talk show host, he has always been willing to put in the hours necessary to succeed. Morgan's dedication and work ethic have helped him build a successful and lucrative career.

3. Embrace controversy

Piers Morgan has never been one to shy away from controversy. In fact, he has often sought it out. Morgan understands that controversy can generate buzz and attention, which can lead to increased ratings and success. However, he also knows that it’s important to be able to handle the backlash that comes with controversial opinions.

4. Surround yourself with talented people

Morgan has surrounded himself with talented people throughout his career. From his co-workers at CNN to his team on Britain's Got Talent, he has always sought out the best in the business. Morgan knows that success is often a team effort and by surrounding yourself with talented individuals, you can achieve more.

5. Be adaptable

Morgan has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years, and throughout that time, he has had to adapt to changes in technology, consumer preferences, and social norms. He understands that success requires the ability to evolve and adapt to new circumstances.


In conclusion, Piers Morgan's career is a testament to the fact that success requires hard work, dedication, and the ability to take risks and embrace controversy. By surrounding yourself with talented individuals, being adaptable, and having confidence in your abilities, you can achieve great things.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Piers Morgan

1. Successful Career in Journalism

Piers Morgan is an accomplished journalist and television presenter. He has hosted several popular TV shows, such as "Piers Morgan Live," "Good Morning Britain," and "The Apprentice." Morgan's journalism career began at the age of 17 when he became the youngest editor of a national UK newspaper, "News of the World."

2. Judge on America's Got Talent

Many people were surprised to learn that Piers Morgan served as a judge on "America's Got Talent" from 2006 to 2011. Alongside fellow judges Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel, Morgan evaluated talent acts from across the United States. His witty commentary and no-nonsense judging style made him a fan favorite.

3. Controversial Remarks on Social Media

Piers Morgan often makes headlines for his controversial remarks on social media. He has been known to criticize celebrities and politicians, and his comments have sparked outrage and backlash from the public. For example, Morgan received widespread criticism in 2020 for his comments about Meghan Markle, which many people viewed as sexist and racist.

4. Author and Publisher

In addition to his TV career, Piers Morgan has also written several books and articles. He has published biographies of famous people such as Prince Charles and Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as a memoir about his time as a newspaper editor. Morgan is also the editor-at-large for the Daily Mail Online in the United States.

5. Friendship with Donald Trump

Piers Morgan is a longtime friend of former U.S. President Donald Trump. The two have known each other for over a decade, and Morgan has defended Trump's policies and actions, including his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Morgan has also criticized Trump at times and has called him out for his controversial statements.

6. Estimated Net Worth

As of 2021, Piers Morgan's estimated net worth is $20 million. His earnings come from his TV career, books, and articles, as well as various endorsements and sponsorships. Morgan is known for living a lavish lifestyle, with homes in London and Los Angeles and a collection of exotic cars.

Piers Morgan Net Worth, Bio: Summary

Piers Morgan is a prominent media personality known for his work as a journalist, television presenter, and author. He has had an impressive career, having worked for several top media outlets over the years. Morgan's net worth is estimated to be around $20 million, making him one of the wealthiest media personalities in the industry.

Morgan started his career in journalism in the early 1980s and quickly rose up the ranks, becoming editor of two of the UK's biggest newspapers, The News of the World and The Daily Mirror. He then moved into television, working as a judge on Britain's Got Talent and later hosting his own chat show, Piers Morgan Live.

Morgan has also enjoyed success as an author, with several bestselling books to his name. He is known for his controversial opinions and interviews with the world's most influential people. Despite his success, Morgan has faced criticism and controversy throughout his career, with many accusing him of being too opinionated and lacking in journalistic integrity.

Despite this, Morgan remains one of the most well-known and influential media personalities in the world. He continues to work across a range of media platforms, and his net worth is likely to continue to grow in the years to come. Love him or hate him, it's hard to deny the impact that Piers Morgan has had on the world of media and journalism.


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What is Piers Morgan's net worth?

Piers Morgan's estimated net worth as of 2021 is $20 million.

What is Piers Morgan best known for?

Piers Morgan is best known for his career in journalism, which includes being a former editor of the British tabloid newspapers News of the World and the Daily Mirror, as well as his television hosting roles on programs such as Piers Morgan Live and Good Morning Britain.

How did Piers Morgan first get into journalism?

Piers Morgan began his career in journalism as a writer for the Wimbledon News and later moved on to work for other local newspapers. He then became a showbiz columnist for The Sun newspaper before becoming editor of the News of the World in 1994.

What is Piers Morgan's educational background?

Piers Morgan attended Chailey School, a comprehensive school in East Sussex, before studying journalism at Harlow College. He did not attend university.

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