Find out Naomi Scott's net worth and explore her bio, including her early life, career, personal life, and achievements. Discover what makes Naomi Scott such a successful and influential young actress and singer in the entertainment industry.

Naomi Scott Net Worth, Bio

Naomi Scott is an actress, singer, and songwriter who has managed to establish herself as a prominent figure in Hollywood. She first appeared on the scene in Disney Channel's original movie, Lemonade Mouth, and has since starred in several high-profile movies, including the live-action remake of Aladdin, which grossed more than $1 billion worldwide.

Scott's acting skills are not the only talent that has earned her celebrity status. Her distinct voice and captivating performances have earned her critical acclaim, and she has released her own music, including the EP "Invisible Division."

But with success comes wealth, and Naomi Scott's net worth continues to grow. In this article, we will dive into Naomi Scott's life, career, and earnings to give you a better understanding of her rise to fame and fortune.

"I was always writing music and growing up in the church, music was always a part of my life, just a natural part of my expression" - Naomi Scott

Naomi Scott's Biography and Net Worth

Naomi Scott is a talented actress, singer and songwriter from England with an estimated net worth of $3 million. She was born on May 6, 1993 in London, England and is currently 28 years old. Naomi is of Indian descent and is one of three siblings in her family.

Field Details
Age 28
Born May 6, 1993 in London, England
Gender Female
Height 5' 6" (168 cm)
Country of Origin England
Source of Wealth Actress, Singer, Songwriter

Naomi Scott began her career as an actress in 2008 and has since then starred in various movies and TV shows. Some of her most notable roles include Princess Jasmine in Disney's "Aladdin" and Elena Houghlin in "Charlie's Angels". Aside from acting, Naomi is also a talented singer and songwriter, having released her first EP "Invisible Division" in 2014.

With her multiple talents and successful career, it's no surprise that Naomi Scott has an impressive net worth. She has earned her fortune through her acting and music projects, as well as various brand endorsements and partnerships.

Key Facts

Early Life: Naomi Scott was born on May 6, 1993, and raised in London, England. She is of British and Indian descent.

Career: Scott started her acting career as a teenager, appearing in several British TV dramas and films. In 2019, she got her big break playing Princess Jasmine in Disney's live-action adaptation of "Aladdin.

Other Roles: Scott has also starred in "Power Rangers" (2017) and "Charlie's Angels" (2019). She is set to play the lead in the upcoming sci-fi film "Distant".

Music Career: In addition to acting, Scott is also a singer and songwriter. She has released several singles and EPs, and her music has been featured in film and TV projects.

Philanthropy Work: Scott is an ambassador for the charity organization The Prince's Trust, which helps vulnerable young people get into education and find employment.

Net Worth (estimated): $6 million
Personal Life: Scott is married to soccer player Jordan Spence, and the couple has one child together.

Early Life

Naomi Scott is an English actress, singer, and songwriter. She was born on May 6, 1993, in London, England. Naomi comes from a mixed heritage family; her mother is of Indian descent, and her father is of British descent. She grew up in a tight-knit family where her parents encouraged her and her siblings to pursue their dreams.

Naomi attended Davenant Foundation School in Loughton, Essex, where she began performing in school plays and drama productions. Her passion for acting and performing led her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

At the age of 15, Naomi was discovered by a talent scout who saw her performing at her church. This gave her the opportunity to audition for a role in the Disney Channel UK series "Life Bites." She landed the role of Megan, which was her first major acting role.

Naomi's early life experiences and upbringing influenced her to pursue a career in entertainment that would allow her to express herself creatively while representing her heritage.



Naomi Scott began her career in the entertainment industry in 2005 when she appeared in the London West End production of "The Lion King" at the age of 12. She then went on to star in the musical "Whistle Down the Wind" before earning a role in the Disney Channel UK series "Life Bites."

