'Fanfare' is a unique Gaillardia with excitingly different flowers. The tubular ray florets terminate in a 3,4, or 5 petaloid ending. The plant is compact and spreading in habit. It's extremely floriferous, and in cool climates blooms year round. It's long flowering period is a great characteristic in gardens and containers.

The culture is similar to other Gaillardias but with a more attractive return. Hardy from zones 4-9, 'Fanfare' thrives in both hot/humid conditions and dry/drought area, making it ideal across the US. At a mature height of 18 in, 'Fanfare' prefers high light areas, and does well in standard garden loam. Water regularly and trim accordingly, and you will be rewarded with a plant that seems to never stop blooming!

The author has grown one in his garden for the past 2 years, and it has never stopped blooming!! (Santa Barbara, CA)

BLOOM: Unique tubular flowers: red tubular part, the petaloid end yellow-orange
FOLIAGE: Leaves are elongated, hairy grayish green
HABIT: Compact and slightly spreading. Mature height is 11”, width is 10”
CULTURE: Full sun, standard garden loam; high light, and water as needed