Television and Film

Scott's breakout role came in 2011 when she starred as Mohini "Mo" Banjaree in the Disney Channel original movie "Lemonade Mouth." She continued to work with Disney, appearing in the series "Terra Nova" and the live-action "Aladdin" remake as Jasmine.

Scott has also been featured in non-Disney productions such as the sci-fi film "The Martian" and the crime drama series "The Good Place." In 2019, she starred as Elena Houghton in the action-comedy film "Charlie's Angels," further solidifying her place in Hollywood.


In addition to acting, Scott is also a singer-songwriter. She provided vocals for several songs in "Lemonade Mouth" and released her debut EP "Invisible Division" in 2014. She has also collaborated with other artists, including Nick Brewer and Jordan Rose.

Naomi Scott's Money Management

With a net worth of $3 million, many are curious about how Naomi Scott spends her money.

Despite her wealth, Naomi is known for her humble nature and frugal spending habits. She has mentioned in interviews that she tries to be conscious of the impact her purchases have on the environment and often opts for eco-friendly options.

As a philanthropist, Naomi also donates a portion of her income to charitable causes she actively supports.

In terms of personal expenses, Naomi enjoys traveling and has been known to take trips with friends and family. She also invests in her health and fitness, regularly working with personal trainers and participating in physical activities like hiking and yoga.

Additionally, as a successful actress and musician, Naomi also invests in her career. This includes hiring a team of professionals to help manage her brand and booking gigs to further her exposure and impact in the entertainment industry.

Naomi Scott's Spending Habits
Type of Expense Examples
Personal Travel, Fitness, Hobbies
Charitable Donations
Career Brand Management, Gig Bookings


Naomi Scott is a talented actress and singer who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry with her remarkable skills.

  • Scott has a net worth of $3 million, which she has earned through her successful career in movies, TV shows, and music.
  • She has appeared in several popular Hollywood movies such as Aladdin, Power Rangers, and The 33.
  • Scott has also made appearances in several TV shows, including Terra Nova, Lewis, and Life Bites.
  • In addition to her acting career, she has also pursued a successful music career, releasing several popular singles and albums.
  • Scott is also known for her philanthropic work, particularly her support of the United Nations Foundation's Girl Up campaign, which aims to empower young girls around the world.

Overall, Naomi Scott is a multi-talented artist who has achieved great success in both the entertainment industry and her philanthropic endeavors.

Favorite Quotes from Naomi Scott

"Believe in yourself and go after what you want in life."

"Growing up, I always had my mom telling me that."

"I think it's important to feel confident in your skin and just really own it."

"I'm constantly evolving and learning what makes me happy and what doesn't. And ultimately, it's just about being comfortable with who you are."

  • "In this industry, it's so important to keep learning and growing."
  • "I think it's important to try new things and not be afraid to take risks."
  • "It's okay to fail, as long as you learn from it and keep moving forward."

"I love hard work and I love pushing myself to be better."

"It's not always easy, but I truly believe that anything is possible if you're willing to work for it."

"My faith is a huge part of my life." "It keeps me grounded and gives me perspective on what's really important."

Lessons on Success from Naomi Scott

1. Passion and Dedication

Naomi Scott's success story is a testament to the fact that passion and dedication can take you a long way. Naomi started her journey towards success as a teenager and was determined to make it big in the entertainment industry. She put in countless hours of hard work, dedication, and perseverance to achieve her dreams.

2. Willingness to Take Risks

Another important lesson that we can learn from Naomi Scott's success is the willingness to take risks. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, she never gave up on her dreams. Instead, she took brave steps towards achieving her goals, which eventually paid off. Whether it was auditioning for a challenging role or taking on new challenges, Naomi never let fear hold her back.

3. Continuous Learning and Improvement

Naomi Scott believes in the power of continuous learning and improvement. She never stopped learning and honing her skills, which made her a versatile and talented actor, singer, and songwriter. She is constantly pushing her boundaries and exploring new avenues to grow as an artist.

4. Keeping a Positive Attitude

One of the most important lessons that we can learn from Naomi Scott is the importance of keeping a positive attitude. Despite facing numerous obstacles and challenges, Naomi always maintained a positive mindset and believed in her abilities. Her positivity and self-belief have been instrumental in her success, and it's a valuable lesson that we can all learn from.

5. Hard Work and Perseverance

Finally, Naomi Scott's success is a reminder that hard work and perseverance can lead to great things. She never took her success for granted and always remained focused on her goals. She worked tirelessly to achieve her dreams, and it's this tenacity and dedication that has made her a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Interesting and Surprising Facts About Naomi Scott

1. Naomi Scott is not only an actress, but also a singer and songwriter. She has released several songs and even contributed to the Aladdin soundtrack.

2. Despite being born and raised in London, England, Naomi Scott's parents are actually from different parts of the world. Her mother is Indian and her father is British.

3. Naomi Scott started her career as a teenager, appearing in British television shows such as "Life Bites" and "Terra Nova", before landing more prominent roles in Hollywood.

4. Before playing Princess Jasmine in the 2019 live-action adaptation of Aladdin, Naomi Scott had previously played the Pink Ranger in the 2017 Power Rangers movie.

5. Naomi Scott is a philanthropist who supports various organizations, such as the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up campaign, which aims to empower young girls around the world.

  • Fun fact: Naomi Scott's favorite Disney princess is actually Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
  • Interesting fact: Naomi Scott has said that if she wasn't an actress, she would have been a teacher.

6. In addition to English, Naomi Scott also speaks Gujarati, a language commonly spoken in India and other South Asian countries.

Year Title Role
2008 Life Bites Megan
2011 Terra Nova Maddy Shannon
2017 Power Rangers Kimberly / Pink Ranger
2019 Aladdin Princess Jasmine

7. Naomi Scott is married to soccer player Jordan Spence, who currently plays for Ipswich Town in England.

8. Naomi Scott has stated that her faith is very important to her and that she is a devout Christian.

9. Despite her success in Hollywood, Naomi Scott remains grounded and focused on her career goals, stating that she wants to continue to challenge herself and take on diverse roles.

  1. Surprising fact: Naomi Scott is a trained dancer and has studied various styles, including contemporary and hip hop.
  2. Interesting fact: Naomi Scott's dream role is to play a James Bond villain.


Naomi Scott Net Worth

Naomi Scott is a talented and charismatic actress, singer and songwriter who has become a popular name in the entertainment industry. Her net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, thanks to her successful career in the film and music industry. Naomi's earnings come from her various film and television roles, as well as her music career.


Naomi Scott was born on May 6, 1993 in London, England. She started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of 15, as a singer and songwriter. Her talent was quickly recognized and she was signed by a record label.

Naomi's big break in acting came when she was cast as "Maddy Shannon" in the science-fiction drama series "Terra Nova". She went on to appear in various television shows and films, such as "The Martian", "Power Rangers" and "Aladdin". Her roles have earned her critical acclaim and a large fan following.

Naomi is also known for her philanthropic work. She actively supports organizations that focus on environmental and humanitarian causes. Her dedication to making a positive impact on the world has made her a role model for many young people around the world.

In summation, Naomi Scott is a multi-talented performer with a successful career in the entertainment industry. Her net worth is a reflection of her talent and hard work. She is a great role model for aspiring artists and individuals who want to make a positive impact on the world.


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What is Naomi Scott's net worth?

As of 2021, Naomi Scott's net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

What are some of Naomi Scott's notable movies and TV shows?

Naomi Scott is best known for her roles in the movies Aladdin (2019), Charlie's Angels (2019), and the TV show Terra Nova (2011).

Where was Naomi Scott born and raised?

Naomi Scott was born and raised in London, England. Her mother is of Indian descent and her father is of British descent.

What is Naomi Scott's educational background?

Naomi Scott attended Davenant Foundation School in Essex, England. She later studied musical theater at the Arts Educational Schools in Chiswick, London.

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